The Ultimate Guide to Male Enhancement Review

The Ultimate Guide to Male Enhancement is an all-encompassing text that teaches men how to improve the size of their penis and overcome their sexual limitations. It also delves into fitness.

Written by the founder of Male Enhancement Coach (MeCoach), AJ “Big Al” Alfaro, it is a hands-on guide that shows you how to:

  • Increase the size of your penis (length and girth).
  • Increase your sexual stamina to last as long as you want in bed.
  • Become a multi-orgasmic man.

It provides you with practical routines and training regimens that will enable you to stick to the exercises effortlessly.

About The Author

AJ Alfaro has been in the male enhancement niche for twenty years, during which time he has tried and tested a wide range of techniques and tools. He is a professional male enhancement coach who’s developed programs and written books on both this subject and fitness.

For his incredible work and accomplishments, he has been featured on, Men’s Health, CNN, MSNBC, just to mention a few.

Executive Summary

The book is arranged very intuitively. It is subdivided into sections, which are, in turn, divvied up into chapters. 

Here is a brief look into what each of these sections is all about. I will gloss over the contents of each section and leave it up to you to take out the book and read it to get into the specifics:

📖 Section 1: The Fundamentals of Male Enhancement

This section gives you a concise history of male enhancement. It traces our steps back to the ancient origins of jelqing and guides us down to seminal publications on the subject, the use of herbs for male enhancement, and the rise of internet forums.

This section also takes us through AJ’s introduction to male enhancement, his journey of learning, and the ultimate understanding of how important this is to many men with an elaborate display of client study.

In the second chapter, the discussion takes a scientific turn as we learn how male enhancement works from an empirical perspective.

The third chapter explores the practicality of the exercise taking into account real-life experiences by the trainees themselves. It is akin to putting your science book aside and getting your hands dirty and testing out the theory out in the field.

The section ends with a brief but firm reminder about the importance of gathering data and keeping track of results. AJ even shares a useful technique you can use to achieve this with ease.

📖 Section 2: Erectile Dysfunction & Maximizing Sexual Stamina

This section begins with AJ providing a definition of stamina. Who knew that such an overused word would have such an important part to play in the grand scheme of things?

He then introduces the concept of Erectile Quality as a premonition of what is to come.

The second chapter takes over from where the first one ends by dissecting the male anatomy to prepare you to take on the next important part of the discussion, Kegel exercises. There are some elaborate drawings and illustrations to drive the point home.

The next chapter delves into stop and start which then segues into the next chapter on how you should better satisfy your female partner. This part is presented as a report that takes you through easy-to-understand, actionable steps to better please your female partner.

The chapter that follows tackles the science behind natural and artificial supplements. It takes you through the various substances and herbs that suit the purpose of improving your sexual health.

Then AJ attacks the subject of Erectile Dysfunction before moving on to how you can reverse damaging habits that are detrimental to your male enhancement efforts.

📖 Section 3: Premature Ejaculation

The first two chapters go deep into the causes of premature ejaculation while presenting you with the tried-and-tested remedies to the problem. The concept of Mastering your Orgasms stands out from the lot and provides a unique take on how to effectively combat the problem.

The next chapter swings in the opposite direction and broaches the subject of delayed ejaculation. AJ discusses the causes and the solutions to the issue.

📖 Section 4: Penis Enlargement – Basic Section

Arguably the most anticipated section begins with an all important question: Do you need penis enlargement? I, like AJ believe that many guys do not really understand the difference between wanting and needing penis enlargement. He also addresses the “porn misconception.”

If you are new to male enhancement, you need to read this section because it covers the basic concepts and exercises. This includes the training spectrum and how to measure your penis (by the way, there is the right way and wrong ways).

There are a few nuggets of wisdom here for the absolute beginner and the discussion segues into penis enlargement surgery; should you do it or not?

Things get serious in this chapter as AJ introduces the warm up exercises and the cool downs. He stresses the importance of these foundation steps.

The next chapter introduces an array of beginner to intermediate exercises.

First in line is Jelqing. He talks about the different variations, how to do them step-by-step, and the devices you can introduce to make things more interesting.

Next up is the JAI stretch followed by the penile slap.

With each technique and exercise, AJ provides you with clear pictures of how they look like in action.

Then, he shares a routine that beginners can follow to realize gains

This section ends with a discussion about the essential male enhancement oils you can use during your exercises to make everything more seamless.

📖 Section 5: Penis Enlargement – Intermediate Training

These enlargement exercises are for someone who has been at it for a while and, therefore, knows how to do the “easy mode” exercises correctly.

It is based on an incremental system of progression that allows you to increase the intensity of your training as well as do more advanced exercises.

Here, AJ also introduces girth exercises.

The second chapter introduces the intermediate routine. This brings together all the individual exercises for the intermediate and lays them out into a routine.

These routines are detailed, indicating the number of reps to do each exercises, the types of exercises, and when the exercises should be done.

📖 Section 6: Penis Enlargement – Advanced Training

This is the highest level of training. It combines advanced stretching (length) and squeezing (girth) exercises.

The exercises he delineates in this section are meant to stretch your limits and enable you to reach your potential. They also target your weaknesses.

The assumption is that you’ve graduated from intermediate and, therefore, know your limitations, the preparations, and good form.

If a beginner jumps straight into these exercises, they may injure themselves as they wouldn’t know when to stop or stretch their limits literally and metaphorically.

AJ introduces high volume training (all-day training), all day shock routine, and advanced compounding exercises, warm ups, and routines.

In this section, there is a brief introduction of device-based training, which encompasses things like light weight hanging and penis extenders.

The final chapter segues into a combination of risky training methods and very advanced exercises and routines.

Risky training methods are the male enhancement techniques like surgeries and the use of chemicals.

📖 Section 7: Important Training Info – Must Read!

In the first chapter, AJ talks about overtraining. This entails the demerits of overtraining, how to know when you are doing it, and the importance of rest.

The second chapter is about hardgainers. If you find yourself struggling to make gains, this chapter covers why this is so and suggests solutions to your predicament.

📖 Section 8: Dealing with Anomalies

This section begins by AJ introducing the most common penile anomalies; penis curvature and Peyronie’s.

Then he shifts focus to fixing these anomalies through exercise. AJ gives a detailed account of how you should do the exercises, citing precautions that you have to take to make them work.

The erect bending exercise is the most elaborate way to fix your bent penis. A whole lot goes into this chapter with AJ going deep into how its done.

The final chapter lists the less common anomalies that afflict the penis.

📖 Section 9: Dealing with Injuries

This section begins by discussing the importance of tempering your exercise if you realize that you may be stretching the limits unsustainably.

AJ then lists the most common injuries, their causes, and best ways to deal with them.

📖 Section 10: More Advice for Advanced Training

If you are advanced with your training, this section offers advice on how to maintain your high intensity without affecting your body in a bad way. You also learn how to gauge the effectiveness of various training exercises to find the ones that give you the best results.

This section goes into devices such as hangers, extenders, and pumps. More importantly, it provides you with techniques and routines that you can use to make the most out of these devices.

A whole chapter is dedicated to Phallosan Forte. AJ does not go into the design or how to use the device. Instead, he focuses on the side effects of wearing it and shares a seven-week routine. With a few tweaks to this schedule, AJ has also come up with an advanced technique to augment your regular routine.

He talks about girth specialization – using Phallosan Forte to increase the girth of your penis. He also delineates how you can integrate the device to your overall male enhancement routine i.e. how to use it to correct penile curvature and how to incorporate it in your overall scheme that includes kegels.

He then introduces DIY enlargement devices you can make at home. While these are not as strenuous as the commercial devices, they have been proven to work, albeit slower.

This section ends with a brief discussion of passive and creative ways of bringing about penis enlargement.

📖 Section 11: Going Beyond

This section is so named to signal that its contents require you to be committed to going the extra mile in improving your sexual health and virility.

AJ starts off by tackling the issue of multi-orgasmic men. How can you become a multi-orgasmic man if at all it is possible?

Then he delivers a brilliant answer to a question men who engage in penis enlargement encounter all too often. Is it all about making your dick bigger or is there an extra layer to it that goes beyond stretching and doing some exercises?

He concludes this section by discussing the various reasons why people get themselves into enlargement. Not just the superficial ones but the deeper underlying psychological reasons, which I think is a fitting end to this book as he addresses the narratives, misconceptions, and true motives.

It makes for an interesting read because it gives it a new dimension. And in doing so, AJ makes us realize that in the end, the psychological side of male enhancement is just as important as the physical, if not more so.

This should be the “end” of the book.

📖 Section 12: Penis Exercising Terms and Lingo

While this section provides definitions for various terms and acronyms used throughout the book and in the wider male enhancement community, it is not your typical “glossary of terms.”

The next part is an elaborate discussion on fitness and nutrition and their relevance to male enhancement.

AJ admits that this section was originally meant for a bodybuilding audience but that some of the lessons can help especially because stretching your penis is a physiological exercise.

In all honesty, you could use being fitter overall because that plays into your stamina and sexual performance. It makes sense that the fitter you are, the more energetic you will be, and the more sexually proactive you will become.

He shares fitness tips and an array of not-too-strenuous bodyweight exercises you can integrate to your workout routine.

He addresses the importance of rest and its role in you are experiencing diminishing returns from your exercise routines whether for male enhancement or for your overall fitness.

This section wraps up with guest contributions that augment the contents of the book. There are useful tips in here that I think you should be very keen on. For example, there is an article on how you can increase your testosterone levels that I found eye-opening.

Where Can You Get a Copy?

I would recommend that you get this book on Amazon. It is easy to buy it if you have never bought a book there before. I also prefer buying from Amazon because it ensures that you buy it at a fair price and you get to read the reviews of other customers who have bought the book.