Fleshlight Quickshot Review, Is it really the best mini sex toy for men?

What Is This Product?

Tired of using your hand to jerk off but not particularly a big fan of pocket pussies?

Meet Fleshlight Quickshot. It is a masturbating sleeve that is roughtly the width of your hands but gives you an avart-garde sensation that is better than your hands. If you own other Fleshlights, this one adds variety, although it can also stake its claim as being the best masturbator (depending on your preferences).

Interactive Life Forms, LLC, the maker of this little contraption, realized that while many guys are okay using a flashlight-sized masturbator, some prefer something more compact and discreet. However, don’t make the mistake of undermining the Quickshot for its size; it packs a punch and  the saying “good things come in tiny packages” holds true with it.

It is the masturbator that works for those who want the ergonomic benefits of a Fleshlight sex toy but are into something more compact and minimalistic. You can think of it as something more luxe and alluring than your hand but less conspicuous than a full-sized Fleshlight; it is less than half the length of the ordinary Fleshlight.

It comes in three variants:

  • The Boost: Has a black case and a metallic-grey sleeve. Its texture is bumpy with sensual ribs.
  • The Boost Gold Edition: Similar texture to the Boost with a gold-colored sleeve. It is only available for a limited period.
  • The Vantage: It has a clear case and a clear sleeve – kind of looks like ice. It has a screw-like grinding texture.

All three sleeves are made using the same SuperSkin material with the significant variations being with the texture and color. More importantly in the context of making you feel amazing, the patented SuperSkin sleeve mimics the sensation of human skin and also comes with heat retention properties. In other words, as close to a vagina as synthetic materials can get.

Speaking of size, the sleeve is designed to fit a wide range of penis sizes. Whether you have a smaller than average pecker or a bigger than average schlong, the sleeve will take you in snuggly; neither too loose nor too tight.

Regarding discretion, as I mentioned earlier, unlike other Fleshlight masturbators, you can store the Quickshot discreetly because it is relatively small. On top of that, with the end caps on, the Boost and Boost Gold Edition look like a DSLR camera lens because they have black cases that enable you to hide them in plain sight.

The Fleshlight Quickshot is perfect for “I-have-to-finish-quickly” masturbation especially if you live with roommates because it is quiet (no suction) and you can cover your tracks once you are done using it by cleaning it up fast (massively advantageous as we’ll establish later on) and putting it away.

It also augments couple play – when your partner is going down on you or giving you a handjob, you can quickly switch to using it when she takes a breather rather than use your hand to keep things steamy.

Structurally, this masturbator has a unique open-ended design which enables you to penetrate it from either side. Although it loses out on the suction property close-ended masturbators have, this design allows you to stimulate different parts of your shaft as you hit various levels of arousal.

The word “compact” perfectly sums up this Quickshot masturbator. If you are looking for a masturbator that is sturdy, tough, discrete, and functional, this masturbator is the best you can get for a modest price.

How to Use it Right?

The Quickshot doesn’t have a motor, batteries, or moving parts; therefore, how you use it is pretty much straightforward:

Step 1: Remove both caps.

Step 2: Pour some lube into the sleeve

Step 3: Insert your penis into the sleeve from either side because it is open-ended on both ends and beat your meat.

Remember to use only a WATER-BASED LUBRICANT. All other kinds of lube (silicone, oil-based, etc.) are bad for the SuperSkin material.

Cleaning the Fleshlight Quickshot

The sleeve is easy to clean because it is not enclosed and there are no electronic parts. Clean it with warm water and a silicone-friendly sex toy cleaner and then dry it before you store. You will realize that it dries out quickly because it is not enclosed.

To keep the sleeve in top condition, douse it with renewal powder once it dries up. Fleshlight renewing powder or corn-starch can be used as renewal powder to maintain sleeve softness. Do not use baby powder or talcum.

What You Get In The Box?

If you buy from the official online store, they deliver it in a dull, brown package and they do not indicate the contents therein (your roommates can never know you just bought a sex toy if you don’t want them to). The entry on your credit card statement also doesn’t reveal anything. Overall, they do an outstanding job of being discreet about it.

When the package arrives at your chosen address, its contents are supposed to be:

  • The detachable SuperSkin sleeve: A patented material used on Fleshlight products.
  • The Case: It is clear if you buy the Vantage and black if you buy the Boost.
  • The Caps: There are two caps for both sides of the case.

More Technical Information

  • Length with caps off: 3.5 inches
  • Length with caps ON: 4.5 inches
  • The diameter of hole: 2.5 inches
  • Net Weight: 11 oz.
  • Variants: The Vantage, The Boost, The Boost Gold Edition.
  • Material: SuperSkin™ (sleeve)

Frequently Asked Questions

The usable length – the length of the sleeve – is 3.5 inches long.

Use renewal powder or corn starch after drying it so that it doesn’t feel sticky.

When you clean the sleeve, the refreshing powder ensures that the sleeve is not sticky.

Contact customer care if you want to return your package for any reason. Do not open the box if you haven’t already done that. It is easier to return an unopened package. You will cater for the shipping of your returned product.

Contact customer care if you want to do so.

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How to Get The Best Deal ?

I would recommend you order your Fleshlight from the official website. You can safely buy it from them at the best price, and you will be assured of receiving a product of good quality.
Buying directly from the manufacturer also enables you to handle issues with warranty or return/exchanges in a seamless manner if you ever have to.

Besides, if you ever have problems with the device necessitating you to contact customer care, at least you will be dealing with people whose full-time job is sex toys and they will be of greater help to you than someone who sells them as a secondary product.