Autoblow AI Reviews: The Best Hands-Free Blowjob Machine In The Market

What Is This Product?

Autoblow AI is a device that was created to simulate oral sex. It is the first male sex toy to use Artificial Intelligence to create as authentic an experience as possible.

The company behind it is Very Intelligent Ecommerce Inc. It conducted a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo just as it had done with its other products. The project was led by Brian Sloan who features in most promotional videos.

It is the third installment of the Autoblow product line. The other two are Autoblow 1 and Autoblow 2 (its immediate predecessor).

Now, if you are wondering whether it works like a regular hands-free masturbator (like the Fleshlight Launch or the Kiiroo Onyx 2), it doesn’t.

It integrates a wider range of techniques thanks to the AI. That makes sense because blowjobs feature a wider range of movements than vaginal sex.

The only similarity it has with the other masturbators is the fact that it is hands-free (By hands-free we don’t mean that you can just sit back and put your hands behind your head. You still have to hold it in place but it takes care of the thrusting).

Artificial Intelligence in a sex toy

The AI was introduced to enable the device to tap into a wider range of techniques and deliver an experience as close to a blowjob as it can.

With AI, the device does more than just stroking the penis from the top to the bottom. It continually changes the technique to mimic the unpredictability of a blowjob.

While developing the gadget, the engineers studied videos of the most popular blowjob techniques and dissected them to determine what made them tick.

Then they put together programs that were informed by their analysis and fed them into the device’s microprocessor.

The gadget also has sensors that continually monitor the movement of the gripper. The AI uses the data they collect in real-time to enhance the experience.

They also took into consideration the feedback they got from people who had used Autoblow 2 to rectify some glaring issues with the toy. For example, the noise levels in the AI version are lower than in the previous version.

How to Use it Right?

Guys who love fellatio (another name for blowjobs) love it because it has an element of unpredictability about it.

It has 10 experiences to choose from and 250 positions to which the gripper can move. Out of the 10 experiences, 9 are pre-programmed blowjob rhythms (experiences).

When the engineers studied real-life blowjob videos to decipher what happens during oral sex, they boiled down their findings to 16 experiences.

They created 9 patterns that they programmed into the microprocessor. They are:

  1. The full stroke: This is back and forth motion from the bottom to the top with no variation.
  2. Intense edge: It does full strokes for 8 seconds and pauses for 3 seconds.
  3. Fast edge: It does full strokes for 20 seconds, pauses for 5 seconds.
  4. Slow and Fast Combo: It evenly mixes fast stroking and slow stroking.
  5. Top stroke: It does short strokes near the opening. This one is ideal if you have a short penis.
  6. Bottom stroke: It does short strokes farther away from the opening. This one will be ideal if you have a longer penis.
  7. Top and Bottom stroke: A mixture of top stroke and bottom stroke.
  8. Masterstroke one: Top stroke + bottom stroke + full stroke.
  9. Masterstroke two: Same as Masterstroke one but it includes speed variations.

The 10th one uses the AI to decide the blowjob technique.

If you choose to use the AI, it won’t just thrust back and forth in one distinct pattern. It will be more unpredictable in the way it moves, which is how a blowjob works.

It has 10 different speeds for each movement. You can control this using the speed control buttons (they look like the volume buttons on your phone).

How to power it

Unlike other motorized sex toys, it doesn’t use batteries (rechargeable and disposable). You just plug it to the mains and start using it.

Although that may be inconvenient for you, there is a good reason for that. You see, the AI system and the motor are quite energy-intensive. Therefore, they would drain a battery fast and that wouldn’t be any good.

They could have installed a bigger battery but that would have made it super-bulky.

They decided to leave out the battery, which is advantageous because the device is cheaper (batteries usually make up a good chunk of cost) and lighter.

Step-by-step Instructions

Step 1: Apply a lubricant to your penis. We have found a water-based lubricant to be the best one because it doesn’t react with the silicone. You can use any other lubricant that doesn’t react with silicone. Avoid silicone lubricants because they can damage the 100% silicone sleeve.

Step 2: Press the play button (that looks like the “Next” button on a media player) to start the motor. To cycle through different thrusting patterns, you’ll still use this button.

Since it has multiple sleeves with a variety of textures, you can switch between the different sleeves for varying experiences. However, you have to buy the sleeves separately.

Controls and Indicators

Autoblow AI Review
The Indicators and the buttons of the Autoblow AI

OFF and ON button: This is the power switch and it is used to turn the device ON or OFF.

Play button: This button looks like the “Next” button on a media player. It allows you to cycle through different thrusting techniques just like the “Next” button allows you to skip to the next song on a playlist.

Speed up and Speed down buttons: These two look like volume up and volume down buttons on your phone. They adjust the speed of the thrusting.

Pause button: This button enables you to enjoy the “edging” feature. It pauses movement and allows you to practice lasting longer. When you want to resume thrusting, press it once more and it will remember the rhythm and speed it was on.

LED Indicators: The lights turn blue when you turn it ON and green when you choose the speed of the strokes.

Cleaning Up

The fluids stay inside the removable sleeve. So, that’s the only part that needs to be cleaned once you are done using it.

Clean the silicone sleeve with warm water and soap.

To dry it, insert a dry cloth to wipe down the interior.

Apply renewal powder to keep the silicone in good condition.

What You Get In The Box?

The discreetly delivered box contains:

  • The Autoblow AI
  • A power cable
  • One silicone mouth sleeve

If you want extra sleeves with different textures, you can shop them separately as you make your order.

More Technical Information

Sleeve Material: 100% Silicone

Casing Material: ABS plastic

Height: 10 inches

Width: 5 inches

Weight: 3 pounds

Frequently Asked Questions

The Autoblow is designed to use power directly from the outlet (110V to 240V). You will be safe.

Take out the removable sleeve and rinse it with warm water and soap.

When you turn ON the device, cycle through the 10 experiences using the play button (one of the techniques uses the AI to control the penis gripper). You can also control the speed of thrusts using the speed control buttons. Use the pause button mid-motion to pause the device momentarily.

It is relatively quiet compared to other hands-free masturbators. However, you may still hear it from another room although that depends on your setting.

It is 10 inches tall and 5 inches wide.

No. No app can be used to control it because it relies entirely on its microchip. We have seen other devices being controlled using apps but this one isn’t.

The textured sleeves are made of silicone.

No. Since it does not have an app, it does not have the mechanism to pair with other sex toys.

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How to Get The Best Deal ?

You can buy the device online from your preferred vendor. However, we recommend that you buy directly from the manufacturer because that way, you are sure you are getting the real thing. They have an official website where they take orders.

It is also advantageous to buy directly from the makers because they can provide better after-care services if, say, you encounter a technical problem.

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