How to Give Your Woman Mind-Blowing Oral Sex

Most men normally rush or skip oral sex only to do it shortly in anticipation of great returns.

This is not only a mistake but also sexually selfish. As a skillful lover, you need to show your partner that her pleasure is just as important as yours.

It’s one of the most important ingredients for turning your woman on and ensuring that she enjoys the encounter.

If you take the time to spice it up, you will bring an extra spice in the process and ensure that you give her what she deserves.

Be simple but effective

The simplest way to give your woman oral sex is to let her lay on her back and lick her clitoris. While doing this, put emphasis on speed, motion, and pressure. When you find the speed and pressure that she likes, continue doing it until she reaches orgasm. Do not change the motion because if she loses it you will have to start it all over again.

Build gradually

When you start giving your woman oral sex, you need to gradually work your way up. This will make it more intense and feel as if you are teasing her. If you build her up slowly she is likely to have an intense orgasm. Since the clitoris has a lot of nerve endings pay attention to the signals that she is giving you.

Suck her clitoris

Most people believe know that women suck cock while men lick pussy but this is not true. The best clitoris stimulation is actually sucking the clit not licking. Just wrap your lips around her clitoris and suck it. By doing this, you will be amazed at the kind of orgasm that you will give your woman. With some practice, you will learn the best way of doing this.

Don’t forget to use your hands

When having oral sex, do not forget about your hands. You need to be in a position where your hands can also add pleasure. For instance, you can touch her breast or her other body parts as long as she enjoys. You can also use one hand to remove the clitoris hood to reveal the most sensitive part to stimulate. Since most women enjoy the build up, think about everything that can increase the pleasure.

Eat her out from behind and rim her

While eating her out from behind is not very easy, it’s nice. When you do this she feels exposed, vulnerable and very naughty. Do not hesitate to stick your tongue into her pussy. Also, if you want to drive her crazy learn how to lick her ass. Remember, women love naughty sex so ensure that you do it before another person does it.

Well, if you want to give your woman the best oral sex you need to be flexible, responsive, and creative. Once you know what works for her, focus on that until she reaches orgasm. Just enjoy the practice and the great feeling when working out what she needs for orgasm.

Written by Roni

A Sex educator that loves to blog about sexuality and how to have safer sex.