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Jacked Squared: Jack-Off As You Get Jacked

Tired of not hitting your workout goals? Try Jacked², an accessory that jacks you off as you get your muscles jacked up. It ingeniously couples your workout equipment with a silicone sleeve to combine weight lifting with self-pleasure.

Best Jacked² Exercises

The Bonus Features

In addition to “pump ‘n’ plug”, you can enjoy the following added features…


Okay, I know I may have misled you with the video but sadly (or fortunately), the Jacked Squared – the device to get you jacked while getting jacked-off – does not exist.

Now, let’s think about how Jacked Squared could have worked for a second:

Although I can’t put it past some people to consider using it, I reckon the rest of us would find it a bit weird to whip out our schlongs mid-workout and start to masturbate to add those extra reps.

I mean, how comfortable would you be to see your gym buddy fiddling with his erect penis and groaning sexually as he tried to eke out a few more reps? Not very comfortable, I presume.

Are There Any Real Alternatives?

Since you can’t have it both ways, and this is a sex-themed website, I do have some REAL jerk off machines that let you masturbate without using your hands. (Much like the “Maximum Power System” towards the end of that presentation):


Fleshlight Launch

The Fleshlight Launch is an interactive masturbation device that takes up a Fleshlight masturbation sleeve and jerks you off with it with you not having to use your hands to thrust it.

The Fleshlight Launch is a masturbating device that enables you to jerk off with a masturbating sleeve affixed to a compatible Fleshlight without using your hands. All you have to do is hold it in place and it does the stroking for you.

It is the result of a collaboration between Kiiroo and Fleshlight – both are sex toy manufacturers.

The Fleshlight Launch is meant to thrust a masturbator back and forth on your penis to mimic the stroking action that happens during sex or masturbation.

You can operate it manually or interactively. The manual operation entails controlling it using the buttons and the touch-sensitive strips on the device.

Interactive mode enables you to synchronize the thrusting motions with specially coded POV porn videos via a smartphone app. The way the videos work is that very stroke that happens in the video is replicated by the device.

The app also allows you to use VR Goggles for an extra-immersive experience. It also enables you to have long-distance sex if you pair your device with your partner’s smartphone, a concept known as teledildonics.

👍 Pros

👎 Cons

Fleshlight Launch


Quickshot Launch

Fleshlight Quickshot Launch is a hands-free masturbation device that takes care of the thrusting. It works like the Fleshlight Launch, the only difference being that it is only compatible with a Fleshlight Quickshot.

Since the Fleshlight Quickshot is the size of your hand, it cannot fit in the Fleshlight Launch. Owing to the popularity of the Quickshot, Fleshlight decided to make it to enable their customers to experience hands-free masturbation with their favorite toy.

The Quickshot Launch moves the masturbating sleeve up and down at variable speeds and stroke lengths. It also comes with a smartphone mount that allows you to watch your favorite erotic videos during the solo session.

With the battery full, the device can run 60 minutes. If it runs out, you can continue using it while plugged directly into the wall using the Fleshlight Active Launch Mode.

You can only control the Quickshot Launch manually using the buttons on the device. It is not interactive and, therefore, isn’t capable of teledildonics.

👍 Pros

👎 Cons

Quickshot Launch


Kiiroo Onyx 2​

The Kiiroo Titan is an interactive male vibrating stroker. It is designed to provide a novel experience while you improve your stamina.

The Titan has three rows of vibrating bullets that you either control manually using the touch-sensitive pads on the sides or wirelessly using an app. It has a ribbed, soft, body-safe sleeve that mimics the vagina for an authentic experience.

The Kiiroo Titan is an interactive sex toy. This means that you can enjoy VR porn with specially-coded videos or pair it with other compatible sex toys (usually female sex toys). You control the interactive function on the app.

When you pair it with your partner’s sex toy, you can have “long-distance sex” (teledildonics).

It looks more like a Bluetooth speaker than a sex toy which is great because if someone were to accidentally see it, they wouldn’t think it was a sex toy.

👍 Pros

👎 Cons

Kiiroo Onyx 2​

The World is Not Ready for The Jacked Squared!

I have to say that mixing pleasure with working out is a bad idea. I have done my fair share of weight lifting and the thing that pushes you to finish your sets is a reward towards the end – perhaps even a jerk off session.

Besides, having the reward at the same time as working out would water down the intensity of your workout.

I know this took a detour into masturbation devices quite unexpectedly (maybe not), but the real unique selling point for the Jacked Squared concept if it truly existed would be hands-free masturbation.

While I have you here, check out this hydraulic sex machine for lazy couples.

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