Alex Allman: Is He A Fraud or Legit?

Question: So much like the other guy I asked you about, Alex also offers some interesting educational products.
He looks a bit more legit than Jason Julius, but I still wonder if Alex Allman worth my money?
I’m thinking about getting his Revolutionary Sex ebook, but it seems a bit expensive to me for an ebook when I can buy a physical book for 1/4 of the price.
Did one of you ever read Revolutionary Sex or bought one of his other products?


Alex Allman is one of the most famous sex coaches in the Pickup community. His specialty is Sex Coaching in which he is best known for his focus on the psychological aspect of learning and advancing sexual skills. In fact, it is the main motivation behind his bestselling program, Revolutionary Sex, which put him on the map when he published it in 2006. His dating and sex advice company, Revolutionary sex, is also named after this book.

Alex Allman has also been on YouTube since September 1, 2007. In that period, he has amassed more than 18.5 Million views and gained more than 32K Subscribers. He has made 78 videos (as at the time of writing this review) that are centered on sex advice, sexual communication, making your partner orgasm, developing intimacy, and injecting passion into your physical relationship.

Notably, Alex Allman did a talk on TEDxSinCity (A Tedx program) in 2011 where he discussed sex, marketing, and even the politics of peace. You can find the video on the TEDx YouTube channel.

Alex runs a website,, where I bought his material. There, you can also subscribe to his newsletters free of charge. His material includes:

Revolutionary Sex

As I mentioned above, this was one of Alex’s inaugural works. For starters, he released Revolutionary Sex more than 10 years ago. It contains tips on how to make sex better for you and your partner. It is divided into 3 parts/chapters:

Chapter 1 focuses on YOU: This chapter provides you with tips on how you can improve your personal performance in bed. It emphasizes on you improving your mindset for long-term effects rather than taking shortcuts that work physically but in the short term. Here, Mr. Allman talks about:

    • Size of the penis and its impact in lovemaking
  • Making yourself sexually attractive
  • Dealing with your anxiety-induced Erectile dysfunction
  • Lasting longer in bed.

Chapter 2 is all about HER: This chapter delves deep into your partner’s anatomy. I liked how systematically Alex divided this chapter and provided pictorial illustrations. It is divided into:

  • Female anatomy where we are given a lowdown on where on the body you need to go to please your woman.
  • Making your woman orgasm where Alex covers, with detailed diagrams, the erogenous regions of the female body. He also provides a psychological approach to please a woman who has never had an orgasm before.
  • Female Ejaculation
  • Cunnilingus
  • Multiple Orgasms and Stacking Orgasms
  • And, How to do Anal Sex

Those Final 4 sections deal with how to please a woman, in depth. He also talks about making your girl orgasm multiple times. It is a feather on the cap because for most of us, having sex is all about making her NEVER forget you.

Chapter 3 on being TOGETHER: Alex RIGHTLY refers to this as the most important chapter in the book. Honestly, I think it is important because it gives you tips on how to maintain an amazing relationship with your partner. I can’t fault anything about this section. I felt like the first chapters were preparing me for this chapter. It deals with emotions and has been broken down into:

Intimacy in the relationship and how you can develop a strong foundation for it. Seriously, this is where most of us, as men, slip up and Alex gives us great tips on how to develop a healthy relationship. Even a short-term relationship needs intimacy!!

  • Communication which covers both actual exchanges of information and the dirty talk between the sheets. It is actually super-helpful that Mr. Allman raised this topic because we can use good communication skills to be better versions of ourselves.
  • Fantasies and how you can get your lady to act them out. Seriously, beneath our conventional outlook on life, deep inside some of us are super-weird! Most men have some awkward fetishes that they would like their partners to act out (while she enjoys it). Alex talks us through how to get her to do things you are into in the bedroom.
  • Simple and concise language. The book is not slathered in a lexicon and technical explanations. It feels like you are conversing with a friend over a beer.
  • The final chapter is just amazing. I really loved the insights and I strongly believe that any other man would feel the same.
  • The book enables us to work towards long-term solutions to our sexual and relationship issues.

Unleash the Beast

Unleash the beast is basically about Penis Size and its influence on you having great sex. If you are like the average man, you may have reservations about your “size” and it is a massive source of insecurities.

I am of the unbiased opinion that this program gives you value for your dollars. There’s always room for improvement but Alex has done an amazing job here.

Alex debunks your insecurities in this program. The program is in form of audio files (and transcripts for each file) covering the penis and how you can become more confident about your size and use it to deliver the best sex she’s ever had. It is divided into the following sections:

  • What women actually think about the size of your penis. Here, Mr. Allman goes into detail and even provides stats.
  • Secrets to improving the quality of your erections. I agree with the fact that no matter the size of your male member, it has to be fully erect for you and her to get the most out of sex.
  • Lasting longer. Premature ejaculation is not a laughing matter and it is covered well here. However, I thought that there is more info available regarding tackling the problem and perhaps other programs handle it better.
  • Having great sex with a smaller than average cock. Alex dissects the mentality and the mechanics that men with smaller penises can use to enjoy sex and make the woman shiver with pleasure.
  • Masculinity and confidence in your penis. It is all about cultivating confidence in your penis no matter the size. Alex insists that there’s nothing much you can do about it if you want to avoid harmful shortcuts but you can make the most of what you have and be confident about it.
  • Q & A Session: Here, there is a series of interviews where Alex talks to women and gathers information pertinent to the subject. It is divided into two sections: Becoming desirable to women and how to make your partner addicted to you no matter how big your penis is.
  • It is nice to have the woman’s perspective on the size of the penis. A man may offer you all the reassurance in the world and it won’t count as much as a woman’s take on the matter.
  • It is a different approach that is refreshing.

The Couple’s Guide to Revolutionary Sex

This guide, as Alex Allman insists, should be read after you have gone through Revolutionary Sex. It is a detour delineating how a couple can keep their flame burning over a long period of time. Sex is integral to that.

From what I took away from it, this guide expounds on some finer details introduced in Revolutionary Sex regarding couples and how they should use sex to prolong their relationship.I

t is a short book that focuses on having the right mindset when approaching relationships. It is all about developing a meaningful connection with your partner. Alex also discredits the notion that you need to have many relationships (most that are meaningless) to be better at relationships.

Personally, I think a bit of experience will do you a great deal of good but you shouldn’t glorify failed relationships and insist on having them when you can have fewer, deep, and intimate ones with high-value women.

  • It is a guide that expounds on sensitive matters couples need to focus on
  • It goes directly to the point.

Passion & Attraction that Lasts

This is a practical 14-day program that tackles getting better at cultivating attraction and bringing more passion to your relationship.

I am a big fan of actionable, step-by-step programs because they are easy to follow through. The program covers:

  • Making your partner sexually aroused by flipping the right switches
  • How to deliver passionate sex that both of you will enjoy
  • How to develop a strong connection and be more intimate with your partner
  • How to increase your partner’s sex drive so that she says “Yes” to sex more often.
  • How to help your partner break down mental and physical barriers to appreciating her sexuality.
  • Making your partner less likely to cheat on you.
  • Unearthing the deepest sexual fantasies of your partner and how you can fulfill them.
  • Major attraction and seduction mistakes along with how you can avoid them.
  • Bringing out the “slut” in your woman in a way that is enjoyable for both of you.
  • How to make her obsess over you even when you are not together.
  • Making your girl comfortable enough to try out new stuff in the bedroom.
  • How to deal with rejection to your efforts to implement all the stuff listed here.

It is actionable. Most of the advice we get requires you to cultivate immense levels of self-discipline which can be quite tough. This guide makes it quite easy. It covers seduction and developing the attraction. Many men are clueless when it comes to making women aroused. This guide definitely helps. There is a 60-day money back guarantee

How to Man – Masculinity Mastery

In this program, Alex Allman aims to make you a better version of yourself. I think of it as a guide to becoming an Alpha Male.

It is divided into:

  • Social confidence: Alex covers social intelligence and how you can develop desirable traits and ditch bad ones to make you a more dominant man. A guide to navigating confrontation and uncertainty stood out for me.
  • Capturing the Heart of A Great Woman: Here, you are to put the social intelligence you have cultivated to become irresistible to women. It entails being magnetic to women around you in social settings.
  • Financial Freedom: It involves cultivating a mentality of more action and less thinking. Then, you will guide your actions to help you achieve your dreams and desires.
  • Confidence and Self Trust: If you are suffering from low self-esteem, this guide will help you build a strong foundation for self-confidence.
  • The program has taken on a highly practical approach to the subject of developing your masculinity. It is quite comprehensive and highly actionable.
  • It is comprehensive and it lays a solid foundation for not only your sex life but also life in general.
  • The program comes with bonuses and training videos.

Initiate Sex Without Being Rejected

Here is a common conundrum men keep facing: Why does she keep rejecting my advances yet she came to my house for a sleepover? It is a common trend that men can’t decipher. A girl shows interest, she even comes over to your place or lets you come to hers but she keeps rejecting you. What was she thinking when she agreed to this? You wonder.

In this guide, Alex provides useful tips on how to seduce a woman successfully each time. He has broken down the mental state behind the rejection and how you can effectively read the blatant signs a woman is actually up for it. Here is how the ebook is arranged:

  • How to turn her on
  • The female mental state and the tell-tale signs that she is begging for you to initiate sex
  • What to do to get more “yes” than “no”
  • How to communicate that you are in the mood
  • Behaviors that stir her sexually
  • Why you should not wait for her to initiate sex
  • How rejection harms your relationship
  • How to steer clear of rejection in long-term relationships and marriages
  • It is short and straight to the point
  • It tackles an issue that constantly bugs guys by providing lasting solutions

Command and Control System

Premature ejaculation is a mood-killer to be brutally honest. There are many products fronting ways of lasting longer in bed; however, not all of them work. Alex came up with this book to help men control their ability to ejaculate and he did a decent job.

The book focuses on the following:

  • Exercises that give you mental control over ejaculation
  • Physical exercises that boost your ability to last longer
  • Having multiple non-ejaculatory orgasms
  • This guide has a practical approach that works
  • Learning to orgasm without cumming is a great weapon to add to your arsenal.

Passionate Lover, Passionate Life

A passionate experience having sex translates to having a passionate life. This program is all about enjoying life to the fullest. It is divided into 3 main parts:

Passionate lover: This section focuses on YOU. As cliché as it may sound, this part emphasizes you being yourself. It focuses on how you can become the best version of yourself.

Passionate Relationship: In this chapter, you learn about how you can convert your partner from a reserved girl to a passionate lover herself. It emphasizes on having a better relationship overall.

Passionate Life: This section helps you work on your life to become more magnetic to High-value women. It gives insights into the various facets of your life you need to work on to get the most out of life.

  • This course gives you insights on leading a better life.
  • Passionate Lover, Passionate life also enables you to behave more satisfying relationships.

Sexual Mastery

In this program, Alex covered the concept of love. In it, he unearthed the psychology behind the emotion. He was also keen on orgasms and how you can get them. The contents came in 6 audio programs that were about:

  • How to give multiple orgasms.
  • How to have non-ejaculatory orgasms.
  • The concept of “soul mates”.
  • How to integrate Tantra into your lovemaking.
  • How you can use sex to enhance your relationship.
  • How to use lovemaking to improve your emotional wellness.
  • Learn about dry orgasms and how they can revitalize your sexual experience.
  • How you can use sex to increase intimacy in your relationship.
  • Improve your technique by bringing Tantra concepts into your lovemaking.
  • Learn how you can give your partner multiple, stacked orgasms.

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