Top 10 Weirdest Sex Toys You Should Try Out (Number 5 Is Our Favourite)

In the world of sex toys, there are some contraptions that are downright weird, in a good way. When it comes to sexual fantasies and fetishes, nothing is “normal” because our bodies get turned on by unusual objects and beings.

With sex toys, we don’t mind as long as they make us orgasm multiple times. The strange thing is, the weirder they are, the better they are because they open us up to a different dimension of our sensualities that we never knew even existed. Even then, there are some toys on this list that will completely blow your mind (Watch out for No. 3).

Here is a compilation of the top 10 weirdest sex toys. Enjoy!

10. Autoblow

Think of the Autoblow as a blowjob machine. It gives unlimited blowjobs whenever you need them as long as it is charged. It is not the conventional pocket pussy because an approximated 500 hours with this bad boy gives an equivalent of 2000 blowjobs; well, if you can keep up!

It fits different penis sizes due to its different sized sleeves. When you put it on, all you have to do is sit back, relax, and let it make you climax as many times as you can.

The Autoblow can do a full 4 inches of up and down motion at a time. If you love blowjobs (who doesn’t?), you will love it.

9. Shockspot Robotic Fucking Machine

It is for the sexually adventurous ladies out there and of course the guys who love taking a plugging from behind every once in a while (we don’t judge). This device is literally as advertised; it is a fucking machine.

It is basically a robot-controlled arm with a dildo at the end. You can adjust the angle of the robotic arm to take up different stances and take you on from a couple of positions including standing up, on your knees, and even lying down.

You can also adjust the speed at which it pumps; it is capable of going 1060 strokes a minute. The arm is programmed to conform to a sex routine. The routine can be programmed according to your own preferences.

8. VStroker

It is a Virtual Reality Sex System that is plugged onto the Fleshlight Masturbator for an enhanced sexual experience. The toy comes with a virtual world where the girls are amenable to whatever you do to them.

When you set it up, you will be introduced to a scene where there is a Point of View hot girl ready for sex, virtually. It uses specially coded videos that adapt the speed at which the sex model onscreen reacts to your stroking speed.

It works fine as a stamina training kit for guys who have issues lasting in bed when having sex with their real-life partners. To learn more about the VStroker click here.

8. I Rub My Duckie

It is the ideal sex toy for bath-time sexy sessions. It is a floating rubber duck with a powerful vibrator. In fact, it has the power of three massage vibrators. Squeeze the duck’s back to activate the vibrator and enjoy!

When you get back home after a long work day, draw a nice bath and set up your Duckie. With this bad boy, you’ll have people genuinely wondering why you always take so long to take a bath.

7. Vibease

It is one of the few smart vibrators that are operated using an app on your smartphone. The advantage with using a smart vibrator is that you can customize the pulses to give you the most intense sexual experiences.

By being handsfree, it enables the ladies to wear it discreetly during the day and get off whenever they want.

6. Lovense

It is one of the few effective long-distance sex toys in the market. It is used to enable couples to remain intimate even when they are separated by long distances.

To achieve this, both people must have a sex toy from the set. The sex toys are able to

communicate with each other using an app and the internet. When ready to have sex, the two people will synchronize their sex toys with their partners’.

As the guy pumps the masturbator, the speed of motion is relayed to the vibrator. Vaginal contractions can be relayed back. There’s the option of remote control operation and the audio on both sides can be recorded.

5. TwerkingButt

It is a rubber butt that was created by a manufacturer called Topco in conjunction with the popular adult content site, PornHub. The toy comes with virtual reality goggles that are meant to provide a completely immersive experience.

The rubber butt comes with an app that enables it to twerk in sync with a music playlist. It also has sensual vibrations, clenching, and adjustable massage speeds.

4. Bad Dragon

This one is not actually a single sex toy, it is a sex shop. I had to put it on the list because some of the stuff they sell there is just out of this world.

Bad Dragon is a sex shop that sells a variety of dildos modeled after the penises of mythical creatures like Trent the Triceratops, Bruce the Shark, and Kevin the Ice Dragon. These penises take up unique shapes that would possibly belong to these creatures.

If you thought it can’t get weirder, they also have dildos modeled after penises of real-world animals like German Shepherds and Snow Leopards.

3. The Sqweel

Just like Autoblow gives guys blowjobs, the Sqweel gives ladies the oral sex experience. It is a female oral sex simulator that has 10 silicone flaps that make her feel like she is receiving oral from a number of tongues at the same time.

The flaps are mounted on a wheel whose speed can be adjusted and even reversed. She won’t help but climax a couple of times if she gets off to oral sex. Let’s be honest, all ladies love good oral sex.

2. RealDoll

This is a range of lifelike sex dolls that are made of a steel frame and silicone flesh. They mimic a real-life human so well, some people use them for companionship. There are female and male sex dolls.

The manufacturers model the sex dolls for their customers according to their wishes with regards to race, body type, hair type, eye type, weight, and many other details. The customer ends up with a toy that is essentially like their dream sexual partner.

These sex dolls have the flexibility of the human body allowing people to “have sex” with them in a variety of positions.

In Conclusion

The list here is probably not done in the order by which you find them weird. However, I hope you have learned something new and realized that you really haven’t seen everything yet. There are some weird sex toys that didn’t even make the cut. If you read through the website, you will find some interesting ones that can spice up your sex life.

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