The 3 Sex Positions You Must Master

If you want to satisfy your woman there are only three sex positions that you must master. While men like to experiment with different sex positions thinking that they will please their women, this is not important.

Women also like to try out different positions thinking that they will get satisfied but this is should not be the case. As a man, there are only three sex positions that you need to know namely the missionary, the girl on top and the doggy style. ou can master these then you are good to go.

How to master them

When having sex using the mission position you can change the position such that you have her legs over your shoulders. By doing this, you will provide different positions for you and your woman and you will enjoy even more. More so, when doing it the doggy style you can either stand or ensure that both of you are on your knees on the edge of the bed. More so if she is climbing on top there are many positions that you can assume to ensure that both of you enjoy having sex. You can spin her around to give you a good view of her ass.

5 things that you should know

Take control – As a man, it’s important to take control of your woman and lead her during sex. Since she wants you to take control, make sure that you are sexually dominant. You will not only feel the pleasure but also make her feel very special.

Whisper bad things – Women usually feel good when you are whispering bad things into their ears. When you are talking dirty you are fucking both her mind and her body hence stimulating her even more. This is one of the best tricks that you can use to give her multiple orgasms.

Keep her guessing – While doing this, always keep her guessing. Avoid doing the same things over and over gain. Make sure you vary these 3 different sex positions and anything you can think of to ensure that your encounter remains fresh and exciting.

Be naughty – It’s also very important to be a little naughty and even make it dirty if you want to be a great lover to your partner. While your woman might not say so, she probably wants to be with someone who is naughty.

How to be naughty

1. Do not make love to her when she is fully naked. You can leave her panty on and slowly pull them to one side.

2. Spank her for being a bad girl.

3. Make love to her in front of the mirror so that she can see what’s going on.

4. Use a small torch so that she is can see how you are thrashing.

Give her multiple orgasms – Every time you fuck your woman do not forget to give her multiple orgasms. There is no excuse about this. You must just make this happen if you want to have the best experience with your woman.

The most important thing to do is to use correct techniques, talk dirty, and take control as the leading partner.

Written by Roni

A Sex educator that loves to blog about sexuality and how to have safer sex.