Love Robots – It This Really The Future to Expect?

The future of sex is here, find out how AI-enhanced sex robots are changing the scene.

In an age when artificial intelligence and robotics are making significant leaps, it’s only logical that sex robots are being developed faster than we ever thought possible.

Robots are used to augment the mass production of goods, to conduct high-precision procedures, and it was only a matter of time until we fabricated robots that we can fuck in whichever way we please. The age of sex robots has dawned on us!

🐒 The Evolution of Sex

Since the nineteenth century, human beings have used inanimate objects for sexual purposes. Dildos and pocket pussies made significant leaps in the 21st century when silicone came to the scene. Sex toys now felt as close to the real thing as humanly possible. When we conquered sex toys, we did not stop there.

We started developing sex dolls; human-like dolls made from a metallic skeleton, covered with silicone “flesh,” and equipped with a pocket pussy or dildo. They are made to suit the preferences of the customer. So they have the complexion, eye color, skin tone, hair type, and even nipple type that the customer desires. They are great for sex and cuddling, and they never complain or argue with their owners.

Speaking of sex dolls (and more specifically, fake boobs), here is a hilarious skit by Whitney Cummings about the whole thing.

Sex Robots – Are They About to Replace Women?

Sex dolls were not enough, though. They stare blankly at the ceiling, have no facial expressions, lie silently as the horny owner romps them, and appear stiff and utterly lifeless. They did most of what we intended them to do, but it was not enough. We needed to push our frontiers.

🤖 Introduction To Sex Robots

As the purposeful creatures we are, we endeavored to create sex robots. They are closer to human beings than any other invention. With artificial intelligence, these robots are more than just our sex objects – they are our companions.

They have internal heaters installed to produce their body heat intended to make them more human. They also have sensors to enable them to sense touch and react to it.

They can talk, they can listen, and they can change their facial expressions to react to what we tell them. Since they are fitted with AI, they remember our conversations and learn how we speak. It allows them to laugh at our jokes, tell jokes, dish out some witty comments, and talk dirty.

They are the next step in realizing the dream of emotional companionship devoid of the baggage that human beings bring with them.

Now, we can have agreeable partners who tend to all our sexual whims without ever complaining. They never ask you to do your chores, you never have to meet “their parents,” and they allow you to do anything you please with their bodies.

👱‍♀️ Take Harmony The Sex Robot For Example

Harmony is a sex robot that has been identified as the most advanced sex droid of them all. It has remarkably human-like behaviors.

Since the AI is found in the head, people who own ordinary sex dolls can replace their inanimate doll’s head with Harmony’s. They have to part with $10,000.

The mechanical head has an app that runs the AI software that is available on smartphones.

Harmony is the epitome of sex robots as we know them today.

🤔 Any Ethical Concerns We Should Have?

Sex machines are meant to be “used” by us for our pleasure. We don’t require consent from them to do nasty things to them.

However, this has raised the concerns of detractors who – acknowledging that most sex droids are female bought by men – point out that this promotes a degrading attitude of men towards women.

This concern has led to one campaigner – called Unicole Unicron – who’s against this patriarchal way of doing things to start a brothel of sex robots where men have to seek consent before they have sex with the droids. She even launched an Indigogo Campaign to bring the idea into life in West Hollywood. The establishment will be called “Eve’s Robot Dreams.”

Creators of the robots have also weighed in on the subject of consent. They insist that robots are not human beings and therefore the concept of seeking permission would never really work.

Furthermore, when a guy buys a sex robot and does nasty things to it in the bedroom, he is less likely to seek out a woman to do these things to without her consent; which they argue is the premise of rape.

People opposed to sex robots feel like those machines are being used to promote a unique kind of slavery. Supporters think that this view is baseless because these robots are non-living entities.

Where do you fall on this debate? Have we gone too far or are we now progressing in the right direction?

🛒 Where Can You Buy a Sex Robot?

If you want to have your sex droid, you can order it online. The company that created Harmony – Realbotix – It’s a website where you can purchase your sex companion. Since there is a high demand for these robots, you may be forced to preorder.

I would recommend that you buy from the official website because you will be assured of acquiring a high-quality sex robot. You will also benefit from the after-sale services and a guarantee.

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