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Welcome to the Vibrating Love Community, here you’ll find men for all over the world that are interested in male enhancement.

If you don’t know what is male enhancement yet, basically it’s the process of developing a better performing penis, and a better performing penis is a larger, harder and longer lasting in bed kind of penis.

Vibrating Love is different, and it’s unlike the other sites online that give you information about male enhancement because we are going to create it together!

The vision is to bring together a group of men that want to develop this body of knowledge and together we will study and research the science behind the penis and male sexuality, and we will move the knowledge that we create into the future for the next generations to come.

And now it’s a unique opportunity because sexuality is rapidly changing in the last 20 years because sex becomes last of a taboo, porn is available for everyone, and many men learn what they know about sex from watching porn and people have more sexual partners and they start to have sex at an earlier age.

Needless to say that all those changes are causing a lot of confusion to a lot of men about their sexuality, and this is our opportunity to bring in some clarity about healthy sexuality to men from all over the world.

So that is a great opportunity because never before we had the chance to connect men that have a lot to contribute to the subject of male sexuality, and never before we faced so much confusion around sexuality on such a global level.

Let’s have a dialog, share each other’s opinions about sexuality and find the core that is the comment to our opinion because the truth about healthy sexuality is somewhere in this core that all of our opinions have in comment.

Who are the members here?

If you become part of the community I’ll need you to play BIG and put everything on the table, because me and other experts put everything we have on the table, and Vibrating Love will become a great source of knowledge which will transform men’s life’s only if everybody here put everything on the table and not hold back information from each other.

We play 100%, but we need you to play 100% and bring to the table what you learned, what your intuitions are and bring to the table your honest, raw self, and instead of being here to get be here to give and participate!