The Multi Orgasmic Couple by Mantak Chia Reviewed - The Book That Any Couple Must Read

Multi Orgasmic Couple Review
  • Best For - Couples that would like to improve their sexual experiences.
  • Our Rating - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5/5)

The Multi-Orgasmic Couple is an instructional book that teaches couples how they can use Taoist sexuality to enhance their sexual experience. It shows men and women how to be multi-orgasmic and generally be better at sex. It delivers Taoist sexual practices with a scientific angle so that you do not have to be Buddhist or a Taoist practitioner to benefit from the content.

Having a sex life is one of the surest ways of maintaining a healthy relationship. Sexless marriages and relationships are still prevalent but to be honest, we would rather have sex.

Taoist sexuality is an ancient approach to sex that dissects the ageless act and allows us, human beings, to tap into our sexual energy not just for pleasure and procreation, but for physical healing and spiritual nourishment.

The teachings of Taoists have been passed down generations, but its proponents have done us a disservice by over-complicating it intentionally or otherwise. This book by four brilliant co-authors and practitioners – Mantak Chia, Douglas Abrams, Maneew Chia, and Rachel Calton Abrams – distills Taoist sexuality into a set of simple-to-adopt actionable steps with clear explanations and vivid diagrams.

The Concepts You'll Learn In The Book:

  • How you can have multiple orgasms without losing your erection while at the same time tackling erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

  • How your girlfriend can have multiple orgasms and also learn how she can climax if she has a history of not having orgasms.

  • How you can have profound, intense whole-body orgasms together that last longer than you are accustomed to.

  • How you can synchronize your raw sexual desire with your lover’s so that you can tap into your sexual energies fully.

  • You will master technical aspects of sex like Oral sex, the most effective ways to thrust, the best sex positions, and how to massage the genitals.

  • How you can rekindle your love for each other by nurturing the lust and combining it with love to fuel the flame of passion over a lifetime. Marriage is not a prison if you do things right!

  • Learn about the concepts of Soul Orgasms and Soul mating and how you can use sex for healing and for slowing the aging process.

Executive Summary

Below, I discuss each section of the book, but you should not use this as a substitute for reading the book. I cannot emphasize enough how much successfully reading this book involves putting everything into practice and seeing for yourself how it works.

The Multi-Orgasmic Couple book is divided into two parts:

  1. Part one referred to as “Solo: Multiplying and Expanding Your Orgasms” deals with how you can work on yourself to improve your orgasmic potential. It is divided into three chapters.

  2. Part two, called “Duo: Sharing Passion, Healing, and Intimacy with Your Partner” shows you how you can improve your sex life by working together with your partner in an open and non-judgmental way. It is made up of five chapters.

📖 Chapter 1: Fireworks: Multiple Orgasms for Men

This chapter introduces the concept of multiple male orgasms. Most of us have known all our lives that a man orgasms when he ejaculates, feels amazing for three seconds, and depleted shortly after.

However, as prescribed in this chapter, the male orgasm does not have to be accompanied by ejaculation. The author describes how this reasoning is grounded in scientific research rather than mere speculation and blind belief. You will learn all about this including how you can control ejaculation instead of it controlling you so that you can explore your orgasmic self. The part about control goes deep and has some convenient steps you need to follow to achieve that.

Once you learn to differentiate between ejaculation and orgasm, you can go on to increase your orgasmic potential by moving on from genital orgasm to full-body orgasms.

📖 Chapter 2: The Pool of Desire: Multiple Orgasms for Women

While we have always known that women are capable of climaxing a couple of times, very few of them reach this state regularly, and some never reach it. We even have partners who fake orgasms to stroke our egos. Well, in this chapter, Chia introduces us to the female body as intimately as possible.

If you are reading this book, let your girlfriend or wife read this chapter and understand it (and the whole book if she can). She will learn how her body is unique and how she can become multi-orgasmic on command. It becomes more comfortable for you to give her what she wants when she knows what she wants.

📖 Chapter 3: Better than Chocolate, Better than Coffee: Expanding Your Orgasms and Your Energy

Once we know our bodies, this chapter teaches us how we can cultivate our sexual energy, build it up, store it, and then manipulate it as a couple. With this knowledge, we are going to understand the power that rests in harnessing our collective energy.

Do not worry if you have never really explored the concept of sexual energy because the authors do an excellent job in helping you understand everything.

📖 Chapter 4: Pleasuring Each Other

You must have encountered the ubiquitous Chinese philosophical symbol of Yin and Yang. If you have never understood its significance, the author explores it; it’s meaning and role in understanding how differently men and women get aroused.

You will learn how you can appreciate those differences and harmonize your desires. You will learn the following through actionable instructions:

  • How to do foreplay right.

  • How to finger her and how she can give you amazing handjobs.

  • There are various pleasure spots in her vagina. The G-spot is the most popular, but there are a couple of others that you will learn to find and stimulate.

  • Oral sex for you and her.

  • Different types of thrusts, their significance, and how to do them right.

Overall, this chapter is very actionable with a series of diagrams and detailed explanations grounded in ancient Taoist practices. Enjoy and learn!

📖 Chapter 5: Sexual Healing

In this chapter, the author introduces the concept of sexual healing – that sex is a powerful tool in healing ourselves if we do it while being mindful. You will also learn about different (most common) sex positions and how you can carry them out to improve their effectiveness. You will also learn about having multi-orgasmic quickies!

The author also discusses sexual energy and its role in physical healing before he concludes with an excerpt about condoms and staying safe when having sex. Condoms do not have to kill your arousal if you follow the instructions prescribed in this chapter.

📖 Chapter 6: Making Real Love

If chapter five exemplified the importance of sex to your physical health, this chapter delves into its significance to your psychological health. While we have always mistakenly relegated emotional sex to being feminine, there are some fantastic takeaways from this chapter worth considering:

  • You need to beat your insecurities and cultivate self-love.
  • You need to listen to one another to generate passionate love towards each other.
  • All our emotions are linked to particular organs. You will be shown which organs they are and how you can use this to control your feelings.

If you think about it, there is a lot to learn regarding our bodies and their links to our emotions. This chapter will help you look past the abstract nature of emotion (or rather how we are used to seeing it) and have a different perspective.

📖 Chapter 7: Sexing the Spirit

This chapter begins with the author stressing that sexuality and spirituality are intertwined. The main lessons you will learn from this chapter are:

  • The role of sexual energy in your life.

  • How to have soul connections in what is called soul-mating that leads to soul orgasms.

  • How to transform sexual energy into spiritual energy.

  • How you can develop compassion and use it to navigate through the unpredictability of life.

You cannot understand the importance of these simple principles until you read them yourself. The author makes you feel like it is all within reach.

📖 Chapter 8: Making Love for a Lifetime

We often see long-term relationships and marriage as a death knell to our sex lives. “Welcome to hell,” we are told. Images of unhappy men who have been shackled by their controlling and monstrous wives are ubiquitous. But amid all this negativity, there are some old, extremely happy marriages. What makes the few so comfortable and the rest so miserable?

In this chapter, you will uncover the secrets to making your long-term relationship a pleasurable experience by learning:

  • How we change over time, both physically and mentally.

  • How we can learn to harmonize our asynchronous desires.

  • The lies on which common stereotypes about sexuality in older people are built and how to overcome them.

  • The truths behind menopause in women and age-related erectile dysfunction in men.

  • How to make lovemaking a lifetime activity.

Where Should You Get It?

If you decide to buy it, you can find it on Amazon. Amazon is probably the most reliable platform for buying books with the option to purchase it on Kindle, Paperback, and Hardcover. In addition to that, the price is fair.