Rewire Your Sexual Beliefs to Become a Better Lover

What should you do for you to become a better lover for your woman?

When it comes to becoming a better lover, most men think about new sex positions and new techniques.

While this is fine to some extent they are just part of the things that you need to become a better lover.

The most important thing is to learn how to dominate and talk dirty while making love. Apart from this, you also need to look at your sexual beliefs as the first step towards being a better lover.

Analyzing your sexual beliefs

The foundation of your house is your sexual beliefs hence they must be strong and solid for you to enjoy your sex life. If you have bad beliefs, you will always be struggling to become a better lover. Unfortunately, most men have very bad beliefs that hinder them from becoming the best lovers. But what are some of the beliefs? Some of the worst sex beliefs include;

  • It’s hard for women to have an orgasm.
  • Size of the penis matters a lot when making love.
  • If you last long you will satisfy your woman.
  • Women are only good for sex.
  • You can only give a woman orgasm through clitoris stimulation.
  • Men must do things in exchange for sex.
  • Women do not like sex.

If you have such believes you are likely to fail as a sexual partner. For instance, if you believe that the size is important, you will feel inadequate when it comes to satisfying your woman. You might also bore your woman with by lasting long with a belief that you are satisfying her. By believing these, you are trying to erect a house on a weak foundation. Contrary to the beliefs, it’s very easy to give your woman countless orgasms. If you believe this, you will find an easy way to ensure that this becomes reality.

Likewise, if you believe that it’s your work to give a woman pleasure you will do everything to make this a reality.

If you are honest enough and accept that you do not know everything you can always learn some of the best ways to satisfy your woman and make them feel good. Instead of being arrogant, you will be confident when handling a woman. You should also believe that as a man it’s your absolute role to always take control. This will eventually make it easy to satisfy your woman and enable her to get multiple orgasms. One of the best ways to boost woman’s sex drive is to treat her well when you are out of the bedroom so that you can give her immense pleasure when you finally get inside.

Your sexual beliefs will help you shape the interactions that you have with women. Since some people feel bad about their beliefs they rarely talk about them. However, failing to talk about these beliefs is a big mistake since you will just be preventing yourself from becoming a great lover.

If you want to become a better lover it’s very important to rewire your beliefs and think positively about sex. By doing this, you will not only please your partner but you will also feel good.

Written by Roni

A Sex educator that loves to blog about sexuality and how to have safer sex.