Can I Trust Jason Julius? [Full Review]


Hi guys,
I came across this guy recently:
His name is Jason Julius and he offers an interesting online course about men being great in bed.
I am considering getting his Female Orgasm Blueprint, but I wonder if I can trust him or if he’s a scam.
Have any of you ever tried one of is products… is he legit?


Jason Julius is a sex coach who has been active since 2008 when he co-founded Orgasm Arts.

On his website, he sells his online courses and programs, which I’m going to review in this page.

He also has a great YouTube channel where he posts videos regularly, you can learn a lot about from watching his videos.

Jason’s main focus is the female orgasm. To this end, he has studied psychology.

Jason has always advocated for men to focus on the psychological aspect of sex with women. He recognizes that there are two main kinds of orgasms that women have; clitoral and vaginal (full-body orgasms).

He focuses on the vaginal orgasms because while women can easily induce clitoral orgasms on their own during masturbation, the man’s role in giving her full body orgasms cannot be overstated.

Jason’s methods work best if you are in a relationship because they are centered on communication and having a deep emotional connection with your partner. His approach is practical as seen in his liberal use of visual aids.

To learn more about Jason Julius, we have an unbiased mini-review of each of his paid programs focusing on what they teach. The programs are predominantly a series of videos:

Extreme Sex Drive

This program was created by Jason after an intensive two-year study of ways in which one can increase the male sex drive. Extreme Sex Drive is a detailed guide that can help you control and increase your sex drive.

It makes use of a technique called “Libido triad”, which Jason pioneered. With this technique, you achieve a better sex drive without using medications and other side-effect inducing tools.

In this program, the author guides you through some habits that will help boost your sex drive. To sample some of the habits; you are introduced to ways in which you can recover from a session of intense sex, some foods you should avoid to make sure you don’t jeopardize your sex drive, and daily activities you can start doing regularly to boost your sex drive.

When you buy this program, you gain access to some bonus products that include Forever Foreplay, Energy Multiplier Method, Adonis Effect Golden Ratio, and Female Orgasm secrets.

The program is divided into:

1. First Module: How to start off with daily habits that will put you on track to increasing your sex drive.

2. Second Module: The nutrients your body needs to replenish your semen and increase the amount of testosterone produced. This one includes a secret food that you can add to your diet to instantly replenish the missing nutrients. He also talks about the foods that are killing your sex drive

3. Third Module: Fitness and its role in increasing sex drive. Jason introduces four targeted exercises that will boost testosterone production and minimize estrogen in your body.

4. Fourth Module: Ways of relaxing your body to optimize recovery. There are also rules of the thumb you have to take into account when you go to sleep to make the most of it.

5. Fifth Module: Jason answers common questions related to the subject of sex drive.


  • Jason provides actionable exercises and drills that can provide quick results.
  • The methods provided have no side effects because it’s mainly a natural approach.
  • You get to fight estrogen production which is produced in higher quantities as we get older.
  • He helps you cope better if you are more advanced in age.

On the other hand, some of the foods may not work as expected in some people. Some men may have allergies to the foods thus ruling them out completely. And there are other male enhancement coaches who cover the topic of testosterone production to a greater depth.

Female Orgasm Blueprint

The Female Orgasm Blueprint is a collection of videos that show you different ways of making a woman orgasm.

To sum it up, it teaches various techniques used to achieve different kinds of orgasms. In the program, Jason demonstrates various concepts using a synthetic model that mimics the female reproductive system.

Jason rightly notes that all women are different and hence they require different modes of stimulation or approach. He insists that you have to calibrate a woman’s response as you try different techniques on her. That way, you will determine easily which techniques work on her and which ones don’t.

The program is divided into:

1. Helping her relax: In order for a woman to have an orgasm, she has to be in the right mental state. She needs to relax her body and get out of her head. Jason illustrates here that when she is fully present, you can give her mind-shattering orgasms.

2. Various Types of Orgasms: There are two main kinds of orgasm; clitoral and vaginal. Jason is all for the latter because it is so intense, it is referred to as a full-body orgasm. It is also not easy for her to experience it on her own and most women have never had the experience. He shares a few ways of hitting the right spots to give her full body orgasms.

3. Mental arousal: According to Jason Julius, all women have sexual fantasies and it is up to you to unlock them. In this section, he dissects different ways to trigger the right responses in her to get her to be freer with her thoughts. For example, he teaches dirty talk and how you can use it throughout the day to prime her for sex later on when you get home.


  • The content is short and concise and there’s not much filler stuff in between.
  • If you are in a long-term relationship, the advice is invaluable. It will make things better.
  • The approach is practical and very actionable.

On the other hand, some of the concepts are more directed towards people who are with a woman on a long-term relationship. If you are a newbie, you have to look for introductory material and come back to this later on.

And you can’t practice some of these techniques on a one-night-stand. If you want to give her orgasms after you’ve only known each other for a few hours, it may be harder to do some of this stuff. You may pull it off, but it won’t be that easy.

Female Orgasm Insider

In the program, Jason wants you to get the ins and outs of the female orgasm. He also wants you to change the way you approach the process of making a woman orgasm.

He mainly introduces the ways you can work with the psychological aspect of a woman’s psyche to induce intense orgasms.

To get the most out of Female Orgasm Insider, you need to be acquainted with the Female Orgasm Blueprint program.

You can consider this a hack into the female mind that shows you the right buttons to press to get her squealing pleasurably. It goes beyond that and provides more tips for a satisfying relationship.

If you also want to build attraction with a new partner, this program comes in handy.

The content is divided into the following sections:

1. Phone Sex: How to make her orgasm from talking to her over the phone. If you think that is a bit ambitious, you need to follow what Jason says to find out.

2. Make Her Orgasm on Command: These are ways in which you can make her orgasm whenever you want her to.

3. Giving her Multiple Orgasms: If you really suck at this, this program can make you unforgettable to her.

4. Building Attraction in a Woman: Jason provides you with some subtle tweaks that can make you more attractive to women.

5. Guided Meditation techniques to make her Climax: Jason targets the mind and he gives you meditation techniques you can incorporate into your lives to make her loosen up and actually get orgasms quickly.

6. The Inner Game: About emotions and physical mechanics behind orgasms.

7. Stacking orgasms: How to make her have two orgasms happening simultaneously.

8. Tools to give her a full body orgasm: Jason likes talking about full body orgasms and here he provides some hacks that you can use to make her have a memorable experience.


  • The program introduces new techniques like phone sex which so many guys struggle with or have never heard of.
  • The meditation techniques to make her orgasm are not covered in other forums.
  • If you have followed the Female Orgasm Blueprint religiously and you come to this one, you will have a better understanding of the female orgasm.

On the other hand, you’ll need to have the Female Orgasm Blueprint first because this program is a follow up rather than a stand-alone, which will incur extra cost.

Extreme Stamina

The program Extreme Stamina is geared towards men who have performance deficiencies. The material predominantly covers premature ejaculation (PE). In this guide, Jason insists on finding long-term solutions to the problem rather than papering over the cracks with temporary fixes.

In the program, Jason acknowledges that the problem of performance is rife in our society today. He goes at length to explain how it has come to this.

Later on, he introduces helpful mindset and attitude changes that you should make when approaching sex.

These changes will help you buck the trend if you are currently hopeless in bed and start lasting long enough to give your missus numerous orgasms.

The program is divided into the following sections:

1. How women reach orgasm: In this section, Jason illustrates how long it takes for the average woman to reach orgasm. He uses charts and graphs as teaching aids. He goes on to relate that to how long it would be appropriate for you to last in order to climax at the same time as your partner.

2. Ejaculation Control Triad: In this part, he introduces a new phenomenon that delineates what you need to master in order to be a beast in bed. The phenomenon has three sides to it. When you master the three sides, you become a better lover who can go long enough to give your partner multiple orgasms.

3. Dispelling Common Myths: Here, Jason discredits popular misconceptions about premature ejaculation. He shows us how most of us have been looking at it the wrong way. Some common “PE control measures” that are glorified in mainstream media are actually counterproductive.


  • Jason uses teaching aids. We tend to understand things better when they are illustrated.
  • He introduces the concept of ejaculation control triad that seems practical and applicable.
  • He calls out the common misconceptions that actually hold us back.

But I also know that in no conceivable way Jason can exhaust everything on the subject (PE) but he could have covered more ground. For instance, there are simple things like wearing condoms that can help guys, especially the inexperienced ones, to last longer.

Rock Hard Code

This program is intended for men who constantly suffer from erectile dysfunction. Despite common beliefs, ED affects many young men as much as it does the older folks.

It is more psychological for the younger men but it is still very undesirable. According to Jason, the sex that induces full-body orgasms in women can only be achieved when you have a rock-hard erection.

In this program, he shows you how you can trigger an erection and maintain it throughout your sexual encounter. He also teaches you a process you can use to trigger an erection on command.

Bonus programs include Orgasm Underground Interview Collection and How to Increase Ejaculation Pleasure.

The program is divided into the following sections:

Section 1. The nutrients needed to increase the levels of testosterone your body produces

Section 2. The things you should stop doing to solve your ED problem

Section 3. The exercises you need to trigger the hormones needed for erections

Section 4. Using anchoring to get erections on command

Section 5. Exercises to make you get harder erections

Section 6. Using relaxation breathing to defuse anxiety during sexual encounters

Section 7. Techniques to make you get an erection even when you are stressed out

Section 8. Improving your blood flow for a better erection

Section 9. How to always wake up with morning wood


  • You get exclusive online access to demonstrations and practical techniques to tackle ED.
  • You will struggle to find coaches that teach you how to get an erection when you are stressed out.
  • The methods Jason shares are free of side effects.
  • The program has a 60-day money back guarantee

I don’t want to take anything away from this program but there are other programs that cover the subject in greater detail.

Jason Julius is an accomplished sex coach whose approach is unique; he focuses on the female mind and how you can unlock it to give her orgasms.

He is also practical in that he uses plastic models of the female sexual organs to demonstrate how you should touch her to make her come.

His methods work better for people in relationships but can still be used in other scenarios if you are more experienced.

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