We-Vibe Pivot Review - Let Her Vibrate Your Penis For A Distance

What Is This Product?

Pivot by We-Vibe is a vibrating penis ring that you can wear during sex to enhance the pleasure for both you and your female partner. 

When you wear it, it rests at the base of the penis where it bumps into the woman’s clitoris during sex when you adopt the missionary position. The vibrations stimulate the clitoral head to enhance your partner’s pleasure.

The original idea behind cock rings, and more so the vibrating ones, was always to make a man have a harder and long-lasting erection. 

But thanks to the ingenuity of sex toy designers, you can get more than just a fuller erection; you can enjoy the rumbly vibrations with your female partner during intercourse for more powerful orgasms.

To give you value for your money, the Pivot comes with the following premium features:

  • It is made of soft, silky, body-safe silicone that will not irritate your skin or cause allergies
  • It is completely waterproof
  • It runs quietly
  • It has a rechargeable battery
  • It has ten pre-programmed vibration modes to choose from (with the option of creating your own using the We-Connect app)

When you wear the We-vibe pivot during sex and take up the missionary position, the ring will come into contact with your partner’s clitoris thereby providing clitoral, hands-free stimulation. When you couple this with penetration, your partner will experience dual stimulation.

So, if your partner is usually slow to climax or finds it hard to cum at all, this cock ring is the cheat code you have been crying out for.

Quick tip: If you belong to the lucky minority comprising of guys who have an extra-long penis that normal females find hard to take in all at once, this cock ring will make you more “palatable” by making your dick feel shorter.

How to Use it Right?

The We-Vibe Pivot is stretchy to accommodate penises of different sizes. You should put it on when you are already erect, unlike the Verge by We-Vibe which you wear before you get erect.

The penis ring has a rechargeable battery that takes 90 minutes to charge fully. It then runs for up to 2 hours before the next recharge. When the battery runs low on charge, the LED blinks.

CAUTION: Although the battery gives you a solid 2 hours of use, it is not advisable to wear the ring for more than 30 minutes at a go. The reasoning behind this is that the ring restricts the free flow of blood if you wear it for longer than the recommended period, causing physiological damage to your penis.

To use the cock ring, follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Charge your We-Vibe Pivot penis ring.

Step 2: Apply water-based lube to the ring before you wear it.

Step 3: Slip it onto your erect penis by stretching its elastic band.

Step 4: Switch on the penis ring by pressing the control button. To cycle through the other vibration modes, press the control button once for each of the ten modes.

How to Control the Pivot using the We-Connect App

Rather than use the control button to operate the Pivot, you can control it using the We-Connect app.

The app is available for download on both the Google Play store and the Apple App Store, and it pairs your smartphone with the device via a Bluetooth connection.

Controlling the ring using your smartphone facilitates hands-free control and affords you greater flexibility because it has additional features like:

  • Sharing control remotely with another user.
  • Creating custom vibes (vibrating patterns)
  • Couple play with other We-Vibe products
  • Video, chat, and audio capability as provided by the app.

Here is how you can set up the connection and control the cock ring using the app:

Step 1: Having downloaded and installed the app, open it

Step 2: While the Pivot is OFF, press and hold the control button for about 5 seconds. It will pulse twice to indicate that it is ready to pair.

Step 3: On the app, select “pair We-Vibe.”

Step 4: Tap the play button on the screen to get things started.

Step 5: Now you can change the intensity of the vibrations, select a new vibration mode, or create a new waveform (also called a “vibe”). You can even create a playlist of your favorite vibes.

Once you learn how to control the Pivot using the app, you will find it easier to work with than the manual method (using the control button).

Couple Play with the We-Vibe Pivot

Couple play is the future of lovemaking and long distance relationships. It involves letting your partner control your We-Vibe Pivot from their smartphone over the internet. There is no limit to the distance between you and your lover as long as both yours and your partner’s smartphones have an internet connection and are connected as demonstrated below.

There are two kinds of couple play:

One-way control: You give up control of your cock ring, and she controls it from her phone.

Two-way control: You have your Pivot, and she has a We-Vibe female sex toy. You control her toy on your phone while she controls yours from her phone and this can happen at the same time.

Here is how you can set up one-way control:

Step 1a: Both of you should download the We-Connect app.

Step 2a: Pair the Pivot with your app.

Step 3a: Select “Connect Lover” to ping your partner. They will receive a text with a link directing them to the app if they don’t already have it open.

Step 4a: Once the connection is established, she can control the cock-ring from her phone.

The two-way method is understandably more complex than the one-way process, but it should follow the same guideline, but with some additional steps:

Step 1b: In “step 2a” above, she should also pair her device to the app.

Step 2b: Select “connect to my lover.”

Step 3b: You will be brought to a dual screen that allows you to control either your vibe or your lover’s vibe. She will also have the same options. Now both of you can control each other’s device and rekindle your love irrespective of distance.

Cleaning the (sex toy)

The pivot is fully silicone-covered and waterproof. Therefore, you can clean it conveniently as follows:

Wash the toy with warm water and some soap or sex toy cleaner.

What You Get In The Box?

Inside the box, you will find the following items:

  • The Pivot vibrating cock ring
  • A USB cable
  • A 2ml vial of We-Vibe Lube
  • A multi-language user’s manual

More Technical Information

Dimensions: 71mm by 31mm (overall). 29mm by 26mm (hole)

Noise Levels: whisper quiet

Material: Silicone

Battery details: Charge for 90 minutes for 2 hours of play.

Warranty: 2 years


Frequently Asked Questions

If the penis ring has stayed for a long time before getting charged, it will take time for the light to turn ON. If that is not the case, ensure that the magnetic contacts are set correctly.

Yes, it is. You can immerse it in water.

Yes, you can because the material covering it is body-safe silicone.

If you think you will have trouble wearing the penis ring because your penis is thick, it is worth remembering that it is stretchy. The only thing I can advise you to avoid is wearing it for too long.

They serve different purposes: Pivot is for hands-free clitoral stimulation, and the Verge is for massaging the perineum. You should, therefore, pick the one you feel suits your needs. If you can afford, buy both of them.

The Pivot is best used to initiate hands-free clitoral stimulation. It is not a guaranteed tonic to erectile dysfunction.

Yes, you can. Ensure that you wear it before you put on the cock ring.

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