Can Men Have Multiple Orgasms without Ejaculating?

Yes, male multiple orgasms is not a myth!

Turns out that about 10% of men experience multiple orgasms from their first orgasmic experience while other men have to practice if they ever want to become multi-orgasmic.

What Are Multiple Orgasms?

As you know, after you ejaculate during sex it takes your body an average of 20 minutes to recuperate and be ready for another round. This “reloading” phase is referred to as the refractory period and it gets longer and longer as you age.

The real reason for this delay is yet unknown to scientists, but the best guess that scientists have today is that it’s because of the increased level of Prolactin after the ejaculation.

As far as scientists care, If you are able to orgasm twice within a 20 minutes windows, you are considered to be a multi-orgasmic man. It’s important to make it clear that you can orgasm without ejaculating (yes, you can experience orgasm without an ejaculation).

How To Teach Yourself To Have Multiple Orgasms

There are few ways to achieve multiple orgasms, even though these methods don’t guarantee a satisfactory result, it’s worth a try if you want to experience a new level of orgasms.

Stop Ejaculation – The waiting period between orgasms is usually triggered by the ejaculation, so learning to achieve orgasm without ejaculating semen can help you achieve multiple orgasms easily.

Use your imagination – Evidence suggests that by moving on to a new partnership between climaxes you can cut short your refractory period and help yourself achieve male multiple orgasms easier. If you can get a Threesome great! If not then just use your imagination and imagine having sex with different women.

Try anal stimulation – This may not be comfortable for some guys, but there are reports which suggest that by stimulating your anus, prostate and the surrounding glands you may be able to achieve multiple orgasms. Anal penetration isn’t necessary for stimulation, massaging your perineum with some pressure can be enough.

Let’s Put Science Aside For a Moment

The truth is that humanity knows about male multiple orgasms for thousands of years and many people have mastered this subject before, those people know about multiple orgasms much more than science does.

We suggest you listen to them and not to science when it comes to the subject of sexuality and orgasm.

The art of becoming a Multi-Orgasmic Man goes much deeper and it’s an amazing world to explore if you want to take your sexuality to a new level.

The best way to explore it is by reading The Multi-Orgasmic Man by Mantak Chia, get a copy of this book and we promise you that you won’t regret it.

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