Phallosan Forte

What Is This Product?

Phalosan Forte is a penis extender that uses mechanical traction (pulling force) to increase penis size and straighten out curvature. It also uses a vacuum mechanism to enhance the enlargment effect.

If you are insecure about the size of your penis or the shape of it, you can use a penis extender to increase girth, length and fix curves.

If using a penis extender will make you more comfortable in your own body, there is one in the market that has a proven track record and verifiable case studies.

Phallosan Forte is manufactured by a German company known as Swiss Sana Anstalt. It is approved by the FDA.

Besides increasing the size of your penis, you can use it to rectify the following conditions in the penis:

  • A Retracted Penis: If you are obese and your penis has somehow shrunk yet you are not ready to lose a few pounds, the Phallosan can pull your penis out and make it bigger.
  • A Curved Penis: if your penis has curvature, you can straighten it out using the extender.
  • Prostate surgery: If a prostate procedure has caused your penis to stop working properly, you can use Phallosan.
  • Erectile Dysfunction: Phallosan improves the flow of blood to the tissues of the penis.

What You Get In The Box?

It’s important to note that when you successfully purchase your order and have it delivered, it comes anonymously to the address you provide, it comes in an unlabeled package that does not indicate whatever is inside it. On the remittance order, no intended purpose is indicated as well.

The package that you order should contain the following items:

  • An elastic belt: That stretches the extender around your waist.
  • 3 suction bells, each with a sleeve condom the size of the suction bell. The 3 suction bells are of size S, L, and M
  • 2 protector caps: Ensures that the penis is not subjected to undue pressure by the suction device.
  • Tension clip
  • Manual: Defines the parts of the extender and how to use them.
  • Suction ball
  • Measuring template: Used to measure the penis size.
  • 4 sleeve condoms: Worn on the penis and attached to the extender.
  • Traveling bag: Used to store the disassembled parts of the extender.

The sleeve condoms are made using silicon material that is body-safe. The protector cap is not made using rubber which some people are allergic to. The suction bell, elastic belt, and tension clip are made to withstand the constant stress. Overall, the materials used are of high quality.

How to Use Phallosan Forte Right?

The Phallosan Forte is quite easy to use but you need to use it right and follow the right routine, we recommend that you follow the 7-Week Phallosan Forte Training Program (read on to learn how to do it) if you want to see real and lasting results.

But in this article, we would like to focus on teaching you how to use this device the right way, so that you can get the best results and avoid unwanted injuries.

How to Wear The Extender

There is a simple step-by-step process that you need to follow in order to wear Phallosan forte correctly:

Step 1: Before you even wear the device, ensure that you have the correct belt size. There is a measuring template to help you determine your correct size.

Step 2: Detach the drawbar and then rotate valve until the small protrusions align with the arrow symbol. Firmly and carefully remove the suction device and the sleeve condom.

Step 3: Take the bell-shaped device and fit the suction device to it. Slip the condom back onto the bead of the bell-shaped device and then fasten the drawbar. Once you are done with this step, the device is now ready to use.

Step 4: Wear the protector cap to protect the glans (head of the penis) from excess pressure by the suction device. To wear the protector cap seamlessly, pull it apart using your fingers and wear it on the head of your penis. It should fit perfectly if it is in the correct size.

Step 5: Roll up the condom to the edge of the bell. Draw it behind the bead of the bell to insert the device easily onto your penis. Having inserted your penis together with the protector cap into the suction device, roll the condom over the shaft of your penis.

Step 7: Adjust the position of the valve by aligning the small protrusions with the suction symbols. Use the suction pumps to create a small vacuum that draws your penis further into the bell device. Once you are comfortable enough, align the green valve with the locking symbol. At this setting, the device maintains a small vacuum.

Step 8: Now take the belt and insert the penis along with the suction device into the foam ring. Run it all the way to the base of the penis. Wear the belt around your waist. Fasten the free end of the belt to the tip of the suction device using the eyelets. To tighten the belt, adjust the push buckle.

You can wear your boxers and pants over the device and carry on with your day. Alternatively, you can wear it as you go to sleep.

Safe Removal of Phallosan Forte

Once you know how to wear it well, here is how you can remove it without damaging any part of the equipment or injuring yourself:

Step 1: After you remove the belt, adjust the green valve by turning it until it aligns with the arrow symbol. After it aligns, remove the pump from the device.

Step 2: Roll up the sleeve condom to remove it just as you do with the normal condom.

Step 3: Remove the device from your penis. All that remains is the protector cap.

Step 4: Roll up the protector cap from your glans and clean it before you wear it again. Remember to sprinkle some baby powder into it once you clean it.

How Phallosan Forte Works?

Phallosan Forte works based on cell growth when a body part is stretched. From a scientific approach, when a body part is stretched, the tissues of the body part in question are stretched, making the cells that make up the body tissues to multiply. With time, the body part becomes elongated on enlarged. The process is slow and it takes time to see obvious changes.

The principle of gentle stretching is used for beautification purposes by people belonging to various cultures:

  • The women of an Ethiopian tribe known as Mursi believe that a woman who has bigger lips is more attractive and is more likely to find a suitor. Therefore, they stretch their lips by applying some force on a consistent basis.
  • In other tribes, people believe a woman with a long neck is more attractive. Therefore, they wear big brass rings around their necks. With time, as the rings apply pressure to the neck muscles and the collarbones, the neck elongates.

Besides being used to make body parts bigger for aesthetic reasons, the use of gentle stretching is prevalent in the field of medicine:

  • It is used in skin grafting procedures in which the skin is stretched to cover a larger area after transplanting it.
  • Gentle stretching of entire body parts is also used to extend the legs in cases where there is a mismatch between the lengths of the patient’s legs. The shorter leg is stretched to match its longer counterpart.

Phallosan Forte works in the same way: it exerts a force on the penis gently to make it longer. When the penis is secured in the device, a vacuum is generated (using the suction pump) that pulls the penis. Additionally, the device is strapped by a special belt that also pulls at the penis.

The Seven-Week Training Program

If you are new to this whole penis extension business, I have created a 7-week training program that eases you into using Phallosan Forte. The routine is aimed at getting you accustomed to the penis extender and makes you use it regularly since that’s the only way you will see results.

Week 1

THE TEST DAY: Take your Phallosan Forte device set at .88 lb/.4 kg- tested well at 60 minutes. Tension setting will be at .88 lb/.4 kg until otherwise noted.

Day 2: Use it for 3 hours.

Day 3: Rest.

Day 4: Use it for 3 hours and 30 minutes.

Day 5: Rest.

Day 6: Use it for 4 hours.

Day 7: Rest.

Week 2

Day 1: Use it for 4 hours and 30 minutes.

Day 2: Use it for 5 hours.

Day 3: Rest.

Day 4: Use it for 5 hours and 30 minutes.

Day 5: Rest.

Day 6: Use it for 6 hours.

Day 7: Rest.

Week 3

Day 1: Test day- At this point, an attempt at increasing tension levels to 1.87 lb/.85 kg will be made. Tested well at 60 minutes. Tension setting will now be at 1.87 lb/.85 kg until otherwise noted.

Day 2: 4 hours and 30 minutes (Note the time has been reduced to accommodate the new tension settings. This is an internalized version of the “2 steps forward, 1 step back” method).

Day 3: 5 hours.

Day 4: Rest.

Day 5: 5 hours and 30 minutes.

Day 6: 6 hours.

Day 7: Rest.

Week 4

Day 1: 6 hours and 30 minutes.

Day 2: Rest.

Day 3: 7 hours.

Day 4: 7 hours and 30 minutes.

Day 5: Rest this day fully.

Day 6: At this point, an attempt at increasing tension levels to 2.43 lb/1.1 kg will be made. Tested well at 60 minutes. Tension setting will now be at 2.43 lb/1.1 kg until otherwise noted.

Day 7: 6 hours.

Week 5

Day 1: 6 hours and 30 minutes.

Day 2: 7 hours.

Day 3: Rest.

Day 4: 7 hours and 30 minutes.

Day 5: 8 hours.

Day 6: 8 hours and 30 minutes.

Day 7: Rest.

Week 6

Day 1: 9 hours.

Day 2: Test day- At this point, an attempt at increasing tension levels to 3.31 lb/1.5 kg will be made. Tested well at 60 minutes. Tension setting will now be at 3.31 lb/1.5 kg.

Day 3: 7 hours and 30 minutes.

Day 4: Rest.

Day 5: 8 hours.

Day 6: 8 hours and 30 minutes.

Day 7: 9 hours.

Week 7: This Is Your Rest Week!

If you follow this training schedule religiously, you will have a good shot at seeing changes to your Penis. If it feels overwhelming (usually when you start off), you should minimize the number of hours you wear the penis extender.

The Phallosan Forte App

Since our phones have become an integral part of our lives, it is fitting that Swiss Sana Anstalt has created an app that helps us make the most of their penis extender.
The PHALLOSAN forte app is designed to help you get the best results. It is a companion that helps you track your progress and even schedules training. It is available on Google Play Store for Android and the Apple App Store for iOS devices.

How to use the PHALLOSAN forte app

Irrespective of whether you have an android device or an iOS device, the app works in pretty much the same way. The first step is to install the app from the respective app store. You can install it free of charge on your iPad, iPhone, or Android device. There may be some slight differences in appearance between the apps in the two devices but the following features are standard:


The dashboard or the first page has all the basic information regarding your training progress. It has two indicators that show you how well you are progressing with your training. The two indicators are:

  • Continuity: shows how consistent you are with your training.
  • Wearing time: shows how well you have been following your designated wearing schedule.
    If the indicators are at thumbs up (the green section), you are doing well, and if they are at thumbs down, you are not doing so well.

Also on the main menu, you can access other features by clicking the menu icon on the top left corner of the screen or swiping the screen from left to right. Here, you choose from:

  1. Dashboard
  2. Personal details
  3. Potential Results: The app forecasts how much you can gain within a particular time frame based on previous results.
  4. Treatment: It leads you to a page where you can read about the different kinds of conditions the extender treats.
  5. More Information: You can download a pdf file detailing a clinical study conducted for the app.

There is a large green button labeled “Start Training… enter your details” ushering you into the next section.


In this menu, you will provide personal data to enable the app to create a training schedule for you. On the first page, you provide your age and current penis size (both flaccid and erect).

On the next page, you indicate how long you intend to use PHALLOSAN forte. Depending on how long you wish to use the penis extender, the app will help you determine the duration of time when you can train. You have a choice between training in the same period of time every day or vary the times you train on different days.

In the next page, you choose the training method that you prefer. You can make it tougher as you progress.

In the final page, the app estimates what you can achieve with your training after a couple of weeks. You get to pick the estimation period. It is also on this page that you will find a large green button saying “Start training.” If you click on this button, it marks the beginning of your first training session and it takes you back to the main menu.

Whenever you want to start training, click the “Start Training” button to initiate the inbuilt timer. When you are done, click “Finish Training” and the app will record your training time.

Pros of using the app

The Phallosan forte app has been a hit. The app has a user-friendly interface and it runs smoothly on compatible devices. It is a great training companion that offers the following benefits:

  • It is free. You don’t have to pay a single dime to use the app.
  • Customer care contacts and useful links are provided on the app. You can contact the customer care agents promptly and have any concerns addressed.
  • It helps create a training schedule for you.
  • It has an estimator that tries to predict your gains after any number of weeks if you continue to follow the training schedule set out for you.
  • As you enter your measurements on a regular basis, you can track your progress over time to determine whether it is worth your while and also to will you on if you start to feel discouraged along the way.

What needs to be improved on the app

On the other hand, there are some bugs that need to be fixed. This is relatively normal for apps. However, the most common complaints lodged by users concern the time recording feature. Some users have reported that the app sometimes fails to notify you when you should be starting your training session.

In addition to that, the app relies on the user to stop the timer when he finishes a training session. Human beings, being erratic, can forget to turn it off resulting in inaccurate readings of times spent training. If the app is to be more effective, there needs to be an alarm or notification mechanism to indicate that the training session is over. It can be made to automatically stop timing once the session is over.

Fortunately, when it comes to apps, there are numerous iterations during which the developers can fix the bugs and the erratic features.

Clinical Study

Whenever you buy a product to use on your body, you want it to be safe. In addition to being safe, you want it to be scientifically proven to work. A clinical study is the best way to determine the authenticity of the product in question.

Who Conducted The Study?

The clinical study was conducted in 2005 to determine whether there would be a significant change in the penis length and girth after consistent use of Phallosan for 6 months. The study was conducted by a German urological clinic under the guidance of the chief physician, Prof. Sohn.

The sample group, aged between 20 to 68 years was chosen from different backgrounds. Among the test subjects, there were individuals who had some sort of penile anomaly. Some of the conditions recorded in the study group included:

  • A small penis
  • Induratio Penis Plastica
  • Problems related to prostate surgery
  • Diabetes

The subjects were instructed to wear the penis extender for a period of 6 months. After 6 months’ worth of data, the researchers analyzed their findings and published them.

Objectives of the Clinical study

The study was aimed at seeing how effective Phallosan Forte is at altering penis girth and length. It was also conducted to determine how Phallosan impacts the body beyond altering the length and girth of the penis.

It was conducted not only by healthy people but also by people with some penile defects. The rationale behind the diversity was to determine how the penis extender impacts different people and not just one subset of healthy individuals.

A statistical report was written at the end of the study detailing the findings. The data was compiled and there were some notable trends. We shall discuss these trends later.

The Results of the Study

The results were observed and recorded in the beginning of the study, in the middle (3 months) of the study, and at the end of it. The parameters that the study observed were:

  • Penis Girth
  • Penis length when flaccid
  • Penis length when erect
  • The average period of wearing the extender
  • Effects on the Penile curvature
  • Overall satisfaction with the test subjects

Other abstract parameters that were recorded include sensitivity, quality of erection, libido, amount of ejaculation, duration of erection, and erection behavior.

The results focus on both extremes (working and not working) in all the performance metrics recorded.

Penis Girth

The girth of the penis was recorded three times: At the beginning, halfway through, and after six months. The following observations were made:

  • At the beginning: The minimum girth was 9.5 cm and the maximum was 12.7 cm. Mean girth was 10.6 cm
  • After 3 months: minimum girth was 9.5 cm (unchanged), the maximum was 13.5 cm, and the mean was 11.30 cm
  • After 6 months minimum girth was 9.7 cm, the maximum was 13.5, and the mean was 11.40.

From this data, you’ll notice that all the measurements changed as a result of wearing the penis extender. Some of these changes don’t look significant but they are noticeable. Sexual partners will feel the difference.

Length of the Flaccid Penis (Non-erect)

The length of the penis in a non-erect state was recorded. The observations were given as:

  • At the beginning: the mean was 7.9 cm
  • After 3 months: mean was 8.74 cm
  • After 6 months: mean was 9.38 cm

The standard variation remained constant during the entire period. There was an overall increase in the length of the penis during the period when the patients wore the penis extender.

Length of the Erect Penis

The erect penis had the following outcomes from wearing Phallosan Forte:

  • At the beginning: the mean was 12.30 cm
  • After 3 months: mean was 13.40 cm
  • After 6 months: mean was 14.10 cm

There was a slight variance in the data but you’ll realize that there was a very noticeable change of nearly 2 cm over the course of a 6 month period.

Duration of Wear

The average duration that the subjects wore the penis extender per 24 hours was more than 6 hours. The longest average duration was 10 hours and the minimum duration was 2 hours.
That acts as a guide as to how long the average guy needs to wear the extender to achieve the same results as the sample group did.

Effects on Penis Curvature

Among the sample group, there was one patient who had a penis curvature at the beginning of the study. The degree of curvature was 60° at the beginning of the experiment. At the end of the experiment, the curvature had reduced to 40°. The 20° shift is a significant change.

Overall satisfaction with the product

There were 26 patients who did the experiment. Of these patients, 2 dropped out before the entire duration of the experiment was over. Of the remaining 24, only 2 patients said that they were unsatisfied with the product.

Assuming the 2 dropouts were classified as “unsatisfied”, the conclusion is that 85% of the test subjects were satisfied with Phallosan Forte.

Analysis of the Findings and Conclusion

All the patients had a noticeable increase in the girth and length of the penis. No test subject reported experiencing pain or soreness even after wearing the extender for hours on end.

The patients who had the extender on for at least 10 hours per day noticed the highest gains in girth and length.

The subjects who were suffering from the after-effects of prostate surgery maintained quality erections even when they stopped using Erectile Dysfunction medication like Viagra.

The guys who were diabetic became more sensitive and the quality of their erections improved. The men who had curved penises experienced a reduction in the curvature of the penis. The success of the extender was attributed to an even and painless exertion of tensile force on the penis.

Comparison With Other Penis Enlargment Methods

There are two other popular penis extenders on the market today that you probably already heard of if you have done some research about penis enlargement.

  • SizeGenetics
  • Bathmate

How does Phallosan Forte fair against these other penis extenders? Here is a comparison between Phallosan and each of the other penis extenders:

Phallosan Forte vs. Bathmate

The most fundamental difference between Phallosan and Bathmate is that Phallosan is an extender while Bathmate is a pump. Therefore, they function differently. Bathmate works using a suction mechanism when you are in the shower to extend the size of your penis.

Phallosan can be worn during the day and at night when you are asleep while Bathmate can only be used when you are taking a bath or a shower.

Bathmate is also cheaper than Phallosan Forte with the cheapest Bathmate device going for as low as $110. Phallosan goes for $339 plus shipping cost.

They both have different return policies and warranties. Phallosan should be returned to the seller within 14 days if there is an issue. Bathmate pumps, on the other hand, have a 12-month warranty and a 60-day guarantee.

Phallosan Forte vs. SizeGenetics

Phallosan and SizeGenetics both apply stress to the penis and their working mechanism is almost similar; stretching. However, the way they are worn is different. With Phallosan, the penis is placed sideways and stretched using a belt while SizeGenetics extends the penis longitudinally; no waist strap is involved.

SizeGenetics is more discreet and is better worn during the day. Phallosan is mostly worn at night because it sticks out a bit from the pants since it is bulkier.

Phallosan is gentler on the penis when you have an erection than SizeGenetics. SizeGenetics has a tight grip on the base of the penis when you are erect thus making it a bit uncomfortable.

SizeGenetics is easier to wear and maintain than Phallosan. Phallosan Forte requires more time to wear, remove, and clean.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I return PHALLOSAN® forte even if I have already used it?

When you open the package and breach the inner seal, you cannot return the penis extender. Either way, if you are dissatisfied with the device, contact customer support.

How can I order replacement parts that are not offered on the website (tension clip, pump etc.)?
When you order the Phallosan Forte package, it comes containing the following parts:

  • An elastic belt
  • 3 suction bells, each with a sleeve condom the size of the suction bell. The 3 suction bells are of size S, L, and M
  • 2 protector caps
  • Tension clip
  • Manual
  • Suction ball
  • Measuring template
  • 4 sleeve condoms
  • Traveling bag

On the official Phallosan Forte Website, when you make the order, they offer a 2-year warranty on all the parts mentioned above with the exception of the protector caps and the sleeve condoms. You can buy these at the site at your own discretion.

If something needs replacing, you should make your order via email. The customer support team at will ask for your name and the order number of your gadget to determine whether you qualify for warranty. If your warranty can’t help you out, the payment levied on these parts should be made in advance through the Bank or via PayPal.

There are other stores and online third-party outlets that sell spare parts. If you decide to buy it at another store, ensure that it is of good quality.

How can I cancel my order?

If you decide to cancel your order before Phallosan have dispatched it, the process is quite straightforward:

Contact the customer support via email at or via telephone at +42 32 358 477. The telephone lines are open from Monday to Friday between 10am-1pm.

If the payment was made via the bank, you should have your IBAN/BIC so that the refund can be made

Now, let’s say that you have made your payment and the order has already been shipped. If you still want to cancel the order, it now falls under the realm of the returns policy. Contact them within 14 days of the arrival of the order and initiate the return process.

What customs duties will my order incur?

If you are from Europe or the US, there are no customs duties payable. If you make your order via the official website, the order page has a list of customs duties levied by various countries where Phallosan makes deliveries.

The manufacturer has made it clear that there may be discrepancies in the list due to changes made since the list was made. You are advised to make consultations with your local customs department. They will give you the correct figures.

Where do I find the tracking link for my order?

As you make your order, you will be asked to provide your contact details under “How shall we contact you?” section. They ask for 3 details:

  • Mobile/Cell Phone number: They use this number to communicate with you the status of the order.
  • Fixed Line: They only use this number to reach you if there’s a problem with your order and they have tried, unsuccessfully, to contact you via the Mobile Phone number indicated.
  • Email Address: It is used to send you a delivery code.

If you provide an email address, they will send you a tracking link. If you don’t receive the email, check your spam folder. It takes a few working days for bank transfers to reflect on their account so sometimes there are delays as they can’t dispatch the order until they confirm that the payment has been made.

If you didn’t give them your email address, request for a tracking link from the support team via the telephone lines given. They will ask you to give them your name and the order date.

How long does shipping usually take?

The amount of time it takes for the consignment to arrive depends on the geographical location of your address. There are customs duties to factor in if your country does levy them. Shipping costs also vary based on your location. In general, here is a breakdown of the charges and delivery periods:

  • United States: 2 working days, $25.
  • Canada: 5 working days, $25
  • Europe: 3-5 working days, charges vary according to country
  • Asia and Africa: 5-6 working days, charges vary according to country

For a conclusive list of charges and delivery times, visit the order page of the Website.

The vacuum doesn’t remain stable. What can I do?

If the vacuum is not working properly, ensure that the condom does not have holes. Check the pump to be certain that it is working properly. There is a video detailing how you can repair the pump if it fails. It is titled “How to repair the pump.” You can find it on the website.

A part of my PHALLOSAN® forte is damaged. How can I get a replacement?

When a part of the penis extender gets damaged, you can have it replaced. Phallosan offers a 2-year warranty on all the parts of the penis extender. Therefore, you will contact the customer support team and provide them with a clear photo of the damaged component. They will determine whether you qualify for a free replacement. If you do, they will give you details pertaining to the replacement process. If you damaged the part due to improper use, you will have to buy it.
You are not required to send the damaged part to them unless they expressly ask you to do so.

How do I apply the protector cap if I am not circumcised?

If you are not circumcised, there are two ways to wear the protector cap. You can pull back the foreskin when wearing the protector cap, or you can wear the protector cap on top of the foreskin. There is no right way to wear it because it depends on whichever way you feel comfortable wearing it. Most people just wear a cap on top of the foreskin.

I haven’t noticed any change in length or diameter

Phallosan Forte has a disclaimer that stipulates that the results of the application can vary from one individual to another. What this means is that they do not guarantee that you will get the optimal results because our bodies respond to stimuli differently. By buying the penis extender, you accept this term and they are not liable for non-fulfillment of expectations.

That being said, if you have only worn the device for less than 6 months, you should give it more time. Sometimes the results take time to show. In addition to that, ensure that you are wearing it as they have indicated on their website. There are videos that show you how to wear and remove the extender. Also, do the following:

  • Follow the 7-week training program that I have put forth on the website. You can find a link on this page.
  • Ramp up the intensity of your training. Add a couple more hours per day to boost your chances of getting positive results.
  • If you don’t wear phallosan as you sleep, consider wearing it to bed
  • If you don’t wear Phallosan during the day, wear it during the day. Put on looser clothes while you are at it to remain inconspicuous.
  • Install the Phallosan forte App to track your progress.

You can contact Phallosan Forte’s customer care department where you will be asked the following questions:

  • How long do you wear Phallosan per day
  • When did you start wearing it and how frequently do you train with it?
  • Have you gained more than 8kg over the previous 4 months?
  • Do you take medication that aids hair growth?
  • Is it uncomfortable to wear the white foam ring?
  • When you remove the extender, does it feel tingly with a bit of pulling?

Phallosan Forte has a great reputation and it works for just about anyone who wears it the right way. Be patient and train properly to get the expected results.

Additional Video Reviews

Unboxing my Phallosan Forte:


Differences between Phallosan Forte and other penis extenders:


Phallosan Penis extender vs Penis pump:


Get The Best Deal Here

A lot of people ask me if they can buy it on eBay, but I tell them all that I strongly recommend staying away from eBay and even Amazon when it comes to buying enlargement devices.

Because there are a lot of fakes being sold online and they are low-quality products, they break a lot and in some cases, they can even cause you penile damage.

I recommend that you use only the official website to buy your Phallosan Forte, because that is the only guaranteed way to get the original extender, and when you order from the official website you get customer support that can help you use it better and get better results faster.

I hope that all the information that I provided you here helped you make a smarter buying decision.
And if you have more questions you can ask me anything here, and if you want to contact the people behind this amazing extender you can do it via email at or via phone from Monday to Friday (4am-7am East Coast USA) at this number +1-888-254-2664.


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