Astroglide Liquid

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What Is This Product?

Astroglide Liquid is a water-based personal lubricant you can use when having an intimate sexual experience. It is manufactured by the company called Astroglide – which manufactures other kinds of lubricants.

It can supplement natural vaginal lubrication during sex and enhance your sexual experience by providing a silky smooth sensation. You can also use it to render heightened feelings by applying it at the tip of the condom.

Astroglide is also perfect for masturbation. It is the closest thing to a natural lubricant you can get.
Astroglide is a long-lasting lube that you can use on your sex toys and condoms because it does not weaken condoms or damage the smooth surface of a sex toy.

Since it is water based, it is water soluble and can be cleaned easily using water. You can also reactivate it with saliva or water if it dries up.

It is compatible with rubber, glass, soft plastic, hard plastic, and silicone sex toys.

How to Use it Right

Apply it where you have contact and friction. It works on skin, condoms, and sex toys. Apply as much as you deem necessary for a silky smooth and long-lasting experience.

If it dries out or starts feeling sticky, you can reactivate it with a drop of saliva or water.

It does not cause stains, and when it does, you can clean up with of water.

Word of Caution

  • If using the lube irritates you, stop using it
  • Do not let it come into contact with your ears or eyes
  • It does not contain a spermicide
  • Do not use it as a contraceptive.

What You Get In The Box?

You will find a bottle of one of the following quantities (depending on what you buy).

  • 74ml (2.5oz)
    145ml (5oz)

More Technical Information

Quantity: 2.5oz and 5oz

Ingredients: Propylene Glycol, Purified Water, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Glycerin, Polyquaternium 15

Made in the USA

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Astroglide used for?

It is a water based lubricant that is used with condoms and sex toys or during masturbation and sexual intercourse.

Is Astroglide silicone or water based?

It is water based.

Is Astroglide lube safe?

Astroglide is safe to use internally and externally during sex. It does not damage condoms thus mitigating the risk of ruptures which can lead to STIs and unwanted pregnancy.

Does Lube have side effects?

Lube is safe to use with no side effects. However, there are individual cases of people suffering from irritation. If you encounter any issue, contact your doctor.

What ingredients are in Astroglide?

Astroglide Liquid is made using the following ingredients: Glycerin, water, Polyquaternium 15, Propylene Glycol, Propylparaben, and Methylparaben.

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Get The Best Deal Here

Astroglide does not sell their products directly to their customers. If you want to buy the lube, you can find it at one of their recommended retailers. Buy from a reputable source to ascertain that you buy the original product. I would recommend the vendor called Undercover Condoms if you are buying online.


1 review for Astroglide Liquid

  1. Sparklingjarofwater

    I remember the first time I jerked off and I used soap and it irritated the skin and it was just hell. Then I moved on to lotions and I had to reapply frequently. One day as I was blabbing about my problem, a friend suggested I buy lube because and he recommended this one in particular.
    Astroglide Liquid does what lube should do; be a silent companion to a dude touching himself (I am still young and my gf is still young and always wet) so we haven’t had many problems with lubrication while having sex. Mainly I use it to beat my meat and whenever it feels a bit dry, I apply just a few drops of water to reignite it.

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