Fleshlight Launch Review: The Best Hands-Free Masturbator

Disclaimer concerning unavailability of Fleshlight Launch

As of now, both Kiiroo and Fleshlight are not selling the Fleshlight Launch on their official websites. Some third party sellers may have it on stock but the actual makers appear to have discontinued the Fleshlight Launch. 

Here is how it looks like on both sites: 


Fleshlight Launch unavailable

And Fleshlight.com: 

Fleshlight Launch unavailable

After reaching out to some industry insiders, I understand that this could be temporary and they may resume production of the device. 

I will let you know when and if they bring it back but for now, I suggest you check out some alternatives in the Mastubators section. 

If you are in the market for a hands-free mastubator, here are a few worth a look: 

What Is This Product?

The Fleshlight Launch is a hands-free masturbating device. It is hands-free in the sense that you fix a masturbating sleeve (a compatible Fleshlight) in it and using its internal electrical systems, it mechanically moves the sleeve back and forth against your penis to jerk you off. You can vary the depth and speed of its thrusts.

Before Kiiroo and Fleshlight worked together to create the Fleshlight Launch, we had to use our hands to thrust our masturbators (a masturbator is a sleeve made using artificial material, mostly silicone, that is meant to mimic a vagina).

The alliance between the two sex toy manufacturers bore us the Fleshlight Launch; a device that thrusts a Fleshlight masturbator. It’s the closest we can get to having sex with a girl who does all the work, all the time, without ever complaining!

If that sounds confusing and too good to be true, how about the fact that it enables you to be physically intimate with your partner without having to be in the same room.

There are obvious benefits to owning a device that can enable you to masturbate without using your hands. First, it makes masturbation feel more natural, second, it is a different sensation (new is better), third, you can use it to train yourself to last longer in bed, fourth, VR porn, and last but not least, long distance intimacy.


It gets better: it is available online.

You can use it in two modes; the manual mode and the interactive mode.

On the interactive mode, you can sync it with other compatible sex toys and have ‘long distance sex’ with whoever you want (be it your lover or some random cam-girl).

When synchronized with VR videos and interactive content, it replicates the stroking and blowjobs happening on-screen on your masturbator. The immersive experience makes you feel like the male character in the porn video.

In a nutshell:

#1 The Launch was created to change the way we consume porn. It makes the content interactive rather than imaginative.

#2 You can use it to keep the flame of a Long Distance Relationship burning because the main reason why long distance relationships fail is a lack of intimacy.

#3 You can use it to train yourself to last longer in bed. It can also help you overcome performance anxiety and by extension, combat psychologically-induced erectile dysfunction.

#4 It does up to one hundred and eighty strokes per minute, which is staggering. How you would hold up?

How to Use it Right?

Remember to apply water-based lube to the sleeve before use.


The device comes with a standard USB charger. To charge it, use the USB cable with a standard wall plug.

Right out of the box, the battery is not usually totally discharged, but the energy stored is just enough to check whether the device is working. Once you have established that it is fine, charge it for 6-8 hours.

The stored energy lasts approximately 2 hours when the battery is fully charged.

The Controls and Indicators

The Launch has two buttons at the front:

The Power Button: Turns the device ON or OFF and STARTs or STOPs it when it is in manual mode. When the Launch is in an OFF state, press and holds this power button to switch it ON. If it is ON, press and hold the button to switch it OFF.

The Bluetooth and Status Button: Press and hold this button to switch toggle Bluetooth. If it is in Bluetooth mode, pressing and holding this button switches it into Manual mode. This button also has an LED indicator that tells you the status of the device. As you shall find out, the Launch operates in two ways. The indicator here shows you the mode it’s in at any given time.

The indicators are LED lights on the two buttons:

The power indicators: The LED light on the power button lights up in three ways:

  1. Solid green shows that the power is ON
  2. Blinking red shows that the battery is running low on power and you should charge it
  3. Solid red shows up when you plug in the machine. It shows that the device is charging.

Bluetooth/Error indicators: When the launch is in manual mode, this indicator turns OFF. The indicator lights up in 4 different ways:

  1. Blinking blue square shape with small radial lines projecting outwards: The device is in pairing mode. This indication means that it is looking for a device to pair with.
  2. Blinking blue square shape: the device has paired with another device
  3. Flashing Red: The device has jammed.
  4. Blinking Red and Blue: There is a problem with the hardware.

There are two touch-sensitive strips on either side of the front side. In manual mode, they are used to control the length of the stroke, the stroke speed, and the starting position of the stroke.

#1 Left Strip: Swipe away for faster strokes and towards you for slower strokes

#2 Right Strip: Swipe away for longer strokes and towards you for shorter strokes. There are three spots on this strip to vary the stroke starting position. The furthest spot makes the stroke start high, and the nearest spot makes it start lowest.

The Operating Modes

There are two ways of operating the Fleshlight Launch:

  1. Manual Mode
  2. Interactive Mode

Interactive Mode

Configuring the Launch to work in Interactive mode will take a few easy steps. Here’s what you’ll need to do to get everything set up:

Step 1: Search for and download the FeelMe app on Google Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS devices.

Step 2: Choose “Connect a Device” from the menu. Press the “On” button until you see a flashing blue light on the indicator.

Step 3: On the app, you’ll see the Launch in the list of devices. Once you’ve chosen your Launch, you’ll have to create a FeelMe account online.

Step 4: Use the app to scan the QR code provided to link your Launch with your FeelMe account.

Step 5: Find a compatible video on the FeelMe website and synchronize it with the Launch. The thrusts on the machine will be congruent with the strokes happening in the video.

Step 6: If you have VR Goggles, the experience gets better. When you connect the Launch to the app via Bluetooth, each stroke and thrust is translated to your device and VR goggles simultaneously for an immersive experience.

If you are a first-time user, the contraption will take some getting used to (or not). You can expect the Launch to bob up and down during a blowjob, keeping up with the pace and depth quite accurately.

Penetrative sex videos serve up a better experience than blowjob videos because they have less lag.

Since majority of the videos are POV (Point of View), it is much better if you’ve got the VR headset.

The Interactive mode is a definite must-try especially if you’re looking for something new and exciting. Everything about it: the new sensations, the movement, the sound, and the visual are the closest you will get to having sex with a pornstar.

Manual Mode

If you want to take matters into your own hands, welcome to the Manual mode.

The buttons and the touch-sensitive strips are strategically placed on either side of the front end and that’s where you will control the device from.

To get to Manual mode if you are currently on Bluetooth mode, follow these steps:

Step 1: Hold the power button until the indicator on it turns into a solid green

Step 2: At the same time, the indicator on the Bluetooth button will flash blue (which means it’s trying to connect to another device via Bluetooth).

Step 3: Now, to get to the manual mode, tap and hold the Mode button (Bluetooth button) for approximately three seconds or until the Bluetooth/error indicator turns OFF. The Bluetooth light going off indicates that you are on Manual Mode.

Onto the controls now:

  • The touch-sensitive strip on the left controls the stroke speed.The fastest stroke speed possible is 180 strokes per minute.
  • The touch-sensitive strip on the right-hand side controls the starting position and stroke depth. To change the start position of the Fleshlight tap one of the three spots on the strip.

For example, if you fancy short strokes that focus on the head of the penis, set it to the shortest stroke length and choose the highest start point by tapping the highest starting point spot.

If you want the most extended stroke, keep the start point of the Fleshlight high and then choose  the maximum stroke length.

When you feel confident enough to operate the Launch, you can take it out for a spin. Find a compatible Fleshlight masturbator, insert it into the Launch, lube it up and start experimenting with a few vibration modes. With time you will get used to it.

Maintenance & Cleaning Up

Cleaning up the Launch is just a matter of wiping it with a damp cloth. Bear in mind that the Fleshlight Launch isn’t waterproof.Therefore, do not submerge it in water or take it along with you to the bathtub, the sauna, the jacuzzi, or the shower.

Although it is compact, don’t drop it, sit on it, or subject it to needless pressure.

What You Get In The Box?

The Fleshlight Launch is usually delivered in a plain package for discretion. Inside the package, you will find:

The Launch

A USB cable for charging purposes

An authenticity card to register your device and activate the one-year warranty.

A Quick Setup manual

The package doesn’t include a Fleshlight masturbator. You have to order if you don’t already own one. Also, ensure that the Fleshlight you own (if you own one) is compatible with it. Among the Fleshlight masturbators that it is NOT compatible with include:

  • Turbo
  • Ice
  • Flight
  • GO
  • Quickshot

More Technical Information

  • Size (Dimensions): 12.75 inches tall and 6 inches wide. It is slightly larger than the standard Football ball.
  • Weight: It weighs in at slightly over 3 pounds without the Fleshlight and over 4 pounds with the Fleshlight in it.
  • Material:  Silicone, ABS Plastic, and Chromium. They are all body safe.
  • Compatibility (sleeves): It is compatible with all standard Fleshlight masturbation sleeves. The EXCEPTIONS are Ice, GO, Turbo, Quickshot, and Flight.
  • Compatibility (cases): It takes the standard cases (Blue, Silver, Pearl, Gold, and Black).

Frequently Asked Questions

The Fleshlight Launch is a hands-free masturbation device that does the stroking for you. It is brought to you by Fleshlight and Kiiroo (two renowned sex toy makers). While some consider it a sex robot, it lacks the torso and human-like form that conventional robots have. You mount your fleshlight inside it and control it manually using the touch capacitive controls on the sides. Alternatively, you can let the Launch control itself by synchronizing it with interactive videos online (we go deep into it in the “How to use it Right” section).

The Launch is compatible with most of the Fleshlight toys. It is not compatible with Fleshlights Flight, Ice, Turbo, Go, and Quickshot (There is a launch designed for Fleshlight Quickshot).

As for the cases, it is compatible with the standard Blue, Silver, Pearl, Gold, and Black.

At low thrust speeds, it merely hums along but as you increase the speed, it gets more frantic. Let’s say, you wouldn’t want to use it if you don’t want your roommate to hear you going about your amorous activities. It is a small price to pay for hands-free action.

It is about as big as a Football. It has a length of approximately 13 inches (32cm).

It weighs around 4.4lbs (2kg) when you mount a toy and 3.3lbs (1.5kg) without a toy.

When you operate the Launch on Interactive mode, you use an app and website to link the thrust movements to events happening in a porn video. Most of the videos are in POV mode which makes it feel like you are interacting with the female actress in real time.

👍 Pros

👎 Cons

Additional Video Reviews

We hope you learned something about the Fleshlight Launch from the video reviews.

How to Get The Best Deal ?

Much as we would like to have a sex toy that takes care of everything without needing any maintenance, it is impractical and definitely not the case with the Launch. You have to clean it, charge it, and learn how to handle it. It takes some getting used to, but it is worth the effort.

The best place to buy the Launch is either at Fleshlight.com or Kiiro.com. As it so happens, it is available along with compatible devices at discounted prices. Check that out, and you may land yourself an amazing deal visit the official website and grab yours.

If you already own a Fleshlight, then the cost significantly goes down. The potential of the Launch is what makes it appealing- the interactivity, the automation and the fact that you can get hands-free masturbation whenever you need it.