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What Is This Product?

The Fifty Shades of Gray Hard Limits Universal restraint kit is a collection of equipment and accesories that will enable you to have safe bondage sex with your partner. It incorporates cuffs for arms and ankles, a harness, and a blindfold.

Whether you are a bondage connoisseur who’s been doing BDSM stuff for years or a novice whose interest in tying yourself up in the name of pleasure was stoked by watching or reading Fifty Shades of Grey material, this restraint kit is something you need to try out.

I couldn’t find details concerning the manufacturer who makes it, but the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise fully endorse the kit. It has been developed in consultation with the author E L James, and she is even quoted as saying that the restraint kit encapsulates how she described it in the books.

It is an easy-to-use bondage set that you can assemble quickly and in many ways. It transforms your house into a bondage playground, and it is up to you to find creative ways in which you can make the most out of it.

However, what I loved most about this Restraint kit is that it is versatile in the sense that everything (cuffs and straps) is adjustable to fit any person and the strappings can be tied to anything (door, chair, bed, etc.).

This restraint kit can fit bed sizes ranging from single to super-kingsize. In addition to that, when you disassemble it, it doesn’t take a lot of space making it convenient for storage and easy travel.

The cuffs and the blindfold are ergonomic and comfortable because they are made of soft silk on the outside and a fluffy material on the inside (PS: If you want cuffs that instill pain, this kit won’t work for you). The straps are strong enough to restrain you without breaking no matter how hard you try to break free, and the cuffs are fastened using Velcro to prevent you from wriggling free.

The only possible weak link is the main O-ring that can warp when subjected to a considerable amount of pressure. But you shouldn’t worry about it because you can replace it quickly if you ever break it.

How to Use it Right?

You can use the restraint kit to tie up your partner (or your partner tying you up) onto something like a bed, a couch, or door OR you can use it for hogtying.

Although you can play around with it and use it in whichever way you want, the following tips will help you use it effectively:

  1. You can connect the cuffs to work as handcuffs by using the swivel clips. If you please, you can then fasten the impromptu handcuffs to the bed frame using the straps.
  2. webbing under matressAlternatively, join the straps together using the O-ring and place the webbing under your mattress as shown above. With the webbing secure, adjust the strap length according to the bed size and then latch the cuffs onto the straps to restrain your partner. This method is flexible, and it can be handy if you don’t want to use the bed frames.
  3. Blindfold your partner to heighten their other senses and create a mystery – she won’t know where you touch her next.

DISCLAIMER: Since this is all for your pleasure, you need a safe word so that you or your partner aren’t subjected to a painful experience or tire out and start feeling uncomfortable – unless you get a kick out of that!

Cleaning the Restraint kit

If lubricants or body fluids spill on it, machine wash the cuffs on delicate and then air dry.

What You Get In The Box?

When the package arrives, it will be wrapped discreetly in an unnamed package because you wouldn’t want everybody to know about your guilty pleasure. When you unwrap the package, you will find a big black box with Fifty Shades of Grey branding. Inside it, you will find:

  • A blindfold: It is soft and cushy because of its centimeter thick padding. The exterior is made of sleek satin, and the interior (that comes into contact with your eyes) is fluffy. The blindfold comes with an elastic band that you should use to fasten it to your head.
  • Wrist cuffs: The inside is black, soft, and furry (like the blindfold). You’ll use Velcro to fasten the cuffs to your wrists. Both the flexible nature of the interior and the firmness with which the cuff fastens ensure that it is comfortable and tight enough to wear for as long as your bondage session lasts.
  • Ankle cuffs: They are similar to the wrist cuffs. The only difference is that the ankle cuffs are bigger than the wrist cuffs.
  • A harness: The harness is a system of sturdy polyester straps with metallic fittings on both ends to allow you to latch your cuffs onto them on one end and attach them to the O-ring on the other end. You can adjust the length of the straps.
  • Novelty Fifty Shades of Grey bag: To store your kit when you aren’t using it.

More Technical Information

Length of strap: 49 inches

Net Weight: 8 ounces

Material: Nylon (straps), satin and faux fur (cuffs), metal (rings), Neoprene, Elastic, Metal, Velcro


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