Everything You Need to Know About Realistic Sex Toys

Find out the truth about how realistic sex toys are made and how to buy them online

Sex toys have evolved massively for the past hundreds of years. Since the era of the Romans jerking off to buttered up loaves of bread, we have always strived to find the next big thing in the world of masturbators, vibrators, and dildos.

Top toy-manufacturers have turned to the business of making Realistic sex toys – toys modeled after the private parts of celebrities. Well, not all stars are privy to the idea of having a sex toy cast out of their nether regions.

The implied meaning of “celebrity” here is adult entertainers – simply, pornstars. These celebs never shy away from sharing their private parts with the world.

Therefore, when sex toy makers approach them to have toys made to look like their private parts, they are always ready to oblige. It is good for business, the celebrities cash in, and ordinary folk live out their fantasies about having sex with porn stars.

Porn actresses have toys made to look like their vagina, mouth, and anus. Their male counterparts share their dick with the public by having dildos modeled after them. It’s a straightforward arrangement.

Top Manufacturers of Realistic Sex Toys

1. Doc Johnson

It was the first company to venture into this line of products. The first star they worked with was John Holmes – a male actor. They followed this up with their first female star – Barbara Dare.
This was the eighties, and the idea put them well ahead of their competitors.

The “Vivid Girl” sensation rocked the realistic toys market. This deal involved the most in-demand porn stars in the business towards the end of the millennium. It was beneficial to both the manufacturers and the actors.

2. Topco

Topco was the main competitor of Doc Johnson. Their rivalry pushed them to make better products that inevitably shaped the industry.

Topco enlisted star names such as Nina Hartley and Jenna Jameson. They were more ambitious than their illustrious competitor because they molded actors in different sex positions. They have had their fair share of success and have helped set the standard for Realistic Sex toys.

How Realistic Sex Toys are made

The process by which the realistic sex toys are formed can be broken down into a few steps. To help with this breakdown, we can examine how Doc Johnson make their toys.

Recently, Lexi Belle – an adult entertainer – visited the factory to have a masturbator molded to look like her pussy. The process entails:

Step 1: The model (in this case our porn actress) removes her clothes and lies on a table.

Step 2: The model will be asked before her visit to wax or shave if she is to have a pubic (pussy or anus) model made. However, if the hair is part of her appeal, the sculptor will grease it with Vaseline.

Step 3: The sculptor applies the molding material – which is usually in the form of jelly. The goopy substance is slathered onto her pelvic region covering both her pussy and the anal opening. It is given a few minutes to harden.

Step 4: The sculptor extracts the now hardened mold from the body. This mold is then used to create realistic sex toys.

How to Use Realistic Sex Toys

These sex toys are not far from the generic anatomically-made sex toys produced in a factory since the human anatomy is the same. However, to get the most out of your realistic sex toys, there are a few things you can do:

Tip 1: Watch the adult entertainer’s content as you use their sex toy. Even if you are not a big fan of porn, you can make this an exception to the rule. You will feel more in touch with the porn star and make the experience far much better.

Tip 2: Warm the toy by immersing it in a bowl of warm water. It then feels like the toy has body heat and it comes alive. It feels as close to the real thing as it can be and if you use it this way along with the porn, the experience will be enhanced.

Popular Realistic Sex Toys

A good number of pornstars have had their genitals cast into sex toys. To help identify with their designs, most of them autograph their replicas, and the manufacturers place these signatures on the finished article.

Now, we can only go as far as to mention a few popular ones because the list can never be exhausted in a single post:

Sasha Grey

Sasha is an immensely popular adult actress because she made a foray into hardcore porn at the age of 18 years – she is young and beautiful.

Doc Johnson has created sex toys of her mouth, pussy, and anus. Notably, the most popular product they sell is the Sasha Grey Cream Pie Pussy. It is the number one best seller of all the products they sell; way to go Sasha!

Jesse Jane

There are six products in her name that are manufactured by XBrands.

Fleshlight Models

A couple of Fleshlights have been made from real, famous vaginas. Models who were featured include:

Jenna Jameson: She is an adult film legend. To honor her contribution to the industry and to give her fans a taste of what they see, she had a Fleshlight made in her image.

Riley Reid: Known for her petite vagina, she is a popular option.

Tori Black: Every detail about her pussy is found on this masturbator.

Alexis Texas: She has an incredible pussy, and if you fantasize about giving her oral, this is as good as you are going to get.

Stoya Destroya: You will get unusual sensations from her if you get this model.

Jenna Haze: If you are a massive fan of hers, grab yourself a replica of her money maker.

Christy Mack: Known for her naughtiness, this should get you off if you love yourself some kink.

Models Made from Ordinary Women

An innovative designer by the name Brian Sloan – famous for designing Autoblow 2 – decided that he didn’t fancy the celebrity niche for what he wanted to create. Therefore, he decided to go the alternative route – model his designs after real-life, everyday women we find on the streets, our workplaces, bars, etc.

The thinking behind it was that most men love the idea of having sex with regular girls. There may be nothing spectacular about them, but they still get guys genuinely excited.

To add a twist to his process, he used the winners of the competition for the World’s Most Beautiful Vagina. He picked the most popular choices to use as inspiration for his designs.

Final Thought

These replicas of the porn stars make the fans feel more in touch with their favorite actors than would be previously possible. Porn is in the realm of imagination, and these pieces help turn it into a kind of reality.

Where Can You Buy Your Own Realistic Sex Toy?

The entire process didn’t take long and she said that she had thoroughly enjoyed the experience. At the end of it, the new template was used to design masturbators in Lexi’s likeness to give men a feel of her. That’s something to behold.

Luckily for us, Doc Johnson realistic sex toys can be purchased online from a couple of stores. However, if you want the genuine products that will last longer, you can always buy from the official website of Doc Johnson.

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