7 Penis Empowerment Secrets – By Adina Rivers8 min read

How you feel about your penis is as important as how your partner thinks about it. If you are not so appreciative of what nature gave you, you can do something to improve your situation. You can develop yourself sexually by working on it.

Whenever you satisfy your partner by performing exceptionally well in bed, it has a ton of benefits which include:

  • A better relationship dynamic with a stronger emotional connection
  • Bucket loads of self-confidence which will ultimately improve your life in general. You’ll be more assertive, decisive, dominant, and successful.

Performing well in bed entails fulfilling your sexual potential. It can be gauged in a couple of ways which we will delve into deeper. When I think of a sexually dominant guy, the picture that comes to mind is a guy who:

  1. Has a big enough penis to satisfy his partner
  2. Can have an erection on command
  3. Can maintain the erection long enough without ejaculating to please his partner as much as he and she want
  4. Can ejaculate a lot of semen with healthy sperm if he ever needs to have a child with his partner of choice

If you don’t have either one or a combination of those, don’t worry. Fortunately, you can work on it and make yourself a better man in the physical sense when it comes to sexuality.

Empowerment Tips to Improve Your Sexuality As A Man (Courtesy of Adina Rivers)

They can be broken down into a few categories. Now let’s get to what this involves:

#1 Improve your Physical and Emotional Health

For you to be good sexually, you need to be healthy physically and psychologically. Think of the body as your Temple and your Spirit as its occupant.

Both need to be in good condition for you to enjoy the pleasures of life. When you are healthy physically, your penis will perform well, and you will ejaculate quality semen. When your emotional needs are met, you will have a good sex drive.

To improve your body, watch your diet by replacing harmful foods like unnecessary carbs and processed sugars with fresh fruits and vegetables. Hit the gym to lift weights and work on your cardiovascular system. Drink a lot of water.

Meditation and mindful exercises will help you look after both your mental health and by extension, physical health. They eliminate stress which is usually the root cause of many sexual dysfunctions.

#2 Enlarge Your Penis

I have invested a great deal of effort into showing guys how to make their penises bigger in terms of length and girth. If you feel like you are inadequate in that regard, you need to take action.

The penis consists of spongy tissue that gets filled up with blood leading to an erection. Enlargement increases the number of cells in this tissue so that when blood comes in, it fills up more flesh thus increasing the size. This principle has been proven in exercises that extend limbs and lengthen the neck.

Enlarging your penis comes with side benefits. First, you will enhance the quality of your erections. Second, you will make your penis more sensitive if you have already become less so.

There are helpful exercises as well as enlargement tools that are very effective. I know this subject gets a lot of bad press, but it is because it is grossly misunderstood. A few bad experiences have not helped but going about it the right way works for sure.

Enlarging the penis is a time-tested exercise that has been around for hundreds of years. Once you establish a penis enlargement technique that works for you, all you need is to be disciplined to stick to the routine for a couple of months.

#3 Massage Your Testicles

You may have never heard of this, but it is essential to your sexuality. Think about it; your testes produce testosterone. Testosterone is what makes you a man.

This hormone makes your body grow a beard, broadens your shoulders, deepens your voice, and increases your manliness (for lack of a better word). The Alpha males we see and hope to become are dominant leaders who produce a ton of testosterone.

Therefore, it makes total sense to take care of the body part that produces this vital hormone. Moreover, you will produce better quality semen and improve your erections.

#4 Stop Masturbating

I know you have heard that it is a harmless behavior that is good for the release but, unfortunately, it is not. Well, it won’t harm you per se, but it will hurt your sexuality. Allow me to explain the logic behind this line of reasoning.

Most guys watch porn and masturbate after a hectic day to calm themselves and improve their ability to sleep. However, while they do so, they train their bodies to acquire a dopamine rush in a comfortable and non-beneficial way.

Dopamine is a hormone that is released when the body wants to feel pleasurable, usually after a positive experience like success and sexual climax. It is the body’s way to reward itself when you experience something good.

When you masturbate, you reward the body for something you didn’t even work for. You will not be motivated to do other things that breed success such as approaching a beautiful girl or starting a business.

It is even worse when you masturbate a couple of times during the day and neglect other tasks. On top of it, you will teach your body to ejaculate fast and decrease the sensitivity of your penis.

If you do it so much, you will not be aroused by a typical sexual encounter with a beautiful girl because you will be seeking other stimuli that she can’t match. Masturbation done incorrectly teaches your body to be sensitive only to certain speeds of thrusting, specific levels of pressure to the penis, and certain types of movement. If she can’t match these, you are doomed.

I can go so much deeper into this (and I sure will in another post), but I am discouraging you from masturbating. The stakes are higher than you care to admit.

When you stop masturbating, you will ha sexual energy which will enable you to be more dominant and confident. These are traits that you would associate with a sexy man. You will also last longer in bed ve and your penis will be sensitive enough to get off to that gorgeous woman you sleep with.

On a side note, I have nothing against masturbation when you are training yourself to be a better lover. It is different from masturbation just for the release.

Another way you can masturbate productively is to do it just for the stimulation without ejaculating. This way, it will be like you are massaging your penis which will lead to the following benefits:

  • Stronger Erections
  • A more sensitive penis if you had desensitized it with bad masturbation habits
  • Production of more testosterone

#5 Enhance Your Libido

There are herbs that you can take to enhance your libido. One that works very well is Ginger because it improves blood circulation to your sexual organs.

Other useful herbs include Saw Palmetto, Ginseng, Yohimbe, and Horny Goat Weed. As you seek these helpful herbs, minimize your alcohol, cigarette, recreational drugs, and caffeine intake. Eliminate them if you can.

#6 Increase your Staying Power in Bed

The ability to perform in bed is directly correlated to giving your sexual partner an orgasm or multiple orgasms (women are so lucky here). Your erection should last the entire course as well.

When I speak about staying power, I mean doing so while you penetrate her. I hear most of my friends brag about how they compensated for climaxing prematurely by going down on their partner or fingering them. That is not ideally what a healthy alpha male would do.

If you are sexually dominant, you should penetrate her for long enough to climax when she has already done so a couple of times. Or you can do it at the same time.

It helps improve your emotional connection as a couple. That girl will also want you more in future because you will possess something most men she has had sex with lack.

To achieve this, you can apply some tactics if the urge to orgasm comes too soon. You can:

  1. Change the sexual position preferably to one where you will be in control. You catch a break during the changeover.
  2. Pull out or stop thrusting for a while. Don’t make it obvious. For example, I like to look into her eyes deeply and give her a tender, long kiss. She will be distracted enough to know what you just did. Alternatively, you can start caressing her breasts while you kiss her erogenous parts of the body as you take a break.
  3. Hold your penis firmly with the thumb and index finger of one hand while the other hand’s index finger and thumb press at the tip of the penis as Adina explains in the video.

I will be releasing an ebook soon that details a secret technique to last longer in bed naturally. Keep your eyes peeled out for that.

#7 Enhance the Quality of Your Semen

The quality of your semen is essential to your sexual health and vitality. When you produce a large amount of quality semen, your partner will subconsciously conclude that you are fertile and desirable.

Quality semen is also good for procreation. Good semen is thick, has a distinct white color, and has a neutral smell. When it is of poor quality it will be thin, have an undesirable odor, and have an unnatural color.

To improve the quality and quantity of semen, ejaculate less frequently, massage your testicles, and eat foods like pineapples and cinnamon.

My Final Word

Improving your sexuality means enhancing the quality of your life. What Adina teaches us is vital to us living to our full potential. Her exercises encourage us to be more dominant men that women are crying out for. She is highly experienced, and her lessons on sex are invaluable. You can check out her channel for more helpful videos on how to do things right in the bedroom.

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