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Do penis extenders really work? Before we address this question, we need some perspective on the subject. It is more comprehensive than just whether these devices work or not. By the end of this, we will have a conclusive answer and you will know whether you can trust a penis extender to make your penis bigger.

Why do men want a bigger penis?

The reason why this subject goes deeper than answering a single question is that we need to understand why we even ask it in the first place. Men, almost universally wouldn’t mind having a bigger penis. Yes, very many of them say that they are comfortable with what nature gave them but let’s face it, bigger is always better.

That is not a wild assertion by any means and there are studies to back it. For example, a study conducted by the American Psychological Association and published in Psychology of men and masculinity gathered both men’s and women’s opinions on the touchy subject of penis size.

By the end of the exercise, it was discovered that 85% of the women were fine with the size of their partner’s penis. 55% of men were okay with their penis size but 45% wanted a bigger penis. The conclusion made was that men who are content with their size were more confident and had a more favorable self-image than their peers.

As you can see, it has everything to do with self-confidence. This confidence stems from the fact that the man knows that he can better satisfy his partner if they had a bigger penis. That’s why male enhancement makes sense. A longer, thicker penis increases your confidence and the domino effect touches all aspects of your life; business, dating, sexuality, and many others.

Even as women say that they are comfortable with the size of their partner’s dick, they still prefer a bigger one. The findings of a research that was conducted in 2015 indicated that women love a bigger penis on their casual partners more than on long-term partners. Still, they want their long-term partners to have a large penis because they want the sex to be as pleasurable as possible.

Women also have a better impression of guys who have a bigger flaccid penis. The growers (guys with a small flaccid penis that increases significantly when it becomes erect) have been shortchanged!

Women won’t admit to any of that if you ask them openly. Even when you trust each other, they are likely to tell you what you want to hear. However, instinctively, they want a guy with a slightly bigger than average penis. The urge is purely natural.

What is the Best Way to increase the size of your penis?

The answer to that is relative but there’s one way that definitely works. It has worked for many guys out there. Two words: penis extender.

If someone came to you and asked you whether you’d like to have an extra one to two inches added to your penis, what would you say? I think I am speaking for myself and for millions of men when I say I would answer: YES PLEASE!

Many men would like to have a bigger penis. There are various methods that have been used to increase their penis size and they have had different levels of success. They are:

#1 Penis enlargement exercises: The most common one is called jelqing. These exercises work but you require longer timelines to see the results. These exercises have been overtaken by devices because the devices produce the results with less effort.

#2 Male enhancement pills and supplements: Many guys use them to increase the size of their penises. The downside is that drugs have side effects that can be adverse if patients develop allergic reactions.

#3 Surgery: Male enhancement surgeries have been established to be very invasive and not likely to produce the desired effects. They produce mixed results and patients are generally left unsatisfied.

#4 Rings and Clamps: Some people use these to make their penis bigger. They are placed at the base of the penis when it is flaccid. Then, you need to get an erection so that the ring or clamp prevents the blood from flowing out of the penis. They shouldn’t be worn for longer than 30 minutes for safety purposes and the results are temporary.

#5 Penis Stretching: This employs the use of penis stretching devices. A bit of tensile force is applied to the penis to increase its length. This method has been scientifically proven, receiving endorsements from doctors and patients alike.

Among all these penis enlargement methods, penis extenders are by far the best way to add those inches to the penis.

The efficacy of penis extenders is backed by biological principles. We will go deeper into this as we investigate what experts consider the cheapest, safest, and the most effective way that a guy can add an inch or two to their penis.

What is a Penis Extender?

A penis extender is a device that stretches the penis in a flaccid or erect condition and keeps it stretched the entire duration the wearer has it on. The gains that you get from stretching the penis are permanent.

A penis extender should not be confused with penis extensions and suction pumps. Penis extensions are worn during intercourse to add inorganic inches to the penis. Suction pumps are used to increase the length of the penis. Pumps are typically used when you are in the shower or bathtub.

You can distinguish penis stretching devices from extensions and pumps because they are worn for a couple of hours and removed when you are about to have sex. They are predominantly worn on a non-erect penis.

The extenders are used without a prescription because all you need is the proper instructions to wear them correctly. Doctors have studied them and established that when worn correctly, they should cause no pain whatsoever.

Penis extenders are mainly of two kinds:

#1 Traction-based: They typically use dynamic rods and rings to hold the penis in place. The best example is the SizeGenetics extender.

#2 Vacuum-based: A good example is Phallosan Forte. It uses a vacuum to hold the penis firmly but comfortably. It has a belt to provide the tensile force.

If you don’t wear the penis extender correctly, not only will you show no gains but also you’ll harm your body. Always read the instructions and watch an instructional video to be in a position to wear the extender the right way.

When wearing a penis extender, you need to be consistent for faster gains. You should wear it for a couple of hours at a time for a few months at least. The more hours you do per day, the faster you get the results.

Does A Penis Extender Work?

You shouldn’t just take my word for it unless there are scientific studies that investigate this matter. I would also trust empirical results over mere opinions.

But science is on my side on this one. Two studies have been conducted to determine whether penis extenders change the size of the penis.

The first study was conducted to investigate whether penis extenders increase the length and girth of the penis. The sample population was a group of patients who had the condition of shortened penises.

At the beginning of the experiment, they had their penises measured by medical professionals both in the flaccid and erect state. Therefore, the data would be more accurate than if they were merely asked to report on their measurements.

They were instructed to wear the extenders for 4-6 hours every day for the initial 2 weeks and then 9 hours every day after that until they had worn the extenders for 3 months. After one month and three months, the penile girths and lengths of the patients were measured.

At the end of the research exercise, the flaccid and erect penises increased in length. The average subject witnessed a 1.5 cm increase.

The second study was also carried out to establish whether a penis extender can be used to treat the “short penis” condition. The test subjects were required to wear a penis extender for 4 hours every day for 6 months.

Measurements were done at the beginning of the experiment, after one month, three months, and at the end (six months).

After 6 months, there was a significant lengthening of the penis. On average, the patients gained 2.3 cm for the flaccid penis and 1.7 cm for the erect penis. At the end of the study, the patients were generally satisfied with the penis extender.

The conclusion made was that penis extenders are less invasive and largely effective at making the penis bigger.

How Do Penis Extenders Work?

Now that we know that the Penis extenders work, how exactly do they make a penis bigger? There is a scientific explanation behind it.

When a penis extender applies constant but gentle tensile forces to the penis, the penile tissues get stretched. The stretched tissue cells divide through a process called cytokinesis. As a result of this process, individual cells split into two thus increasing the number of tissue cells in the penile tissue.

The process occurs gradually with small changes being realized over time. It is natural with no side effects. In fact, it is used in other fields of medicine as well as cultural traditions that have lasted generations.

For example, it is used to increase the length of the neck by women in some cultures where longer necks are a sign of beauty. It is also used to lengthen limbs and to grow skin in grafting procedures.

Penis Extenders and The Incurvate Penis

Very many men suffer from the incurvate penis in silence. When I say the incurvate penis is a problem, I don’t mean that all guys’ penises should be as straight as an arrow. We are all perfectly asymmetrical. Therefore, there’s no problem with having a slightly curved penis as long as you feel comfortable with it and it works perfectly. There’s no need to fix something that is not broken.

Nevertheless, if you have a bent phallus, your sex life will be adversely affected and you are less likely to feel comfortable in your own body. You are either born with the condition or you acquire it. Besides making it weird to have sex, it can become painful.

The solution that people used to take was surgery. The side effects were erectile dysfunction and the loss of around 1.7 inches. I don’t think to shorten your penis and being inadequate in bed sounds good at all. The other solution was microwave shock treatment. It can disintegrate the plaque but the penis remains out of shape.

Then came the penis extenders. They straighten the penis and guarantee that you won’t lose an inch. Here’s how the penis stretchers tackle the problem:

  1. The blood flow is improved within a few days of using the device. The blood vessels get wider thus allowing more blood through.
  2. Around the plaque tissue, the cells get stimulated enabling the formation of new ones. With time, the plaque tissue vanishes.

A beneficial side effect of the process is that the penis is elongated. So, in the end, you gain rather than lose because there are more tissue cells.

Frequently Asked Questions about Penis Extenders

How long should I wear the penis extender to see results?

You typically need to wear the extender for around 6 months to see improvements in the size of your appendage. 4-6 hours a day is good enough. If you can stretch the period, you’ll get faster and better results. For example, when you get used to the device, you can do up to 9 hours per day. A good way to clock in more hours is to wear it during your sleep on top of your day-wearing routine.

Can I wear an extender when I sleep?

Yes, you can. A penis extender will not interfere with your sleep. When you get used to it, you won’t even notice you are wearing it.

Can I wear an extender during the day as I do my day-to-day activities?

You definitely can. A majority of penis stretchers have been designed to be discreet so that there won’t be a noticeable bulge in your pants. You can wear it on your daily commute, at work, and as you do your shopping. Some extenders do a better job of being discreet than others.

Are the results permanent?

The gains you get are permanent. If you gain two centimeters and feel that those are enough, you can stop wearing the extender and your penis won’t shrink. The number of cells increases as a result of the exercise. This is the most fascinating thing about penis stretchers.

Will I see an increase in both flaccid and erect penis size?

You definitely will. The studies have proven that the penis will get bigger when flaccid and when erect. The flaccid penis gains more than the erect penis.

Why should you buy a Penis Extender?

We have established that a penis extender can be used to increase the size of the penis if you are prepared to wear it consistently over a period of time. Here’s what you will gain from using a penis extender:

  • You can increase the length of your penis: Your sexual partners will be thrilled that you can satisfy them better.
  • You will increase your levels of confidence: Even if you don’t get the biggest penis, you will be more satisfied with the bigger penis you’ll get. The new-found confidence will show in your interactions, business, job, and dating life. A confident man is a sexy man.
  • If you have an incurvate penis, you will get healed fully. A penis extender works better than any drug or surgery out there.

Which Penis Extenders Should You Buy?

We are only starting to explore the possibilities with male enhancements. The devices are getting better with each development. The two best penis stretchers are Phallosan Forte and SizeGenetics. The others pale in comparison because this pair has the best results with the greatest level of comfort.

The experts who made Phallosan Forte and SizeGenetics studied previous stretchers and improved on their weaknesses. They are both upgrades on other devices.

To achieve the results that you desire with either of them, you have to put the extender on for a couple of hours consistently over a period of at least six months. No pain (figuratively), no gain.

I believe that the only reason why extenders are not appreciated in the mainstream media is that they are still relatively new. When more people realize how effective they are, they will be a household name.


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