We-Vibe Sync Review - The Best Vibrator For Couples

What Is This Product?

The Sync is a compact device that comes from a line of couples sex toys manufactured by We-Vibe. It is a dual-vibrator that your woman puts on where the slender limb is inserted in her vagina leaving enough room for you penetrate her and the other arm rests on her clit.

The thin limb vibrates to stimulate the G-Spot while the thicker one remains outside and stimulates the clitoris.

If you are insecure about sex toys, I can assure you that this sex toy is not there to replace you but rather help you make love like a rock star.

There are dozens of other C-rings out there, but the property that makes the Sync stand out the most is its ability to adjust to fit any body type. It is flexible enough to take up any shape that your partner is comfortable with. So, if your partner has had problems in the past with C-rings that didn’t fit, she won’t have to deal with that.

The two motors are controlled separately. So, if your lover likes a teasing stimulation on her clit and at the same time a deeper, more powerful vibration on her G-spot, the Sync allows her to have exactly that.

Some women who find it hard to orgasm regularly may need the double stimulation (Internal and external) to climax; if your partner belongs to that category, you have to try out the Sync. I can personally attest to its effectiveness with a real-life example involving a colleague of mine whose girlfriend always had trouble climaxing during sex.

Once they tried out the We-Vibe Sync, his cynical partner couldn’t hold back and came multiple times. It became their favorite toy, and since then, they have always had positive things to say about the We-Vibe Sync.

One trendy function you will love with this vibrator is the Beat Mode. When you select this mode on the app, you can play music on your phone, and the Sync will vibrate to the beats of the music.

Other features include:

  • It is rechargeable
  • It is waterproof
  • It is covered using body-safe silicone.
  • It is easy to clean.

With everything that’s going for it, it’s hardly surprising that the We-Vibe Sync was voted the best pleasure device in the Beauty Heaven Awards of 2018.

How to Use it Right?


When you plug the vibrator in the charging case, ensure that it “clicks” into place so that when you connect it to your power supply, the LED indicator will light up to indicate that it is charging. If the LED remains OFF, the toy won’t be charging.

It takes 2 hours to charge the dual-vibrator fully. On a full battery, the manufacturer states that it can last 90 minutes.

You can control the Sync in three ways:

  • Using the control button
  • Using the remote control
  • Using the We-Connect app

The control button is the most basic mode of control and the least flexible because you cannot fully explore most of the functions with it. 

The remote control, on the other hand, allows you more flexibility because you can operate the device hands-free. It also grants you access to more functions.

The We-Connect app is by far the best way to control your sex toy because with it you can access auxiliary but exciting features like creating your vibes, the beat mode, having a customized vibes playlist, and the most important one: long distance control. 

The latter is the most exciting property because it allows you to be intimate with your long distance partner in a manner that texting or calling alone can never make up for.

Let me quickly take you through the actual steps you will take in using the We-Vibe Sync:

Step 1: Charge the sex toy

Step 2: Apply water-based lube and then let your partner slot it in

Step 3: Turn the vibrator ON by long pressing the control button. Your partner can do that before putting it on.

Step 4: To try out a different vibration other than the default, press the button once. There are ten unique vibration modes to sample even without using the app.

Remote Control

The remote control has four buttons. The top and bottom buttons control the intensity of vibration, and the side buttons cycle through the different vibration modes.

To pair it with the sex toy, hold down the control button on the vibrator until it pulses twice. Hold down any button on the remote until the vibrator pulses.

Tip: When the device pairs with your phone, you cannot control it with the remote control.

We-Connect app for couple play

  1. Download the app on your smartphone.
  2. With the app open, long press the control button on the Sync until the LED flashes and the toy pulses twice.
  3. Choose “pair We-Vibe.”
  4. Press the play button to get the vibrator started. Now you can control the intensity of the vibes (vibrations), create new vibes, create a playlist of vibes, or choose the Beat mode.

If you are in a Long Distance relationship…

On the app menu options, select “Connect with lover” to establish an internet-enabled connection with your partner’s phone.

Tip: Use the long distance couple play option as you are having phone or video sex.

Cleaning the Sync

As mentioned before, the Sync is waterproof. Therefore, you can submerge it in water or wash it with running water.

The most effective way to clean it is by using a sex toy cleaner because it disinfects as it cleans; apply the cleanser (which you can buy online as long as it is silicone-friendly) and wipe it off. A popular alternative is to wash the vibrator with warm water and mild soap.

Whichever works for you, ensure that you clean it as soon as you finish using it to keep it in good shape for many years (Yes, you can live with your We-Vibe Sync for several years if you take care of it).

What You Get In The Box?

  • The We-Vibe Sync G-spot vibrator
  • The Remote control: To control the vibrator
  • The USB charger: It slots into a USB power adapter, computer, or any other compatible port.
  • The Storage case that is also the charging station: It is a discreet storage case that also charges the vibrator.
  • A sample of water-based lube
  • A user’s manual

More Technical Information

Size (dimensions): 74.8mm by 31.4mm by 41.7mm

Remote Control range: 10 feet/ 3 metres

Battery properties: Charges for 2 hours for 90 minutes of continuous use

Noise Levels: whisper quiet

Material: Body safe silicone

Color Variants: Purple and Aqua


Frequently Asked Questions

Ensure that it has line-of-sight. Without the line-of-sight, it won’t work.

The Bluetooth signal will be attenuated if it has to pass through flesh and other solid objects. However, it works fine through fabrics.

Long press the control button of the Sync for 5 seconds until it pulses. Then press any remote control button for 5 seconds. Press the up button on the remote to start controlling the Sync.

No, the remote control is not waterproof.

Do not insert the end with the charging contacts in human orifices as this side stays typically outside. Besides, the end with the magnetic contacts is broad, and it will not allow you to penetrate the vagina at the same time mainly if your penis is thick.

As long as it fits your girlfriend’s body, that should be enough. It is modeled to fit any human body type including the extremes.

Insert it into the storage base where the magnetic contacts will connect with the charging probes. Then connect your USB charger to the USB port. Ensure that the LED indicator turns ON to show that charging is underway.

Ensure that it clicks into place and the LED indicator is ON. If the problem is with your power source, address that if need be.

It takes an average of 2 hours to charge fully.

No, it is not. Instead, it uses a button cell that should last a few years at the very least. And when it runs out, you can replace it with a new one.

Use a water-based lube.

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