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Sex Toys For Dogs - Is This Thing Even Real?

I know our focus here at Vibrating Love is usually squarely directed at human sexuality and sex toys for humans but today, I will be shifting focus to our furry friends; specifically dogs, their sex lives, and sex toys for dogs (I promise I am not a weirdo, only an enthusiastic dog lover 😊).

Farfetched as it sounds, you can buy your pooch a sex toy. Before you cringe, wave your fist in anger, or bang on your table and exclaim “The world’s gone nuts!” let me explain what these sex toys are, what they look like, and how they work and leave it up to you to judge.

According to what we have now, they are four-legged dog-like props that a dog can have sex with to orgasm. The models that are currently on the market cater to male dogs.

Should You Buy Your Dog a Sex Toy?

Is your dog humping everything he can get his paws on?

When your innocent dog suddenly gets into the habit of humping everything he or she sees, it could be caused by a bunch of things. However, most of the time he is just horny.

Although you may be embarrassed by the behavior (especially if he does it in public and to strangers), it is quite normal for dogs to have sexual urges because they, like us humans, are living organisms who need to spread their genes by having sex.

If a dog is sexually active and has no access to a mating partner, he will resort to taking out his sexual frustrations on inanimate objects.

People jerk off, dogs humps stuff.

🐕 How to Stop your Dog from Humping Everything

Did you know that altering your dog does not stop him or her from dry humping your furniture?

If your dog starts humping everything, buy him a sex toy. These toys allow male dogs who have not been neutered to ejaculate; something they cannot do when they dry hump your furniture.

Ultimately, your dog will draw more satisfaction humping something that resembles a dog than humping a table stand.

Other benefits include:

  • Less agitation and barking
  • Less territorial demarcation – you won’t have a problem with your dog marking their territory by urinating.

As long as your dog is not suffering from illness and is physically capable, you can buy him a sex toy. Just ensure you buy a good product made from safe materials and your dog will be alright.

If you need a second opinion from your vet, consult before you buy.

🤔 Are Dog Sex Toys Morally Wrong?

Well, for some people it’s still in a moral grey area if not downright revolting. But before they pass judgment, they should think about it this way: Even we, humans, didn’t always have sexual aids. Our ancestors would be either repulsed or impressed by how far we have gone with our sex aids. It doesn’t mean we are morally corrupt for using them, and neither should we be judged for letting our animals have some carnal fun.

🛒 Where Can You Buy One For Your Dog?

There aren’t many manufacturers making dog sex toys but the following brands have had products available for people to buy:

Doggie Lover Doll

It is created by a Brazillian company known as Pet Smiling. The design of the doll is inspired by the Maltese breed.

The sex doll is modeled after a female dog; it has a silicone vagina with a reservoir to store the goop. The body is made of soft rubber.

It comes in three sizes to cater for dogs of all sizes; small, medium, and large.

To buy the Doggie Lover Doll on wholesale, you can contact the manufacturer either by calling +1 305 728 6404 or sending an email to

Hot Doll

Hot Doll for Dogs is made by a French company known as Feel Addicted.
It is also female.

The body of the sex doll is made of high-density PE material.

The sex toy is designed for stability; the outstretched legs provide a good center of gravity to give your hound adequate grip.

The cone (the small tank that holds the semen) is made of food-grade silicone. It was designed to withstand temperatures ranging from -40 degrees to 220 degrees and offer UV resistance.

Clean the cone after use with warm soapy water.

You can buy the Hot Doll for Dogs sex toy from the official manufacturer’s website.

How To Help Your Dogs Use Sex Toys

For your dog to enjoy his new plaything, let him use it in a quiet, secluded place with minimal interruptions (although some dogs don’t mind doing it in public places). Also, ensure that the floor is not slippery.

You need to train your dog to use the sex toy. It’s not particularly hard because the sex toys already look like a dog. Show him that instead of humping other things, it is okay to hump his new toy.

Please Note

  • Always clean the sex toy after use
  • Do not use sex toys as therapeutic devices. If the dog uses the toy intensely, alert your vet.
  • Old dogs and inexperienced pooches can have a hard time using sex toys.
  • Do not force your dog to use the toy if he clearly shows a total lack of interest.
  • Dog sex toys are meant for dogs only.


Dog sex toys, like human sex toys, serve a purpose; they meet a natural urge harmlessly. A sex toy for your dog means spending your money and taking on more responsibility (training and cleaning up after them), but in the end, he is better for it. Ultimately, all your dog wants from you is love and care.