Fleshlight QuickShot Launch Review: An Automated Hands-Free Masturbator

What Is This Product?

The Fleshlight Quickshot Launch is a new masturbation tool developed to enable guys use the Fleshlight Quickshot hands-free. Hands-free means that the device jerks you off with a masturbator sleeve thereby doing your hand’s job (see what I did there). It is analogous (works in a similar way) to the Fleshlight Launch.

Jerking off using a masturbator in itself is an exciting experience if you are used to getting off with your hand. But once your body gets used to getting off with lubricated silicone sleeves, the novelty wears off. So, what’s the next frontier in the art of masturbation? Going hands-free.

(If you are new to this, now would be the perfect time for me to tell you that hands-free doesn’t mean just lying there with your hands on the back of your head as the machine goes down on you; you have to hold it to your groin and control it using your hands. The machine takes care of thrusting).

For guys who own a Fleshlight masturbator, the hands-free experience is handily ticked off when they buy a the Fleshlight Launch. But Wait! Quick correction: all Fleshlight masturbators except the Quickshot.

Guys who own and love the Fleshlight Quickshot have always felt left out because while men who own other Fleshlights can always hook them up to the Launch and enjoy hands-free masturbation, they can’t do that because the Launch’s design makes it technically impossible to hook up the half-sized Fleshlight.

And that’s where the Fleshlight Quickshot Launch comes in. It holds the Quickshot masturbator and thrusts it using a cradle mechanism thereby allowing you to masturbate hands-free. It works solely with Fleshlight Quickshot.

The Quickshot itself is quite popular; so popular that it necessitated this special Launch to be created. If you would like to know why many guys love the can-sized masturbator, read about it here.

How to Use it Right?

Before we even get down to how you should use the Quickshot Launch, ensure that you charge it fully if you just unboxed it and are using it for the first time. A full battery charge will give you 60 minutes of uninterrupted fun with the device.

For subsequent use, instead of charging the device and running it on stored energy, you can use it while plugged into the wall; which is much like you use a laptop.

You can install the smartphone mount on top of the Quickshot Launch using the bolt and wingnut provided if you think you will need it.

With the power and the phone carrier taken care of, let’s move on to usage which we’ll break down into a series of steps:

Step 1: Remove both caps from your Quickshot.

Step 2: Lock it into the clear cradle of the Launch by twisting it clockwise.

Step 3: Turn the machine ON by pressing and holding the power button that is located on the right-sided handle (the button is on the side; not on top of the handle where the thumb rests).

Step 4: Apply a water-based lube onto the Quickshot sleeve and your penis.

Step 5: If you are watching porn on your smartphone, mount your phone on the smartphone carrier at the top. Just like the Bluetooth speaker in your car enables you to pick calls without taking your hands off the wheel, the smartphone mount allows you to view content on your phone without taking your hands off the control buttons. Use the side wingnut to adjust the angle of the smartphone screen.

Step 6: Press the power button once to start thrusting.

The Stroke Length and Speed

To vary the stroke length, use the button on the left handle of the Launch. The are are up to four stroke lengths that you can work with.Fleshlight Quickshot Launch

You can vary the speed of the strokes using the button on the right-sided handle. The stroke-rate reaches up to a maximum of 250 strokes per minute.

In addition to the length and the speed, you can also change the part of the penis (head, shaft, or base) that the Quickshot Launch stimulates. One of the most desirable properties of the Quickshot is its ability to stimulate different sections of the penis discriminatively.

Press the button on the left-sided handle (found on the side rather than on top of the handle where the thumb rests) to toggle the starting position of the Quickshot to stimulate different regions of your penis.

Shorten the length of the strokes if it is currently set to maximum stroke length before you try to adjust the starting position of the Quickshot.

Pause and Play using the Power Button

To pause the action, press the power button once.

Press it again to resume.

To turn the device OFF, long press the power button.

Maintenance Practices

  • Use water-based lube. Silicone and oil based ones will damage the sleeve.
  • The Quickshot Launch is not waterproof.
  • If the device gets too hot to touch, let it cool down before you use it.
  • Do not leave it exposed to excessive heat or direct sunlight.

What You Get In The Box?

In the unlabeled package, you will find the following items:

  • The Quickshot Launch
  • A power chord
  • The Quickstart Guide: A one-page manual that shows you how to start using the device asap with image illustrations.
  • The instruction manual: It is more detailed than the Quickstart Guide.
  • The smartphone carrier (bolt and wingnut will be provided for installation)

Note: The Fleshlight Quickshot is sold separately. If you do not already have one, you’ll have to order it first here.

More Technical Information

  • Charging time: 1 ½ hours / 90 minutes
  • Battery Life on a single charge: 1 hour / 60 minutes
  • Length (from base to smartphone mount): 14 inches
  • Size: 355 x 292 x 190 (mm)
  • Net Weight: 3.2 pounds (1.45kg) and 3.7 pounds (1.68kg) with and without the Quickshot respectively.
  • Material: ABS, Silicone, PC
  • Variants: Glossy finish and Light Bead Blast finish

Frequently Asked Questions

Ensure that it is fully charged or plugged in. If it is loaded or already plugged into a working wall socket but still not turning ON, ensure that you long press the power button for at least 3 seconds.

Turn it off, remove obstructions and then move the inside of the cradle up and down with your hand. Apply enough force to unjam it if need be.

It is approximately 14 inches tall and weighs 3 pounds. It is not obscenely big and heavy.

Buy it from the official website of the manufacturer.

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How to Get The Best Deal ?

To buy the Fleshlight Quickshot Launch, I would recommend that you buy from the official website. Buying from the manufacturer will give you the apparent advantages of buying a genuine product, better aftersales services, and follow-ups, and the warranty will cover you.

It is also reassuring to buy from people whose full-time job is dealing with sex toys and nothing else because when they give you an opinion, it is an expert opinion.