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Male Sex Doll - Are They About To Replace Men?

Before the 20th century, people were chastised for having a sex doll. It wasn’t until 1968 that people could legally buy sex dolls in the US. And even then, it had to be strictly mail order. Since then, sex dolls have evolved into realistic and human-like sexual partners that are getting better. Male sex dolls are now advanced; some women don’t want to do anything with men if they can help it! 

What Are Male Sex Dolls?

Even with all these advancements, women had been mostly left out. They had to settle for sex toys, and when they wanted to have a cuddle, they had to look for a guy. If they weren’t ready for a relationship, they couldn’t do anything about it.

Sex dolls were predominantly female until an American company called Sinthetics started making male sex dolls for women. The first installment was a doll named “Gabriel” that was so famous, the company’s website ground to a halt for a few weeks.

Sinthetics – co-owned by Browen Keller and Matt Krivicke – is headquartered in California. The company is about seven years old now. It makes life-sized, anatomically correct, and very life-like male sex dolls for its female customers in addition to its female sex dolls line.

When a customer orders a sex doll from Sinthetics, they can specify all the details about the sex toy thus creating their own ideal man. The entire manufacturing process takes place in the company’s workshop in California.

According to Browen, the company attributes its success with the inaugural male sex doll to the internet. A Reddit post effectively introduced the world to the male version called “Gabriel.” Since its rise to popularity, male sex doll sales are on par with the female sex doll.

Surprisingly, the sex dolls are most popular in predominantly Republican states like Texas, Minnesota, and Michigan where you’d expect people to be more pious and conservative.

Female customers can now have their bespoke male companion. They can have any physical feature that they want to be customized, adjusted. The standard features that she can change include:

  • Height
  • The eyes
  • Skin Tone
  • The hair color and length
  • Tattoos and tan lines
  • Body and Pubic hair
  • Freckles, birthmarks, and scars
  • Teeth
  • Eyebrows

Although the sex doll is immobile, they each have a flexible spine that allows enough movement when a woman is having sex with it. The hips can pivot forwards and backward as well as sideways allowing women to do a range of maneuvers with them.

More importantly, the sex toys come with an erect and non-erect penis. Both are interchangeable. The default length of the penis is seven inches, but customers can order a smaller one or one that reaches up to 11 inches if they are ambitious enough. They can even have a custom penis molded from scratch.

The skeleton is made of metal, and the body is molded around the frame. The body is made using platinum silicone which produces a soft, durable finish. The silicone skin has good elasticity and doesn’t have the unnatural shine that comes with poorer grades of silicone. It can retain body heat to provide a nice cozy feeling. This material also enables the dolls to strike very authentic poses.

What Do The Customers Say About The Dolls?

Customers rarely want to talk about their purchases on record. However, an adult entertainer called Jessica Ryan was willing to talk about her experiences with the male sex doll.

Jessica is in a long-distance relationship. She wanted a sex partner who wouldn’t get too emotionally attached or too detached as she had experienced with her (human) casual lovers. The doll made sense because while it would give her the feeling of intimacy and companionship, it wouldn’t be problematic to her relationship.

Many women who want a companion with no strings attached can relate to Jessica. The male sex doll is the perfect alternative.

Where Can You Buy a Male Sex Doll?

If you are a lady reading this or a guy who wants to buy the doll for your female friend, or sexual partner, the order process is pretty simple:

To order a male sex toy, you need to visit the Sinthetics website where either you can pick one from the popular options, or you can build your own with customized features. If you choose to go custom, you can design your doll on the website adding all the features that you desire. Then you will create an account to save your design so that you can place the order.

Okay, if you are a guy, you should probably ask her very subtly what her ideal guy would look like. Don’t make assumptions.