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Is Lazy Lovers a Real Hydraulic Sex Machine?

Some people fall for it, but this is just a joke (:>

You can’t really buy it, but it’s still funny because we can all relate with this couple in the video – right?

Most of us only dream about making love to each other as we used to every single day, but most of us are so tired from the daily “9-5 lifestyle” that we can’t get into the mood 365 days of the week – it’s a fact!

Too bad that Lazy Lovers is not for sale (yet), but you can still use other toys, but first, I want to recommend to you an alternative to this sexual challenge that does not require any sex toys.

Listen to me, no matter how tired you are or how tired she is, if you do foreplay right for few minutes (even if it’s initiated by only one of you) you will find that you both get more sexually energized and in the mood – trust me.

The body always finds the extra energy for lovemaking, so all that you need to do it to wake it up sexually the right at will.

My favorite “secret” way to turn a woman on is by using my fingers until she gets super wet to the point she can’t help it but make love to me until she orgasms.

Just visit the link above to learn how to do foreplay the right way… But If you are still in the mood to buy the Lazy Lovers Device even though it’s not yet being manufactured or sold yet, then I’ll recommend you a sex toy that is the second-best thing in this category.

Are There Any Real Lazy Lovers Alternatives?

There are sex toys that come close to “Lazy Lovers” and they are called Teledildonics, they are also known as “long distance sex toys“. If that is something that interest you, we suggests that you check out our article on this subject.