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What Is This Product?

The Vstroker is an accessory that you attach to your fleshlight masturbator that enables you to interface with the pornstar in the video. It has powerful motion sensors and a transmitter that capture your jerk off thrusts and transmits them wirelessly to a USB receiver that instructs the video to respond to your thrust cues. The videos that are compatible are specially coded to give you the perception that you are in control of the actress’s pleasure. It gives you the impression that you are in charge.

Watching a porn video and jacking off with your hand seems like a very ancient thing to do nowadays because we now have “artificial vaginas” that are a way better than the hand. It helps that they are so soft inside, they feel like an actual vagina.

When it comes to sex toys, nobody does it better than Fleshlight. They have a range of products that make you feel like all those years of masturbating with your hand were the dark ages. The Vstroker is a Fleshlight accessory that you attach to the masturbator to make it more versatile:

The Vstroker Virtual Sex System takes masturbation to the next level. It enables you to control what the sexy girl in the video does. In essence, she does what you want. If you want to go faster, she ramps up the pace. If you want to slow down, she does the same. You can dominate her with this innovative contraption.

If you own a compatible Fleshlight masturbator, attach the Vstroker

Read on to find out what Vstroker is all about, where you can buy it, and how you can use it to dominate the girl of your dreams.

How to Use it Right?

Everything is easy to set up: Screw the Virtual Stroker into the Fleshlight and insert the USB device into your computer.

There is free content that is high quality and professionally done. The only downside is that it’s limited.If you can’t find something that you like, you can activate the 7-day free access to the wider collection.An ongoing monthly subscription provides you with access to new content as it is uploaded by the creators.To set up:

Step 1: Open your browser and use the link provided by the manufacturer.

Step 2: You will land on a Vstroker Website where there is a member’s area. Sign up and you will get the log in details via email. Log in to proceed.

Step 3: Install Adobe AIR. You’ll need it to play any of the Vstroker-enabled videos. You can download the setup online. Use your search engine to find the official Adobe site.

Step 4: Go to the Promo page. You’ll find the free videos here.

Step 5: Download your favorite video from the few you are offered. You are allowed two free videos after which you need to be a member.

The content has a diversity that allows guys with different tastes to have their fun. Everything is done professionally thus it is all clear with high-quality sound.

With everything set up, there are three ways you can enjoy the videos:

#1 An session where you are in control of the action

#2 Vstroker hero: A fun game where she is in control and you have to keep up.

#3 Virtual girlfriend: the pornstar behaves like a girlfriend. Interesting!

#4 Live cams sessions

You Control The Action

The Vstroker has sensors that pick up the speed at which you are moving the Fleshlight. The adapter transmits your preferences to the computer via the USB device. It’s as simple as that. I tried out the interactive feature and it generally goes like this:

Step 1: I loaded the video and was taken to a welcome screen containing some instructions. They help you manipulate the user interface. They also indicate the shortcut keys that you can use to trigger various functionalities.

Step 2: The sexy girl in your video does a little jig in the beginning as she undresses. It’s very hot and helps sets the mood.

Step 3: She then gives you a POV blowjob or handjob to ramp up the sexual tension. This is only the preparation. Be careful that you don’t cum before the action even begins!

Step 4: A light turns ON to indicate you can start controlling her actions.

Step 5: If you start thrusting fast, she matches your pace with whatever she is doing i.e. riding, licking, or sucking. If you slow down, she starts to slow down

Step 6: You can change the sensitivity settings of the device on the sensitivity meter. If you want her actions to be super-responsive, ramp up the sensitivity and vice versa.

The POV scenes are very arousing. You also don’t get to see much of the body of the male model she is having sex with. Seeing too much of the male pornstar’s body, to some, is a bit of a turn-OFF. The focus is majorly on her hot body, sexy groans, and sumptuous, wet vagina.

With the video I was experimenting on, her groans were soft when I went slow and louder when I ramped up the speed. I suppose this is how all of them react.

Vstroker Hero: The Ultimate Test of Stamina and Durability

Vstroker Hero is an ingenious way to improve your ability to last longer in bed. Here is how it works: there is a designated speed that you have to keep up with and it keeps on changing. The speed you should match is displayed on the screen.If you do not keep up with a certain speed and take a break, you lose that level and have to redo it from the beginning. The objective is to last through the entire video without climaxing. It is so difficult in the beginning. With time, you get the hang of it and can hopefully translate the progress to the actual sex with your partner.

The Virtual Girlfriend

In this instance, there is a girl in the video whom you have to satisfy sexually (in the virtual sense). She is a girl who has her preferences. She is in control. You have to quicken the pace when she prompts you to without climaxing.

There is a speed gauge on the screen that tells you what is expected of you at any given moment. If you don’t give her what she desires, she quickly loses interest and you fail. She has that disappointed look on her face.

Next time, you have to do better so that you can make her happy. If you are good enough to take her through an entire session, she will orgasm right in front of you. It is quite a show.You can adjust the difficulty of the Virtual girlfriend experience.

The harder you set it, the more demanding she is. The goal here is not only to make you last longer in bed, but you also need to be attentive to her needs. This happens all the time with your real-life girlfriend. She has needs in bed and she expects you to decipher her subtle signals.

If you get good enough with the Virtual Girlfriend, you can translate this to your real girlfriend. She will love you more for that, I guarantee you. Ultimately, you will be able to satisfy a real partner in ways you couldn’t before. It takes practice, though.

Live Cam Sessions

This is a new feature that has been introduced to provide you with a chance to interact with foxy cam girls live. This feature is made possible thanks to Vstroker’s collaboration with Vcams.com.

To get you started, you get 120 credits for free on the Vcams.com website. You use these credits as sort of an inhouse currency to interact with the models on live chat. It doesn’t stop there.

Each Model has a device that you use to control the thrusting pattern and intensity. You can control the device using the mouse of the computer or the Vstroker device. You can do this if you are on a PRIVATE chat with her.

She also has the ability to control your device on open chat. This technology is unheard of and has only been recently been introduced by Vchat. You’ll have to agree that this is one of the most significant advancements made in the arena.

What You Get In The Box?

Vstroker is manufactured by Fleshlight. You can order it along with your Fleshlight sex toy. The stroker is simply a plug that is attached to the masturbator.

Therefore, it makes sense to order them together.If you already have the Fleshlight, you can just purchase it alone. It is compatible with most Fleshlight devices.

However, with some devices like the Fleshlight Flight, you have to buy an adapter in order to use them together.

It is delivered in a discreet box with no labels to indicate what it contains. You wouldn’t want everyone to know that you are buying a sex toy (cue the judgment). In the package you will find:

The Vstroker: The Virtual Stroker which looks like a cylinder that you connect at the base of the Fleshlight.

A USB device: This is the gadget that establishes a connection between the adapter and your Computer.

Batteries: AAA batteries used to run the Virtual Stroker.

Lubricant: Trial size lubricant.

3D glasses: To enjoy the experience better.

If your sex toy is not compatible, you can order an adapter along with everything else so that you can hit the ground running.

Technical Details

Batteries: AAA replaceable battery

Compatible with: Fleshlight masturbators (for those that do not fit, they have a special adapter to retrofit the Vstroker)

Along with the hardware components that are shipped, you get the following, on the house:

  • 14-day access to the Members’ Area
  • 7 Days Access to CityOfSin3D Sex Game
  • 3 Interactive Vstroker Videos
  • 5 Interactive Stamina Training Videos

Pros and Cons

What So Amazing About This Virtual Sex Toy

Virtual Stroker is quite popular now that people have known what it is capable of. There are a few things about it that make it almost necessary to have:

#1 It is compatible with Fleshlight sex toys thus it reduces costs. It doesn’t force you to buy a special masturbator because it works with what you already have. The most you probably have to do is buy an addon if your Fleshlight sex toy is not compatible.

#2 There is quality content for you to download. The best part is that you can download the content on a 7-day subscription to the Member’s Area when you buy the product. Not to forget that there are two videos you get for free immediately you sign up for the member’s area.

#3 The videos are professionally made and are indeed very arousing; especially since it is POV porn. There is a wide variety of options for you to choose from. Different porn stars with different styles form part of the lineup.

#4 You can use it to improve your ability to last in bed. With the Vstroker Hero and Virtual Girlfriend experience, you have to try to keep up with a very demanding and super sexy girl. It is almost impossible at first but with time, you will get better. Very soon, doing 20 minutes will not seem so far from possible.

#5 The possibility of a threesome or a foursome. And you are not just doing it with some random girls, you have the most gorgeous, dreamy, and horny pornstars at your disposal. They are also all literally begging you to f**k them. This is what dreams are made of my friend.

#6 The Vstroker is relatively cheap considering how expensive sex toys can be. The experience is worth all the money you spend on it.

What Needs To Be Improved

There are a couple of things that can be improved upon. For some, there are already workarounds in place. It is not a bad product when you consider all the factors in place.

#1 Virtual Stroker Sex System is not compatible with all the Fleshlight sex toys. To get around this problem, the toys not compatible have special adapters to make them work. For some already discontinued models, this is not the case and they don’t work with Vstroker completely.

#2 You need to have the correct software and hardware specs to make the Vstroker work. For instance, you need the Adobe AIR installed first. This shouldn’t make you sweat since installing Adobe AIR is a quick process and most modern machines have the right specs.

#3 The variety of the content is still limited. This is new technology and as everyone is catching up, so is the content creation industry. With time, things will get better and we are not that badly off right now either.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the computer hardware specs needed to run Vstroker?

The plug can run on a 1.3 GHz processor (Intel Pentium 4 and above) or an AMD Athlon XP 1500 and higher. It needs at least 2 GB of RAM. You have to free up some space on your hard drive to store the downloadable content. At least 15 GB should suffice.

Are there software requirements?

It runs on different Windows operating systems. Above Windows XP is just fine (Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 work particularly well). If you have a MAC, it should at least be Intel Core Duo with 1.83 microprocessor. For all the machines, install the latest version of Adobe AIR. It is relatively easy to download and install it.

Is the Vstroker Waterproof?

It is not waterproof. There is a battery compartment that shouldn’t be in contact with water. Also, the delicate electronics can do without the water. The adapter, however, is waterproof. Clean the parts that aren’t waterproof using a dry or slightly damp piece of cloth. The waterproof parts can be cleaned using water or alcohol.

What happens if you cancel your 7-day membership prematurely? Any Refunds?

Since this membership is Free, nothing happens to you if you cancel it. No changes to your credit card since there were no charges in the first place.

Can I return the product if I changed my mind about it and never used it?

If you receive the product and then change your mind after you realize you don’t want to have it, return it within 30 days. To clarify, that’s 30 days after it is delivered to you. You will get the full refund minus the shipping costs. Orders that are returned after the 30-day period will be rejected even if they are unopened.

What if I cancel my order before it has even been delivered?

Once you place the order, the process of dispatching it is irreversible. That’s because the process of fulfilling an order is automated. The only thing that’s left to do is receive the order and send it back within 30 days for a full refund minus delivery fees.

What is the policy on defective products?

If the damage can be blamed on the manufacturer, you must contact them within 30 days so that they can replace it. You can visit the Contact page. Send an email to support@vstroker.com.

My tracking number doesn’t work. What do I do?

Tracking numbers start working after 24 hours. If yours fails to work within even 48 hours, contact customer service via the “contact us” page. That falls under the shipping inquiries so that’s shipping@vstroker.com

Additional Video Reviews

Get The Best Deal Here

Ever watched an erotic video on HD and felt so immersed, you almost imagined you were in the same room as the actress? With your headphones on and you soak in the experience, having her go at the pace that you want. It is possible and we have a few horny engineers to thank for that. It is a delightful experience that shows remarkable progress.

The VStroker by Fleshlight has been designed purposefully to take your porn-watching to the next level. It’s almost as though you have that saucy pornstar right in front of you. If you choose to do stamina training, everything that happens onscreen is translated to the device. As she bounces in the video, you feel her movement in real-life. And you have to keep up because you don’t want to be the loser that let that pretty girl down.

I don’t even have to sell the concept to you because it is 100 times better than your hand. More people have it than they care to admit and it’s about time you started experiencing porn in ways that will leave your mind blown.


3 reviews for Vstroker

  1. Gabriel

    Novel idea but my gadget was not in perfect sync with the actresses sometimes. I know it is still a very new concept and will only improve but they need to do more to earn my five star.

  2. pribus

    As a fleshlight owner, this little gadget offered an interesting segway to my normal sessions. I tried out the Virtual girlfriend and damn! she is moody and I fvking loooove it. Good work

  3. superperalta

    Noice! Just like the doctor ordered

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