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What Is This Product?

Most people believe that Long Distance Relationships (LDRs) are doomed from the get-go.
Fortunately, technology has advanced enough that you can maintain a level of intimacy somewhat closer to what you get with physicality. There is a new brand of sex toys created to keep the flame of Long-distance relationships (LDRs) burning and none does a better job than Ohmibod Esca.

The OhMiBod Esca is a small, enhanced vibrator that is ideal for inducing G-Spot orgasms. It has the OH!DOMETER to enable you to track your girlfriend’s orgasms by receiving some feedback (which is quite arousing for some people).

The Esca is designed in such a manner that she doesn’t have to move it with her hand when she or you (as her partner) are using it. It weighs in at a mere 0.4 Ounces/ 56 grams. It is quite small hence your girlfriend can carry it around and use it anywhere at any time.

OhmiBod is manufactured by OhMiBod and powered by Kiiroo.

OhMiBod is based in New Hampshire while Kiiroo has its headquarters in Amsterdam. OhMiBod won the AVN “O” accolade for the “Most Outstanding Product for Women” in 2012.

Kiiroo, on the other hand, has, since its establishment in 2013, won a couple of awards including the “Adult Entertainment Virtual Award” in 2015 and the “Live Cam Award” in 2016.

From my own experience, these two companies are the best at what they do. Their products combine the latest technology, innovative design, and quality craftsmanship. They hardly disappoint.

Who Should Buy This?

Ultimately, the OhmiBod Esca is a solid toy that can be used by people who are not in close proximity and those who want to spice things up in the bedroom (in close proximity).

Those Long-distance relationships can be saved! Alternatively, it can also be used solo. Its small, compact size makes it convenient to carry anywhere.

How to Use it Right?

When you unbox the Esca, you can start to use it straight away. Follow the following easy steps to set it up:
Step 1: Charge
The first thing you have to do is charge it. When you connect the OhMiBod Esca to the power supply, the LED light should blink to indicate that the charging process is underway. When the charging is complete, the LED light turns solid.

It takes one and a half to two hours to charge the device fully. Remember, the Esca does not come with a wall adapter. You can either connect the USB to your computer or to a phone adapter.

Step 2: Download the OhMiBod Remote App
While you charge the device, head over to the Google Play Store if you have an Android device or the App Store for iOS devices and download the Remote App. This app is used to control the OhMiBod Esca using your phone or tablet via Bluetooth or WiFi.

Step 3: Download the FeelConnect App
If you want your device to interact with a Kiiroo device, you should download the FeelConnect app.

It is available for Android and iOS devices on the Google Play Store and the App Store respectively. With this app, you can sync your sex toy with that of your partner.

Step 4: Turn ON the device
When you have these apps installed and the OhMiBod Esca fully charged, turn it on by pressing and holding the power button for approximately 3 seconds.

The LED light will start to blink to indicate that it is in the Bluetooth Mode.

Step 5: Pair your device via Bluetooth
Pair your device to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth. Ensure that the phone volume is turned up to at least 75%. You can pair the OhMiBod Esca using either the FeelConnect app or the OhMiBod Remote app.

Step 6: Turn OFF the device
To turn off the device after use, press the power button and hold it for approximately three seconds. When it switches off, the light will go off.

Cleaning the OhMiBod Esca
In order to clean the OhMiBod, you need to turn it off first. Clean it using warm water and a mild cleaning agent. Do not dish wash it or submerge it in water.

You should not use it while you are in the shower or in the bathtub. It is splash proof but not waterproof. When you finish cleaning it, dry it and store it in the pouch.

Operating Modes
#1 The Bluetooth Mode: It is the first mode that the Esca comes to when you first turn it ON. It is through this mode that the Esca can interact with another device e.g. one that is controlled by your partner.

The Esca can only interact with one device at a time. There are three Bluetooth modes that are used to control the brightness of the LED and the intensity of the vibrations:

Mode 1: This mode gives you a 100% intensity of vibrations and an ultra-bright LED.

Mode 2: To bring it to this mode, just press the power button once (without lingering) while it is in Mode 1. The LED will be ultra-bright and the intensity of the vibrations will be at 50%.

Mode 3: click the power button once when it is in mode 2 to bring it to this mode. Under this mode, the LED turns off but the vibrations are at 100% intensity.

#2 The Manual Mode: When the OhMiBod is in the Bluetooth mode (mode 1), press the power button three times. It is in this mode that you can please yourself. There are four manual mode settings you can put the OhMiBod Esca in. The difference in these settings is the type and intensity of the pulsation.

Having Intimate Sessions With Your Partner
You must first install the FeelConnect app on your phone or tablet. With Esca, you can interact with your partner in the same room or when they far away. You can send each other naughty texts and photos to escalate the experience. You, therefore, don’t have to alternate between the app and a messaging app. The texts you send are confidential. You can have the chats stored on a cloud if you provide an email address.

Step 1: With the Esca in Bluetooth mode, pair it with your phone via the Bluetooth settings as you normally would with other devices.

Step 2: Download the app and install it.

Step 3: Open the app. In the menu, select “Connect a device” and choose the device you want to connect with.

Step 4: Once connected, go back to the menu and select “Connect with your partner”.

Step 5: A pop-up window will allow you to choose between share and disconnect. Select “share” since you want to connect with your partner.

Step 6: After making your selection, you are provided with options where you can share your room number.

Step 7: After choosing the sharing mode, you will be fully connected to your partner’s device.

If you are in the same room or in close proximity to your partner, follow the following steps:

Step 1: With the Esca in Bluetooth mode, pair it with your phone via the Bluetooth settings as you normally would with other devices.

Step 2: Download the app and install it.

Step 3: Open the app. In the menu, select “Connect a device” and choose the device you want to connect with.

Step 4: Once connected, select the “local connect” option.

Playing Solo
If you want to have an erotic experience alone, you can use the OhMiBod Remote app to control the pulsations from your phone. It is much easier to operate the device this way and it feels more pleasurable.

What You Get In The Box?

When you make your order and make the payment, after a specified period of time, the order will be delivered at your address in discreet packaging. Once you open the box, you will find the following items: The Esca sex toy: It is in a discharged state. You have to charge it fully to start using it. The user manual: Here, they provide detailed instructions on how to use the device correctly. There are also precautions that show what you should avoid doing to maintain the toy in perfect condition. The USB charging cable: It doesn’t come with the wall plug. The one you use to charge your phone should do. A privacy pouch where you can store your Esca: A special pouch by which you can store the Esca discreetly in the bedroom. Warranty The device has a one-year warranty from the time of purchase. The warranty covers defects arising from poor workmanship and flawed materials for which the manufacturer is responsible. If the OhMiBod Esca fails within this warranty period, send an email to Kiiroo at customercare@ohmibod.com. You will require proof of purchase. The warranty ensures that the faulty gadget is replaced free of charge. However, the warranty becomes void if: #1 You tamper with the device or if it fails due to improper use eg. Submerging it in water. #2 Damage caused by accidents #3 Deterioration due to normal wear and tear. #4 You disassemble the device.

More Technical Information

Compatible with Kiiroo products Bluetooth Wireless Range: 25 feet/ 8 meters Mode of Control: Long distance control over the internet using Feel Connect app and Ohmibod Remote app Dimensions: 7.3 inches long, 1.3 inches diameter. Noise Levels: Whisper quiet Material: Body safe Silicone, ABS plastic Weight: 2 ounces Battery details: Rechargeable Lithium-ion (220mAH) Charging: 1.5 hours to charge, battery lasts up to 3 hours on full charge. Waterproof: NOT Waterproof Warranty: 1 year

Frequently Asked Questions

You can either send an email to customercare@ohmibod.com or call +1 866 573 0366 on Mondays to Fridays, 9 AM to 5 PM EST.

If you no longer want to use the OhmiBod Esca and you haven’t opened it, you can return it within 21 business days of delivery for a full refund. You, however, have to cover the delivery costs and pay a $5 restocking fee. Contact the customer care department for a Return Authorization number. Refunds are made within 14 business days.

You should contact the retailer who sold you the device for assistance. If, however, they are not in a position to assist you, you can contact the manufacturer via the avenues provided above. Send the proof of purchase and the retailer’s response to the manufacturer for assistance.

Ensure that the address you provided is correct. If it is, wait for an additional 3 business days since sometimes, there are delays. If that doesn’t do you any good, you should contact the delivery service (usually the Post Office) with a case of a missing package. Then, contact the customer care department within 30 days of the expected delivery date with the Post Office Claim Number (which you will get from the Post Office) for assistance.

You are responsible for all taxes and duties levied on the consignment. The charges vary depending on the country. All deliveries are sent from New Hampshire, in the United States of America.

Credit cards and PayPal. Credit cards allowed are MasterCard, VISA, American Express, and Discover. The orders are protected by a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) thus you can rest easy if you provide your personal and credit card information via the official website.

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Get The Best Deal Here

When you get around to buying your own Ohmibod, there are many places that sell it; however, the most trustworthy place is the from the manufacturer themselves. You can buy it from their official website or on the Kiiroo website so that you will be assured of the genuine product that will give you a few years of service. The manufacturer is also better placed to handle issues with the device.