Ejaculation Guru

What Is Ejaculation Guru?
The Ejaculation Guru is a manual by Jack Grave that provides a step-by-step formula to tackle the problem of Premature Ejaculation (For the sake of simplicity in this review, I will call it PE).

The manual offers natural solutions to the problem, eliminating the need to use medications, creams, and devices such as special condoms commonly used to handle PE.

The main premise of the guide is that these other solutions always have some form of side effects and the guide employs mind and body training techniques that do not have side effects.

The end game here is to control the erotic experience in order to last as long as half an hour per session or more. It depends on your level of mastery and how far you are willing to push it. Jack believes you should be in control and he shows you how to gain it.

What you get when you buy the book

When you visit Jack Grave’s website (Ejaculationguru.com), you will find a promotional video and links to download the book. I should mention that he offers a 60 day Money Back Guarantee period. Besides Ejaculation Guru, he gives you the following ebooks as a bonus:

  • Last Longer During Foreplay
  • Multiple Orgasm Oral Sex: The Guide
  • 101 Sex Tips That Double Her Pleasure by Lloyd Lester
  • From Limp to Raging Hard

All these are meant to complement the main book in order to deal with PE. I am going to provide you with an in-depth review of some of the techniques that are covered in the book. If you want the specifics and deeper coverage of these techniques and many others, you have to buy the book.

Executive Summary

This introductory chapter covers the manner in which you can maximize the effects of the techniques taught in the book. Jack Grave has laid a lot of emphasis into these points to help you get the most out of the book. He covers important details such as:

  • Goal Setting
  • Being specific in your goals
  • Action taking
  • Setting deadlines

I am a big believer in setting concrete goals and trying your best to achieve them. You really have to go through this section of the book. I think it is as important as the rest of the subject matter covered in the book because it genuinely enhances your chances of getting results and following through on the practices you learn.

I also liked the fact that Jack insists on people setting deadlines to their goals. The section where he says that if you want to make concrete gains you need to focus on “what you want and not what you don’t want” was the stand-out for me. He also insists that people set achievable goals that are “not vague fantasy dreams”. If you get around to buying the book, don’t skip this chapter.

The Psychological Approach to Ending Premature Ejaculation

This is the first chapter in part one of the book that is titled: “Techniques for ending premature ejaculation.” If the first chapter is an appetizer, this one dives straight into the first course. Putting appetizers and food aside, the psychological aspects of fighting PE are important in the grand scheme of things. This chapter is subdivided into:

  • Change of Perspective
  • Arousal Anchors
  • NLP
  • What happens if you still ejaculate prematurely

In this chapter, Jack wants you to change your mentality when you enter the bedroom. He postulates that your current mindset is the main culprit for your longevity problems. He encourages the reader to change their perspective about sex. He insists that sex is just an activity that you shouldn’t take as a once-in-a-lifetime event. If you take each sex session with a woman as a once in a lifetime opportunity, you can get over-excited. He teaches you to be in control.

He introduces the concept of Arousal anchors and NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming). He explains how you can objectively view the stimuli that cause strong sexual arousal during your lovemaking session. He then teaches you how you can identify these anchors and use them to deal with the problem of over-arousal. I liked the fact that he uses examples to drive the point home.

The concept called NLP can also be used to change the way you approach sex. Jack then recommends a simple exercise you can do with your mind to alter the way you get aroused. He basically rewires your brain to enable you to get into a different mindset when you are having sex to enable you to last longer.

He also covers what you should do if you still prematurely ejaculate. Now, since we are human beings, failure is part and parcel of our DNA. I like the fact that the author recognizes that and goes on to tell us that you can’t get it right the first time. He crucially points out that failure is part of the process and even shows you how you can embrace it.

If there’s a major takeaway from this chapter, I can say that it is all about control. The language used to explain the technical terms is simple and straightforward. The exercises and examples used to enable the reader to understand the concepts and apply them in the real-life scenario. I am generally impressed by the way this chapter is written.

The Physical Approach to Ending Premature Ejaculation

Once the mental aspect of the fight against PE is nailed on, the book introduces the physical aspect. This is by far, the most elaborate chapter of the book because he covers the following subjects extensively:

  • Levels of Arousal
  • How Masturbation Can Increase Longevity in Bed
  • Using Breathing to Control Arousal
  • The PC Muscle and its Role in Fighting PE
  • Things to do During Sex to Last Longer e.g. changing positions
  • Make your partner Orgasm Faster
  • Getting Harder Erections

Predictably, the physical aspect of sex takes center stage in making you last longer in bed. Jack introduces a new way to look at arousal. Traditionally, we view arousal primarily in two stages:

  1. Am I there yet?
  2. Oops, I am about to pop!

Jack provides us with new perspectives to view arousal. It is quite clever how he breaks it down into 5 stages and explains how each stage occurs. Then, he uses this new way of thinking initiate changes to the normal routine to increase the amount of time that you last in bed. I have not found much scientific evidence to back his theory but it is fresh and exciting.

He outlines how you can use breathing to last longer in bed. If you have ever done meditation, the concept is not new to you. Jack provides simple breathing exercises you can practice on your own before you carry them into the bedroom. It is all about lowering your level of arousal.

The subject of masturbation is rather controversial before I even get into it. If you have been scouring the internet, you may have heard of the NO FAP CHALLENGE. If you are a proponent of the “no-fap challenge”, you will not be keen on using masturbation to fight PE. For those who don’t mind masturbating every now and then, Jack shows us how you can use it as a tool to fight PE. He provides mindset changes to how you approach masturbation. These tweaks seem sensible and likely to work.

If you watched the promotional video, there is a point where Jack points out that there are many muscles, besides the Pubococcygeal muscle (PC muscle), that can be used to tackle PE. I was rather disappointed that he didn’t really follow through on that particular promise. To his credit though, he covers the PC muscle satisfactorily. He has even developed a schedule to enable you to strengthen the muscle. I think that makes up for the broken promise to some extent. For a better understanding of the role of the PC muscle, watch the video that comes with the books called “Fast Start Video”The topic of positions you take during sex can be seen from two perspectives:

  • Choosing the position that makes you last longer
  • Changing positions to buy yourself time

The second point is quite self-explanatory. During changeovers, you minimize the sensitivity and you also knock off a few seconds or minutes from the sexual encounter.When it comes to choosing the position, however, many of us get it wrong, according to Jake. He proposes new positions that enable you to last longer in bed. He divides it into long-lasting positions, medium lasting positions, and fast ejaculation positions. I think it is quite difficult to find a guide where sex positions are viewed this way. Whether they work is a whole other matter. Whatever works for Jack may not work for you or another person. It is a good approach but I am not sure it works for everybody.

Going slow and making your partner orgasm fast are techniques you most likely have already encountered or used before. Many other experts have encouraged men to use other forms of stimulation E.g. oral sex and great foreplay to sort of clear the path for quicker climaxes by the women. Then, once the women have reached orgasm at least once, it takes the pressure off you. With the weight of expectation lifted off your shoulders, your performance improvesJack employs these techniques and gives you exercises to do it yourself. I was, nevertheless, skeptical about his use of teasing. I think the way he does it can be counterintuitive. He overdoes it. Most women aren’t going to appreciate you over-teasing them, so, you may have to address that.The part about getting harder erections has also, according to me, not been approached well. Jack has indicated that you should strive to improve the quality of your erections (which is very helpful) so that you can carry on having sex even after you ejaculate. The issue is, you can get a hard erection but still not last long in bed. I think he should have looked into ways of enabling us to recover faster after we ejaculate.

The Cheat Sheet – Tips for Instant Longer Lasting Sex.

This is the final chapter of the book. It provides useful hints that can help you last longer in bed. These hints are not covered in the other chapters but they are small exercises that kind of complement the other techniques taught in the book. I will not delve into them much. For a better explanation of how to carry them out, read the book.

They include:

  • Urinating before sex
  • Using special numbing condoms
  • Using more lubrication
  • Changing positions

And a few others…

I have not revealed all of them in the small list but I took issue with the numbing condoms one. I found that that one specifically goes against Jack’s mantra of using natural solutions to tackle PE. The masturbation one is also somewhat controversial if you have adopted the no-fap challenge I talked about earlier. Other than that, the other techniques I found to be very helpful. They are practical and quite straightforward.

Bonus Books

Bonus Book Reviews

As mentioned earlier, when you buy the book, there are bonus books available to download along with it. They are:

  • Last Longer During Foreplay
  • Multiple Orgasm Oral Sex: The Guide
  • 101 Sex Tips That Double Her Pleasure by Lloyd Lester
  • From Limp to Raging Hard

Last Longer During Foreplay

In keeping up with the theme of the main book, this e-book teaches you how you can last the entirety of foreplay without accidentally ejaculating. It is divided into:

  • The psychological aspect
  • The physical aspect

In it, Jack indicates that you have to change the way you approach foreplay so that you don’t “pop”. It can be quite frustrating to the lady to not even make it to actual sex. Jack also highlights that you should make foreplay inclusive of your partner’s input. Foreplay is an essential part of sex for women. Since you can’t cut it off, you have to become better at it. In the end, you don’t just make yourself last longer, you make it enjoyable for your partner.

Multiple Orgasm Oral Sex: The Guide

Most men just can’t do oral sex right. Women love it when you can make them feel amazing and are more inclined to return the favor. Imagine getting your way in the bedroom simply because you gave her the best oral sex she has ever had! This guide talks about how you can become a master at oral sex.

101 Sex Tips That Double Her Pleasure by Lloyd Lester

This mini-book is not written by Jack Grave. It is written by an expert in matters sex; Lloyd Lester. The content is laid down in an impressive, easy to read fashion. Besides that, the tips are actually very helpful if you want to spice things up in the bedroom. Sex can get boring. If you don’t want your lady to get bored having sex with you, go through this guide and you will positively surprise her.

From Limp to Raging Hard

This one is the second bonus book written by Lloyd Lester. Honestly, I really loved this one. You know how we are always told erectile dysfunction only comes with old age? Lloyd Lester tells us that it is a normal occurrence for younger men. The book shows us how to replace Viagra with natural and harmless ways to improve blood flow to the penis to give hard erections.

Pros and Cons

The Pros

  1. You get bonus books. These bonus books cover different topics that enhance your sexual experience.
  2. You save money: PE medications are quite expensive in comparison to buying the book. The book is not only cheaper because you buy it once, but also the solutions, if they work, will last a lifetime. Other techniques are short term.
  3. It is easy to understand. Jack hasn’t used unnecessary technical terms and everything is explained using simple language. It is an easy read.
  4. The customer care service is very helpful. From my experience, the customer support staff is responsive. It takes them less than 48 hours to reply to your complaints or queries. If you have any issues concerning the purchase or the details covered in the book, you can email Jack himself and he will reply.
  5. There is a 60-day money back guarantee period. If you are not pleased with the contents of the book or the techniques do not work for you, you can request for a full refund within this period.
  6. The purchase is discreet. You can keep your activities hidden since there are no deliveries made to your address. The charges are levied to your credit card using an abstract pseudonym. The PE subject can be a particularly sensitive one that you ought to keep as private as you can.
  7. There are no ambitious promises or claims. The book demands that you work on yourself leading to a shift in your mentality. Self-improvement, which is the theme of the guide, requires effort thus the results are genuine. In my own experience, genuine improvement in one area of your life has a domino effect on other areas of your life. For instance, by dealing with PE, you can gain self-confidence.

The Cons?

  1. Jack Grave does not use visuals in his book. It is not a deal breaker and I know this is not a children’s playbook or scrapbook, but some visuals would’ve made it more aesthetically pleasing. You may be one of those people that get intimidated by a wall of text and, unfortunately, that’s what it looks like. Visually stimulating images on the book would have done wonders for me and many other people.
  2. The book is only sold in Ebook form. If you are one of those people that don’t really like reading your books on a screen, you are at a disadvantage. There are no paperback versions of the e-book. You can still print the book and the bonus ebooks but it is an extra expense and print-outs don’t really have the appeal and longevity of a good old-fashioned paperback or hardcover back.
  3. The book is not well divided into succinct topics and subtopics. Sure, there are headings and subheadings throughout, but the author should’ve been more liberal with his H2s and H3s within the text. The author would also have made the text easier on the eye by using bulleted and numbered points. In simple, the text is not as easy on the eye as it can be.

Get The Best Deal Here

PE is a sensitive issue that you may not be ready to share with the entire world. Anonymity is important and this book gives you that. The entire collection by Jack Grave featuring Lloyd Lester is really informative and the best place to buy it is from Jack’s Official Website. On the website, you can either watch the introductory video or skip it and get straight to purchasing the book.

If you apply the techniques wholeheartedly, you can genuinely fight PE. The techniques are unlike anything you will find elsewhere on the internet. There are practical exercises and routines that will help you with PE. The book has its flaws but the approach is refreshing if you are tired of using chemicals and unhealthy ways of dealing with PE.



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