The Importance of Sexual Stamina Exercises for Penis Enlargement

Maximum Sexual Stamina and Hardness is VITAL for Maximum Size Gains!

From “Akeem”:  Why should I perform sexual stamina exercises? I already have lots of activity and have no problems in that area.  How does this help me to get a bigger penis?

AJ replies: You need to obtain maximum EQ* from sexual stamina exercises to force tissue stretch.  You’ll also benefit by maximising blood flow and recovery.  The very beneficial side effect of more frequent, vigorous, and higher quality sexual performance is incidental to this for the purposes of enlargement.

As your penis grows you’re also going to need to increase your EQ in proportion to your size just to maintain the same degree of performance.

When you kegel with a full erection your penis will visibly expand beyond its normal limits.  This is tissue stretch at work.

The effects of Kegels on erection size have also been noted in Wikipedia.

“Exercises are usually done to reduce urinary stress incontinence[2] (especially after childbirth)[3] and reduce premature ejaculatory occurrences in men,[4] as well as to increase the size and intensity of erections.[5]”

When you perform Stop and Starts this stretches the tissues by forcing the penis to maintain a maximal erection above and beyond what you’re accustomed to.  This can contribute to greater penis size.

When you perform these sexual stamina exercises AFTER enlargement work, then more massive growth occurs.  This cascade effect is also another reason behind the order of the exercises.

*EQ stands for Erection Quality and is combined a measure of sexual stamina and hardness.

Sexual Stamina Exercises

How To Perform The Erect Kegel:

You should thoroughly warm up the area for 5-7 minutes with moderate heat, light massage, and stretches.  For maximum benefit, the Kegel should be performed with a fully erect penis.  This will be much more beneficial to the development of size and towards increasing blood flow than the unerect Kegel- which merely works the PC muscles.

Begin by contracting your PC muscle. This could be visualised by engaging the muscles used to control urination.  At first, use only enough contractile force to accomplish the repetitions.  Do NOT contract with too much force if you’re new to the exercises as a strain in this area can be difficult to recover from.  Begin with 5 repetitions and work up to 50 total over time.

How To Perform The Stop and Start:

This is the best total male enhancement exercise you can perform!  This exercise addresses erectile endurance, hardness, ejaculatory control, and your powers of emotional visualisations.

It can help to prevent premature ejaculation and performance anxiety.

If you’re sexually active you can perform this exercise during sexual intercourse or activity.  If you’re not sexually active you can manually stimulate yourself instead.  When you’re close to ejaculation (also known as the “Point Of No Return”, stop.  Allow yourself enough time to recover so you can begin stimulating yourself again to the PONR.  You “stop” for a total of three times, then complete the exercise by releasing after the fourth PONR.

One key element of this exercise is it should be performed without visual stimuli (e.g.- pornography) and even mental erotic imagery is discouraged.  Focus solely on the tactile sensations and attempt to induce the types of emotions you’d expect to feel during a satisfactory sexual encounter- like feeling of confidence and the feel of being unencumbered.  This will allow you to induce a total conditioning effect and allow you to truly master your penis.

You should aim for 5-10 minutes on your first session, and the goal should be 20-25 minutes total.   Conclude with a warm down similar to the warm up described above for the Erect Kegel.

Written by AJ

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