My Phallosan Forte Review

After doing a lot of research I can say that the Phallosan is much better than all the other penis extenders on the market in terms of results, safety, and comfortability of use.

It’s being made in Germany by a company named Swiss Sana and those guys are real professionals, we say it because this is one of the only male enhancement devices that got approved by FDA.

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Phallosan Forte vs Other Penis Extenders?

Who uses this device anyway?

Overall, if you want to increase your penis size and you want a comfortable and safe device to accelerate the process, then this is the device you’ve been looking for. I know it’s not cheap, but the safety and results are worth every penny.

If you consider buying the Phallosan Forte extender then you should read this first because I’m about to share with here my honest opinion about what I think about the claims that the official website presents and I’ll sort the truth from the fiction for you here.

The Phallosan Forte is made in Germany, and it’s one of the only penis extenders that holds the penis using a vacuum head and not a rubber grip strip. This unique vacuum mechanism is exactly what allows this extender to give you the kind of added benefits that no other penis extender on the market can offer.

Compared to other extenders, you can use this extender wherever you want because the design of this extender allows you to stretch your penis to the side and that makes the penis extending not as apparent as the other extenders (that look like an erection).

That is an enormous benefit that can make the entire enlargement process much more convenient because you can use it at work and even when you are doing your other daily activities outside.

Because the penis enlargement process takes a few months, this level of flexibility regarding when and where you can use it makes the entire process much more convenient.

On top of that, it’s easy to assemble the Phallosan extender compared to the other extenders that use a lot of parts, but the real benefit of using fewer parts is not the ease of assembling, but the fact that you have less chance that something will break, which happens from time to time with other and more classic extenders that use a lot of parts.

The Phallosan Forte Clinical Study

This is one of the only extenders on the market that has been proven in clinical studies to work, but that does not mean that other extenders don’t work.

Here is a breakdown of the results and what I think about it:

  • Up To 1-Inch In Girth Increase – I’m not sure about this one because other penis extenders help with girth, but adding a full inch in girth from a penis extender is very impressing. However, if you are after girth increase and that is your main focus, I would recommend that you use a hydro penis pump instead.
  • Up To 1.9 Inches In Length Increase – This is actually the average of what men get when they use almost any penis extender that I recommend, so I can’t say that it’s not more effective than other extenders regarding length gains.
  • Up To 20 Degrees Curvature Reduction – Those are really good results, and indeed this is one of the best extenders that you can get if you want to reduce your penis curvature because of all the different angles you can play with when you use it and because you can use it for much longer than you can use other penis extenders.
  • Improve Erection Quality By Up To 50% – The study claims that using this extender even helps with erectile dysfunction, but this data is tricky because men that use a penis extender usually do other exercises as well, which helps them with erection quality. So if you want to cure erectile dysfunction, I don’t think that this is the magic product that will solve your erectile challenge.
How to Use the Phallosan Forte

Before you start using it, please consider that If you plan on training for the long term, your ultimate training sessions will likely have you wearing the Phallosan® forte device for anywhere between 12-16 hours a day, 5-6 days a week at maximum tension.

But using it is very easy thanks to the unique pressure regulating mechanism it has, and sometimes a video is worth more than 1000 words, so here is a wonderful video that clearly shows how the unique mechanism of this extender works:

There is no doubt in my mind that this is one of the best extenders you can and you understand it the moment you get the package after you order from the official website.

And don’t worry about other people knowing that you ordered, because they ship it in a package that has no identifications what-so-ever about what is inside the box, here is how it looks (can you tell what is inside?).

Now let’s talk about the elephant in the room, Is this the right device for you or maybe you should get yourself a different penis extender… to answer this difficult question I will compare it a different and more classic extender that I also recommend to a lot of people because it works great!

Phallosan Forte vs. Other Extenders

There are two big differences between this extender and other penis extenders, and I think you should choose your preferred extender based on those two differences…

#1) The Stretching Method – Personally I prefer the Phallosan over the X4 Labs extender because I like the fact that you can just wear it even if you are outside without anyone knowing that you wear it, and as I said, you don’t get this benefit with any other extenders that use the more classic stretching method that looks like you have an erection.

#2 )The Price of Investment  – The clear advantage of the other classic extenders is the price because the Phallosan costs $339, while the other extenders are sold for under $100 if you order the basic package, but If you want to freedom to use an extender whenever and wherever you want to go for the Phallosan extender.

Where To Buy The Phallosan Forte

A lot of people ask me if they can buy it on eBay, but I tell them all that I strongly recommend staying away from eBay and even Amazon when it comes to buying enlargement devices.

Because there are a lot of Chinese fakes being sold online and they are low-quality products, they break a lot and in some cases, they can even cause you penile damage.

I recommend that you use only the official website to buy your Phallosan Forte, because that is the only guaranteed way to get the original extender, and when you order from the official website you get customer support that can help you use it better and get better results faster.

I hope that all the information that I provided you here helped you make a smarter buying decision.

And if you want to contact the people behind this amazing extender you can do it via email at or via phone from Monday to Friday (4am-7am East Coast USA) at this number +1-888-254-2664.

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