Octopuss Pulse III Duo

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What Is This Product?

The Octopuss Pulse III Duo is the couple’s version of the Pulse 3 brand manufactured by British sex toy manufacturer, Hot Octopuss. It serves two purposes; It is a guybrator that stimulates the frenulum in the same way that the Solo does and it has a female vibrator on its back side that the woman straddles while in the cowgirl position for clitoral stimulation.

It has a close resemblance to the Pulse 3 Solo in appearance with the slight disparity between them coming in their respective applications; the solo is used for individual play while the Duo can be used both for single play and couple play.

The Pulse III Duo uses a patented technology known as PulsePlate to produce oscillations rather than the traditional vibrations. The swiveling sensations it causes are, therefore, different and decidedly more effective at instigating an orgasm.

The Duo has two motors (whereas the Solo has one). One is situated inside the groove where you insert your penis and the second one is located just underneath the underside. The underside one is for your sexual partner to straddle for clitoral stimulation.

You will benefit from purchasing the Duo if your main aim is to spice things up in the bedroom with your sexual partner if things have gotten a bit “boring.” You will find it particularly useful during foreplay as it adds an extra layer of stimulation that you and your partner will appreciate.

You can still use the Duo to masturbate like the Solo. Just turn OFF the auxiliary motor, and you are good to go.

How to Use it Right?

You need to charge the device first. Hot octopuss went through a lot of trouble developing a magnetic charger to make the Pulse 3 waterproof. They, however, sacrificed efficiency because it takes three hours to charge the battery for one hour of use fully.

Since it is WATERPROOF, you can use the device in the shower, tub, pool, or Jacuzzi.

In the Pulse 3 Solo review, I have gone to great depth explaining how you can safely and effectively use the Pulse 3 alone for masturbation. For quick reference, I will flesh it out briefly by outlining how to use it (from a male perspective) in quick steps:

Step 1: Charge it for three hours

Step 2: Insert your penis in the Pulse 3 Duo and switch it ON by long pressing the power button.

Step 3: Let her straddle the device between her legs letting it rest on her clitoris.

Step 4: To control the main motor that is in contact with your penis, cycle through the different modes of vibrations by pressing the power button briefly (not to be confused with long pressing that either turns the machine ON or OFF).

Step 5: To control her side of the device, she can navigate the different vibration intensities and patterns using the remote control module.

NOTE: You can control the two motors independently. To make it more spontaneous, let your partner control your oscillations, and you hers. Once you know your way around using the device, let her know the mode of vibration and intensity you like the most and the same applies to her without curtailing your adventurous spirit.

Cleaning the Pulse III

The fact that the Pulse III is waterproof means that clean-up is a bit straightforward.

Since the Octopuss Pulse 3 does not come with a special cleaner, you’ll have to improvise.

Step 1: Wash it with warm water and a mild detergent accompanied by an antiseptic.

Step 2: Once it dries up, apply silicone renewal powder. You can buy the powder from a sex toy shop, or you can improvise with corn starch (I would recommend buying). Silicone is quite sensitive, and you need to take care of it to avoid ruining it. It ages well if well taken care of (I have had or witnessed first-hand silicone sex toys that lasted years in prime condition).

What You Get In The Box?

In the box, you’ll find:

  • The Octopuss Pulse III Duo
  • A Magnetic USB charger
  • A small leather bag
  • Remote control

More Technical Information

Length: 4.2 inches

Battery Charge Duration: Takes 3 Hours to charge adequately for 1-hour use.

Waterproof: Yes

Noise Levels: < 55DB

Material: silicone and ABS plastic

Variants: Duo and Solo



  • Pulse III Solo $119
  • Pulse III Duo $149

Mode of Payment: PayPal, Credit Card

Shipping Details

Coverage: Worldwide coverage


  • USA: Express $14.95, Standard $9.95
  • Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico: Standard $14.95
  • Canada: Standard $12.95
  • UK: Express £8.95, Standard £4.95
  • Rest of Europe: Express €12.95-16.95, Standard €8.95-12.95
  • Australia: Standard 9.95 AUD
  • New Zealand: Standard 12.95 AUD

Expected Time of Delivery:

  • USA: Express 2-4 days
  • Canada: Standard 7-12 days
  • UK: Express 1-3 days
  • Rest of Europe: Express 1-3 days

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Pulse III cure Erectile Dysfunction?

No, but it can make you orgasm without an erection.

Can I cum using Pulse 3 without an erection?

Yes, you can.

How big is the Pulse 3 Duo?

It is roughly the size of a coffee mug, give or take. It is around 4-5 inches long but can still fit more extended penis sizes.

What Price is Octopuss Pulse III?

The Solo costs $119, and the Duo costs $149.

Where can I buy Octopuss Pulse 3?

On the official Hot Octopuss website.

Does Octopuss pulse 3 have latex?

No, it has a silicone exterior.

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Get The Best Deal Here

When you get around to purchasing the device, buy from the manufacturer directly. Although there are other trustworthy vendors you can buy from, it is slightly more reassuring to buy from the people whose specialty is guybrators.

For example, you will not feel as comfortable buying an electric car from someone who deals with electric vehicles and a host of diesel engine cars as you would buying from a Tesla store because you know Tesla only focus on electric cars and your experience with the car will be their key priority. In the same way, buying from Hot Octopuss means that you can reliably reach out to them if the device develops problems or something else goes wrong. And you will do so knowing that they will take up your concerns seriously.


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