Last Longer In Bed By Developing Total Ejaculation Control

How to Last Longer In Bed Without Ejaculating Before She Has an Orgasm

Not being able to last long enough in bed can break a relationship, but don’t worry, there is a solution to premature ejaculation and it’s very simple, just follow this guide here…

My Ejaculation Control Secret Is Breathing Right During Sex

Breathing is connected to the entire human anatomy – remember that!

For example, when you breathe fast it increases your heartbeat, which raises your arousal level.

During sex, I only breathe fast when I want to push my ejaculation to come out faster.

When I want to lower my arousal I reduce the rate of my breathing, and when I totally want to drop my arousal levels I just hold my breath, and It works best when you hold your breath on empty lungs!

If you didn’t watch the video at the beginning of this article please watch it now, because I explain there all about how to use your breath to control your ejaculation!

BTW, Holding your breath on empty lungs is completely harmless and it works doing it will force your body to channel all the blood to the brain, looking for a way to “survive the danger” of having no air, and that will lower your sexual arousal fast.

But watch the full video above to learn how to do it right, don’t be lazy…

Want To Learn How to Orgasm Without Ejaculating?

If you will watch the video above, in minute 13 you will discover the best sperm retention trick you’ll ever find online… It’s called the Million Dollar Point and it’s a 3000 years old trick from the west. The Million Dollar Spot is a point in the male body, and it’s called that way because as the story goes, people in the west used to pay a lot of money to Taoist Monks to learn from them where this point is on the male body and how to work with this point to achieve sexual mastery.

With that said, it’s still a very useful trick, and I explain exactly to use this point in minutes 13 of the video, but if anything is not clear you can feel free to contact me and ask me anything.


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Why So Many Men Suffer From Premature Ejaculation?

Over the years I discovered many different reasons, but there is one reason I found to be very popular among young men in the west, the reason is wrong masturbation to porn.

Most teenagers try to reach orgasm as fast as possible when they are masturbating to porn so that they won’t get caught in action with their parents.

This rapid masturbation habit teaches the brain to ejaculate fast.

So if you are one of those guys that makes this mistake, I strongly recommend watching a webinar I did on porn addiction, where I cover all the other “hidden costs of watching free porn” – click here to watch the webinar

But regardless if you made this mistake or not, don’t worry because all you have to do is to learn how to control your Sexual Arousal – once you will do that you will be able to control your ejaculation.

Let’s look at your sexual arousal as a bar from 1 to 10…

1” means that you are in the middle of your workday and you have no sexual arousal whatsoever.

5” is where you get a nice and hard erection and you want to have sex.

10” Is when you have reached the “point of no return” and you ejaculate.

The problem is that most guys love to experience the area of “9” and then they easily slip to “10” and ejaculate. That’s why it’s always better to stay in the “7-8” area and enjoy the sex for as long as you want.

So the next time you reach “9” just slow down and come back to the “7-8” area, it’s that simple.

Also, you shouldn’t go below “7“, because going below “7” will make your penis soft and you won’t enjoy the sex and she won’t enjoy having sex with a soft penis (trust me on that).

Remember that ejaculation control starts with developing awareness of your body and to your arousal levels, this can be easily done with “correct masturbation exercises”.

Actually, masturbation is a very important part of training yourself to last longer, and the best way to training yourself to last longer with masturbation is to use the “stop and start” method.

The Stop And Start Method Explained

This is the best total male enhancement exercise you can perform! This exercise addresses erectile endurance, hardness, ejaculatory control, and your powers of emotional visualizations.

The Stop and Start exercise can be performed with a partner, or you can do it by yourself with your hands or your Fleshlight STU if you want to get a more realistic feel and for more enjoyable sessions!

This simple exercise will allow you to induce a total conditioning effect and allow you to truly master your penis. One key element of this exercise is it should be performed without pornography, even mental erotic imagery is discouraged.

Start by focusing on how you feel and attempt to induce the types of emotions you’d expect to feel during a satisfactory sexual encounter- like the feeling of confidence and the feel of being unencumbered.

Then when you are in the right emotional zone, simply start masturbating or if you are using a partner, begin having sex – an important note if you are using a partner – you must remain in full control while doing this exercise. If your partner begins to move or tighten themselves up in any way, it will interfere with your concentration.

Proceed up to the point right before you ejaculate (the 9 zone), THEN STOP!

Rest a bit until you feel you are starting to lose your erection and then proceed to do the start and stop exercise two more times. After the third time, you may ejaculate if you wish.

It’s highly recommended you do ejaculate after doing this exercise, since NOT doing so over time may actually cause negative conditioning.

Your goal should be to be able to do this exercise for 20-25 minutes total. More is not necessary or recommended because you may over condition yourself.

In simple words, if you overdo this exercise you can find yourself having difficulties ejaculating on demand (the opposite of premature ejaculation).

NOTE – It’s important to try to practice this exercise at least 3 times a week if you are having problems with premature ejaculation. For best results, we HIGHLY recommend distracting yourself with outside stimuli while doing this exercise.

Remember that the Stop and Start method is as much a mental/emotional exercise as it is a physical one, so don’t forget to maintain the feeling that you want to experience when you are with a woman during this exercise.

Once you’ve reached your goals, you can maintain them by doing this exercise once a week.

Remember that are not meant to last only 5-15 minutes in bed, a real sexually evolved man can make love for more than an hour non-stop and reach multiple orgasms without ejaculating once.

And if you just invest your time into it, you can also become such a sexually evolved man!

3000 years ago men in the east already knew how to have multiple orgasms and control their ejaculation, but we lost this knowledge, and I say we lost this knowledge because today one in every four men suffers from premature ejaculation at some point in his life.

So that is it, now you know almost everything that I know about premature ejaculation and how to last longer in bed. Just make sure that you follow the advice that I gave you here and soon this won’t be a problem that you even think about when you make love to a real woman.

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