Can We Talk About Sex Toys For VR Porn and Virtual Reality Sex?

Sex toys have been around forever, but the technological advances in recent years have taken those toy to an all new level.

And it’s about to change how people make love and masturbate!

One technology that really stands out is Virtual Reality (VR), not too many people know that VR started in the 60´s, but it wasn’t until 2012 when that we started seeing it all around us with the release of “virtual glasses” to the mass market.

The most common use of VR glasses is for video games, however, people also started to use this technology transform the way they have sex or masturbate (I no longer know the difference).

Everything Started with Printed Porn

The modern concept of “pornography” as we know it today began in 1860´s. The Victorian era was the beginning of the first porn magazines and printed porn.

Printed porn was a total success since the beginning (Take the Play Boy magazines for example), and it continued to be a success until the digital media became available to the masses.

When the audiovisual industry started taking off the pornography industry joined the ride. In the 70’s pornography started appearing on television, it started with short explicit videos that eventually became long movies.

At the age of videotapes, Pornography was a very big industry and a lot of paid channels used to offer a verity of videos, but it was all about to change because the internet was becoming faster and cheaper with each passing year.

It wasn’t until the mid-90´s when people started to have internet in their houses, but it was very slow and expansive at first, so people consumed mainly images at the beginning, but the faster it becomes the more adult video websites started popping out.

Very low-quality images become HD images, and short simple videos have become long HD videos, and now we start to see 3D and interactive porn videos.

Who knows what will come next, but without a doubt, the latest advancement is the Interactive VR Technology.

This is by far the most realistic and pleasant experience you can have with porn, and the best part is that when you are using those toys, you don’t have to even move a finger and thanks to VR, the flat “boring” videos turn into an amazing 3D experience.

Pron + Sex Toy + VR Headset

Already today, this kind of technology allows you to combine sex toys (Teledildonics) that move according to what you see in video you watch (with or without VR glasses) – as the particular video you are watching in your VR device plays, the masturbator slows downs, speed up, and produce different movements and vibrations to provide the most realistic sensations.

That gives the brain the feeling that it has real sex and needless to say that many people report indescribable orgasms that are nothing like masturbating in front of the computer the old way.

But Interactive sex toys are not only for consuming porn, these are special toys are both for women and men, and they can also allow partners to have a sexual intercourse from a long distance.

Personally, as great as this technology is, I think that soon SEX ROBOTS will be the next big thing, when that time comes it won’t be necessary to have a human partner to have a realistic and pleasant sex experience that feels very real.

What Are The Best Accessories For VR Porn?

There are several products on the market that can be synchronized with VR helmet or glasses. However, in the top 3 products with most popularity and acceptation are.

Less Recommended: Lovense Max

Lovense is one of the first products released to the market that work with virtual reality, it has two different versions. Max is designed to be used by men and Lovense Nora for women.

Lovense Max Review

The way Lovense works is by the connection with Bluetooth to your transmitting station device and to the virtual reality glasses. After that, you select the particular interactive video you want to watch and it will automatically synchronize with your device.

The downside of this product is that it’s very small, so if you have an above average penis size you’ll find it to be uncomfortable.

Most Recommended: Fleshlight Launch

Fleshlight Launch is by far the best hands-free male masturbator available in the market (As for 2018). The reason for that is the realistic sensation produced and the vast variety of options available when you use it (click here to read the full review).

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Most sex toys in that category can only work with some special videos or programs that were specially designed for them, but this device can be connected with pretty much everything from your phone and VR glasses to other teledildonics.

It allows you to enjoy interactive videos, interactive sex-cam experience and even have long distance sex with your lover your lover. Basically, whatever you can imagine can be done with this great product.

Last but not least, you can regulate the device manually and easily as you like, so if you are looking forward to improving your masturbation experience, this product is probably the best you can get.

So basically that is the future of sex, and I’ll keep you updated on how those sex robots are developing really soon!

What Are Interactive Sex Toys?