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Multi Orgasmic Man Review
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The Multi-Orgasmic Man is a compilation of simple-to-understand psychological and physical techniques that men can use to have multiple orgasms. It teaches guys how to separate ejaculation from orgasm so as to last longer in bed and achieve mind-blowing orgasms. 

The nice thing about this book is that its teachings are grounded in scientific facts and not just on religious and unfamiliar Taoist principles. In a way, it’s a convenient marriage between traditional Taoist teachings and empirical-based western scientific findings on male sexuality.


Why Should You Become a Multi Orgasmic Man?

Basically the main idea of this book is that becoming multi-orgasmic as a man enables you to harness your sexual energy and control your ejaculation, in fact, you can orgasm without ejaculating!

And the benefits of being multi-orgasmic are:


  • You stay energetic during and after climaxing.
  • You will not feel tired and depleted like you do after you ejaculate.
  • You can have sex for as long as you want.
  • You can have full body orgasms.

Now this is another big thing about this book, the idea of full body orgasms! 

They can only be achieved if you do not release all your energy in a bout of ejaculation.

Another side benefit of being a multi-orgasmic men is that women generally complement you for your sexual skills, since many men they had sex with before you probably lasted for two minutes.

Another reason why I am recommending “The Multiorgasmic Man” is because it presents its ideas in a practical manner that is easy to understand and exercise by virtually any guy. I know that there are numerous Sex Ed books men can read, but as many guys who read them discover, a lot of them are either poorly written or mostly impractical. Some guys will take time to see results, but by being patient, they too can join the party.

Executive Summary

The book is subdivided into chapters. I will go through them briefly to give you a hint as to what you can expect once you acquire your copy. And the eight chapters are divided as follows:

📖 Chapter 1

Introduces the concept of multiple orgasms for men as per the ancient Taoist teachings. The author then presents scientific evidence that supports these teachings. The emphasis here is that men should strive to separate orgasm from ejaculation both for sexual prowess and overall health.

📖 Chapters 2 + 3

These two chapters introduce solo practice – masturbation to teach yourself how to orgasm multiple times. The authors debunk the stigma surrounding masturbation by accepting it as a form of “cultivation” which is essential to mastering one’s body. To top it off, they show you how to do it in the right way.

📖 Chapters 4 + 5

Now you take what you have learned alone and use it when having sex with a partner. While it is decidedly different, the self-cultivated mastery of your sexual energy will prove useful. You will learn how you can use the multi-orgasmic quality to pleasure her in ways she never thought possible.

📖 Chapter 6

This chapter is meant for your female partner. In as much as women are known to be naturally multi-orgasmic, few fulfill their orgasmic potential with some failing to orgasm altogether. Here, the reader will learn to help herself become multi-orgasmic. Although only this chapter is targeted at women, they are encouraged to read the entire book.

📖 Chapter 7

 This chapter targets gay men. Gay men are often sidelined when sexual awareness discussions are held, but this chapter offers a definitive guide to them becoming multi-orgasmic and living a full sex life.

📖 Chapter 8

If you are suffering from any sexual dysfunction, this chapter has got you covered. Premature ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction (impotence) continue to put a damper on many men’s happiness. Learn to free yourself using Taoist practices that are easy to integrate into your life.

📖 Chapter 9

While it is widely accepted that sexual potency and desire peak during early adulthood and wane as men and women age, this chapter completely overturns this belief. The author assures us that men and women can have sex until they die. He goes a step further and says that sex gets better as we age!

This chapter is all about showing the older folks how to be sexually active. 

Where Should You Get It?

I would recommend that you get this book on Amazon. It is easy to buy it if you have never bought a book there before, and Amazon ensures that I get a fair price and I get to read the reviews of other customers who have bought the book.