Popular Penis Enlargement Methods

What is the Best Way to increase the size of your penis?

The answer to that is relative but there’s one way that definitely works. It has worked for many guys out there. Two words: penis extender.

If someone came to you and asked you whether you’d like to have an extra one to two inches added to your penis, what would you say? I think I am speaking for myself and for millions of men when I say I would answer: YES PLEASE!

Many men would like to have a bigger penis. There are various methods that have been used to increase their penis size and they have had different levels of success. They are:

#1 Penis enlargement exercises: The most common one is called jelqing. These exercises work but you require longer timelines to see the results. These exercises have been overtaken by devices because the devices produce the results with less effort.

#2 Male enhancement pills and supplements: Many guys use them to increase the size of their penises. The downside is that drugs have side effects that can be adverse if patients develop allergic reactions. And they just give you a stronger erection and does not really help with size increase.

#3 Surgery: Male enhancement surgeries have been established to be very invasive and not likely to produce the desired effects. They produce mixed results and patients are generally left unsatisfied.

#4 Rings and Clamps: Some people use these to make their penis bigger. They are placed at the base of the penis when it is flaccid. Then, you need to get an erection so that the ring or clamp prevents the blood from flowing out of the penis. They shouldn’t be worn for longer than 30 minutes for safety purposes and the results are temporary.

#5 Penis Stretching: This employs the use of penis stretching devices. A bit of tensile force is applied to the penis to increase its length. This method has been scientifically proven, receiving endorsements from doctors and patients alike.

Among all these penis enlargement methods, penis extenders are by far the best way to add those inches to the penis.

The efficacy of penis extenders is backed by biological principles. We will go deeper into this as we investigate what experts consider the cheapest, safest, and most effective way that a guy can add an inch or two to their penis.

Penis Enlargement Methods That Really Work

There are few ways to do it right and many ways to do it wrong, there are a lot of scams and miss information out there but still, the fact remains that penis enlargement is definitely is a possibility you can explore if you want to.

Here’s what I recommend:

  • Manual training: Specifically Jelqs Stretches and Squeezes
  • Device training: Specifically Pumping and using Extenders

Here is the truth about penis extender, pumps, and other devices:

You can get amazing results by using your hands 100% for free, but if you use the right devices you can enjoy 3 benefits that you can’t get just by using your hands:

Free Your Hands to Free Time – Doing it manually 100% of the time means you need to use your hands and that means you can’t go make food or be on the computer, but if you use a penis extender, for example, you can even go around the house while doing active enlargement.

Get Better And Faster Results – Using an extender or a pump allows you to train for more time every day because it frees your hands, the pressure and vacuum those devices apply on the penis combined with manual training will give you better results compared to just doing manual training.

Achieve Extra Lenght and Girth – Regardless if you use a pump or an extender, they will both help you gain more length and girth, but If you want to focus on getting more girth you’ll need to use a penis pump, but if you want to make it longer use an extender.

We recommend using this extender with the routine I’m about to give you in this guide, I’ve done my research and it’s the best penis enlargement device on the market.

And the PHALLOSAN® forte only costs $339, so it’s a very affordable penile enlargement solution compared to surgery (and it’s safer).

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