Durex Prolong

What Is This Product?

If you are a guy who suffers from premature ejaculation, Durex Prolong was made to increase your staying power in bed. Durex manufactures it.

Durex Prolong has a lubricant that curbs your desire to ejaculate. The lube is responsive to heat, and it acts to desensitize your penis to enable you to control your sensations to allow your sexual partner to have more time to climax.

The desensitizer is only found on the inner lining whereas the outer coating has regular lubricant. The condom is ribbed and studded on the outside to enhance your sexual partner’s sensations.

The delayed ejaculation coupled with the specially textured exterior will increase the probability that she climaxes.

Durex Prolong has an ergonomic shape to fit easily and comfortably when you wear it. It is also tested electronically to ensure that each condom is safe and has no defects.

Message to our female readers

If you are a woman reading this, I would advise you to be proactive when it comes to condoms. There is no shame in carrying condoms or having them stored in your house or dorm room. You are just being a responsible adult who is alert to the dangers of unprotected sex and are, therefore, doing your part in protecting yourself and your sexual partner. You never know when you need them, and it would be better to have them and not need them than the other way round.

How to Use it Right

Step 1: Tear the wrapper off.

Step 2: Hold the tip of the condom using your index finger and thumb.

Step 3: Roll the condom onto your erect penis up to the base.

If you have to use lube, use a water-based lubricant rather than oil-based ones like petroleum jelly, mineral oils, cold cream, and vegetable oils because the latter can compromise the structural integrity of latex and make it more likely to break.

Word of caution

  • Do not use a condom that is past the expiration date.
  • If you or your partner develops an allergic reaction to latex, discontinue use.
  • Use each condom once.
  • Do not wash it out or re-use it for another session even when you haven’t ejaculated into it the first time.
  • If you are allergic to local anesthetics derived from Caine, do not use this condom. Such analgesics include benzocaine, butacaine, and procaine.

What You Get In The Box?

The condoms are delivered discreetly to maximize privacy (No hint of the brand of the package shows during transportation). The seller acknowledges and values your privacy in this regard.

The box has 12 or 36 condoms depending on the one you pick.

More Technical Information

Length: 203mm (8 inches)

Width (flattened): 56mm (2.2 inches)

Material: Natural rubber latex.

Active Ingredient: Benzocaine 5%

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Durex Prolong cure premature ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation is a complex issue that you need to work on. However, in the short term, you can have better, long-lasting sex by using the condom. Your sexual partner will love it.

Do Durex Prolong condoms work?

Durex Prolong has an active ingredient lining the inner side of the condom called benzocaine. It is a local anesthetic that numbs the penis during sex and consequently lowers your sexual stimulation levels. It enables you to delay ejaculation.

Do condoms take away sensitivity?

It is a commonly held misconception that does not hold any water. You will enjoy sex if you use a condom as much as you do without it. It is even more relevant if you regularly prematurely ejaculate since a condom can help you control yourself.

And there is the bonus (probably more significant reason) of being protected from STIs and unwanted pregnancies.

Additional Video Reviews

Durex Prolong works in a similar manner to this:

Get The Best Deal Here

If you want to buy it online, I would recommend that you buy it online from a reputable seller. It is convenient because you can return or exchange the condoms for another pack if the package you receive is defective.



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