Venus O’Hara

Venus O’Hara is a British fetish model, sex consultant, and writer who lives in Barcelona. She is famous for co-writing a book known as “Love Me Like You Hate Me” with Erika Lust.

Venus is keen on educating people about Sadomasochism and Fetishism in a way that makes it easy to embrace. When she is not advocating for BDSM, she is a professional sex toy tester.

In this video, she listed the top 6 sex toys that she liked the most in 2017. Seeing as she is so in touch with her sexual side, these could be great toys to buy for your partner if you want to try something different in your relationship.

If you are a lady reading this, buckle up and follow as Venus shares how she used these toys to give herself numerous orgasms. She seems so giddy about it so I would take notes if I were you.

Please note that these sex toys were not necessarily manufactured in 2017. Some are a couple of years older. It’s just that Venus stumbled upon them in 2017.

Iroha Plus Tori

It is a brand of vibrator that has been around for a few years now. The best thing about it is that it doesn’t look like a vibrator or anything sexual. Its shape does not give it away like the ordinary dildo-like vibrators.

Other than helping the toy remain inconspicuous in plain sight, the shape makes it quite ergonomic. Your partner can comfortably hold it in her hand, cupping the vulva while stimulating the clitoris.

The motor is strategically placed, and the intensity of vibrations can be varied. It is strong enough to give intense and stimulating vibrations.

Queen Bee from Hot Octopuss

The Queen Bee is a clitoral stimulator. Venus loved the fact that it looks like a hairbrush. That makes it quite easy to hide around the dresser without getting noticed by unwelcome strangers.

On the functional side of things, the Queen Bee produces deep, rumbly vibrations. Once your partner places the pulse plate on her vulva, the piston-like motion will give her intense orgasms.

Cookie from SVAKOM

It is a vibrator that has three limbs. It almost looks like a molar tooth with its three roots. It is quite small but has a unique vibrating mechanism.

When she switches it on, the three tentacles each move about in a circular motion. When placed on the clit, they gently massage it giving the sensation of having three tongues rubbing it.

Venus uses it to stimulate other parts of the body. For example, she tickles her armpits, stimulates the back of the neck and even her thighs.

The Cookie is also ideal for nipple stimulation. Ask your girlfriend to place her nipple between the three projections and then watch as they massage her to orgasm.

Miss BI from Fun Factory

Miss Bi is a rabbit vibrator that Venus is very fond of. She admits that while she rarely uses rabbit vibrators, she loved this one.

Venus does not conventionally use this vibrator. She uses it as a clitoral stimulator. She prefers to place the shaft at the entrance of the vagina and the short limb on the clit.

Since both have separate but strong motors, they are capable of giving her intense orgasms. If your sexual partner likes rabbit vibrators, she will love this one because it is shorter than the rest of the vibrators.

Nevertheless, it still reaches the G-spot while the limb stimulates the clit from outside.


It is a personal massager. It is quite heavy, but Venus doesn’t mind it. A heavy massager is good because she doesn’t have to press it onto her clit. She can place it there and let it do its magic.

Venus also noted that its curved handle is very ergonomic and comfortable to use. Using both hands, she can hold the wand onto her clit and let it massage her to orgasm. It can also be used to rub other erogenous parts of the body.

The O-Wand is a massager that can also function as a clitoral stimulator. It is also waterproof which allows the user to have some bath time fun.

Siri 2 from Lelo

The Siri 2 by Venus’ admission is a powerful vibrator that she has used for a couple of years. She loves the fact that it is so effective even after she’s had it for an extended period.

She also loves it for its shape because it makes it discreet. To add to that, it is quite small and operates very quietly; therefore, your girlfriend can travel with it and use it when she gets bored. It is a convenient little device.

Final Word

Although some of the toys mentioned here have been around for some time, it just shows you how good they must have been to stand the test of time. Venus chose these toys based on her personal preferences.

Towards the end, she points out that she prefers indirect clitoral stimulation over other kinds of stimulation. Therefore, her collection reflects that. She also notes that she is not very much into suction devices which means there is an obvious bias against them on this selection. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they are bad devices.

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