Octopuss Pulse 3 Solo – The Ultimate Guybrator

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What Is This Product?

Not to be confused with its sister product, the Octopuss Pulse III Duo (for couples), the Octopuss Pulse III Solo is a guybrator (vibrator for guys) that was designed to provide men with unique masturbatory experiences by a British company known as Hot Octopuss. The whole essense of the guybrator experience is to provide a nice tingly sensation on the sensitive underside of your penis to induce an orgasm. The underside of the penis, technically known as frenulum, is an often neglected arosal-inducing gold mine with a ton of nerve endings.

Pulse III is an award-winning product that succeeded the Pulse I and II. To improve on them, Hot Octopuss made the Pulse III more powerful and added the “Turbo” functionality which caters to those who have become desensitized to normal guybrators.

The factor that differentiates the Pulse 3 Solo from all the other guybrators is how it gets you off. It utilizes a powerful swiveling motor (PulsePlate technology) that delivers rumbly oscillations to the frenulum – the frenulum is the small section located on the underside of the penis between the head and the shaft that has many nerve endings and is, therefore, ripe for stimulation.

Some people fondly liken the frenulum to the g-spot in women (although this is yet to be scientifically verified) because if it is stimulated correctly, it is very pleasurable.

If you want to involve your sexual partner, pay the extra bucks for the Duo.

How to Use it Right?

Before you prepare yourself to masturbate, charge the device. An excellent way to prepare for any eventuality is to keep the battery full as often as you can. A fully charged battery lasts approximately one hour.

The Pulse III Solo is WATERPROOF allowing you to use it in the shower, tub, pool, or jacuzzi.

There are two ways in which you can use the Solo: as a masturbator or as a static stimulator. Let us dive deeper into how each method works:

As a Masturbator

First, your penis should be hard for this to work.

The Pulse 3 Solo has a silicone exterior whose skin-like texture makes for a good masturbator. In the sex toy market, Silicone has proven a reliable material because it has excellent thermal properties (in this context) and thus takes on your body heat making it comfortable to touch, it is soft, and it rarely causes allergic reactions.

If you are going to use the Pulse III Solo as a masturbator, you have to lubricate it with a water-based lube.

The Pulse 3 Solo has two wings on top to wrap around your erect penis snugly; they are flexible enough to fit just about any size so that you won’t have to worry about being too big or too small.

Do not forget to lubricate the points at which the wings come into contact with your skin.

If you use it right, the Solo is an advanced stroker that couples its deep and rumbly oscillations with the ergonomic touch of silicone to bring you to orgasm faster and more profound than your hand ever could.

As a Static Stimulator

Static stimulation has earned the Octopuss Pulse 3 the moniker “guybrator” because your penis doesn’t have to be erect for it to work.

This mechanism has been in use for a couple of years in therapy for men who have had spinal injuries. As you know, men who suffer from spinal cord injuries have difficulties getting erect and, therefore, cannot father children through regular sex. The technique called Penile Vibratory Stimulation was devised to make them ejaculate without an erection. The Octopuss Pulse 3 PulsePlate technology is based on this technique.

To use the Pulse 3 Solo as a static stimulator, place your non-erect penis in the contraption. The vibrations will bring you to orgasm. You also don’t need a lubricant as there will be no friction.
When it comes to cleaning up, you’ll realize that static stimulation is less messy because all you have to deal with is your cum.

This method of stimulation is also a godsend for you if you have erectile dysfunction, anorgasmia, and any other mobility issues caused by accidents, ailment, or old age. In some reported cases, it has helped men with erectile dysfunction get sizeable erections with consistent use.

As good as static stimulation sounds, there is a caveat: A majority of us are quite desensitized due to the things we have subjected our penises to during our adult years. Therefore, if static stimulation proves ineffective, we can resort to the masturbation technique described above.

Cleaning the Pulse III

The fact that the Pulse III is waterproof means that clean-up is a bit straightforward.
Since the Octopuss Pulse 3 does not come with a special cleaner, you’ll have to buy it independently or improvise.

Wash it with warm water and a mild detergent accompanied by an antiseptic.

Once it dries up, apply silicone renewal powder. You can buy the powder from a sex toy shop, or you can improvise with corn starch (I would recommend buying). Silicone is quite sensitive, and you need to take care of it to avoid ruining it. It ages well if well taken care of (I have had or witnessed first-hand silicone sex toys that lasted years in prime condition).

What You Get In The Box?

In the box, you’ll find:

  • The Octopuss Pulse 3 Solo
  • A Magnetic USB charger
  • A small leather bag where you can put it when you intend to store it or travel with it.

More Technical Information

Length: 4.2 inches

Battery Charge Duration: Takes 3 Hours to charge adequately for 1-hour use.

Waterproof: Yes

Noise Levels: < 55DB

Material: silicone

Variants: Duo and Solo



Pulse III Solo $119

Pulse III Duo $149

Mode of Payment: PayPal, Credit Card

Shipping Details

Coverage: Worldwide coverage


  • USA: Express $14.95, Standard $9.95
  • Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico: Standard $14.95
  • Canada: Standard $12.95
  • UK: Express £8.95, Standard £4.95
  • Rest of Europe: Express €12.95-16.95, Standard €8.95-12.95
  • Australia: Standard 9.95 AUD
  • New Zealand: Standard 12.95 AUD

Expected Time of Delivery:

  • USA: Express 2-4 days
  • Canada: Standard 7-12 days
  • UK: Express 1-3 days
  • Rest of Europe: Express 1-3 days

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Loud is the Octopuss Pulse 3 Solo?

It is not very loud. It is below 55 decibels which is roughly the sound you make typing on your keyboard and, therefore, not loud enough to wake people up (which is what you would want anyway).

Can I use Octopuss Pulse III with my wife?

You can use the Duo (INSERT LINK TO DUO) with your wife because it has two motors; one for her and another for you. Use it during foreplay or just for the sheer sake of diversifying and trying out new things.

Is Octopuss Pulse III waterproof?

Yes, it is waterproof

Who makes Octopuss Pulse 3 Solo?

A British company called Hot Octopuss (INSERT LINK TO ABOUT PAGE).

Can I use Pulse 3 without lube?

You can use it with or without lube depending on how you intend to go about it; you can stroke your penis with it in which case you would need lube, or you can place your penis in the groove and let the toy stimulate you in a stationary stance without using lube.

What is PulsePlate?

A patented technology used by Hot Octopuss to produce high amplitude oscillations in their devices to stimulate you in new, often mind-blowing ways.

Get The Best Deal Here

There are probably a few good places you can buy your device online when you type it into your search engine, but I would highly recommend that you buy it from the official Hot Octopuss website.

They have distribution hubs conveniently located on different continents from where they will ship it to you. Consequently, it won’t take long for your package to arrive and you will be sure you are buying at the optimal price and that you can activate the guarantee if something (covered by the terms) happens to your device.


1 review for Octopuss Pulse 3 Solo – The Ultimate Guybrator

  1. levithian_teacups

    I must say, I never thought guys could get off to vibrators until I tried this bad boy. It was delivered in a discreet package and I couldn’t wait to try it. To be honest, I felt a bit strange at first because the only sex toys for men I know about are pocket pussies. I liked the new sensation although I had a hard time adjusting to it at first.

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