Everything you wanted to know about Interactive Sex Toys

Because I love talking about the future of male sex toys and their interactive long distance applications, this time I asked Andy from goodvibes.com to share with us some of his knowledge about interactive sex toys.

What are Interactive Sex Toys?

Typically when people are referring to interactive sex toys they mean something that can be used and shared between partners together. Sometimes they are also referred to as Couples Toys or Partner Toys. Some examples of these would be the We-Vibe, blueMotion vibes, and other remote operated toys.

Many examples of couple’s toys either are controlled by a remote or even an App. This way one partner can stimulate another from across the room or even the Country!

Though it’s important to remember that all toys can be used together with a partner and made into an interactive experience. Whether it’s a harness, vibrator, or restraints; the more users can often be the merrier!

What do most people use them for?

Many different people use interactive toys in various ways but the most common would be long distance relationships. With the new App enabled products they can be used together from any distance across the world just as long as you have data or wifi.

With the new App enabled products they can be used together from any distance across the world just as long as you have data or wifi.

I’ve sold them to military families, students traveling abroad, or just a couple going into town together and want to spice up the experience. Another way these can be applied is in Adult Cam Videos where many cam models will record themselves using these toys and safely receive tips.

Today one girl (usually a webcam girl) can use this technology to have interactive sex over the internet with over 10,000 men at once.

Do you think this technology it will transform human sexuality?

Human sexuality is as diverse now as ever before. Just recently I gave a talk at the Asian Art Museum about ancient artifacts found in tombs from the Han dynasty; including several 2000-year-old bronze strap-ons!

Sex toys are not new but as our technology evolves sex will always be one of the first applications.

How to introduce this kind of toys to the relationship?

People tend to think that sex toys are only used by people who are single, but that’s simply not true.

Sex toys can be used by anyone regardless of gender, relationship status, or sexual orientation. Think about it! Most guys still masturbate even when they are in a relationship (sometimes maybe more!) so why wouldn’t you allow yourself to do so with products to enhance your pleasure?

Sex toys aren’t out to replace a partner, it’s about stimulation, not simulation. Besides, maybe your partner might want to watch or even join in!

That’s a great place to introduce couple’s/interactive toys in, and one of the best tips for this is to shop together. It’s a great way to get those creative juices flowing.

How to keep the love you make online privet and protected?

Safer sex isn’t just about STD prevention, but how you can make any and all sex acts as safe as possible. When playing online with strangers, there are a few things you always want to do to protect yourself.

1) Don’t give out your personal information online – That means be careful about sharing your address, any financial info, passwords, and more.

2) Remember that what you give could be shared –  If you send nudes online, be careful that it’s not something that might be shared on a blog or recorded on another device. If you find your photos have been shared, report it.

3) Practice good communication – This isn’t just important for in-person encounters. Even when online with someone you need to be clear and direct and consent. Ask someone if you can send a picture before sending one. Let someone know what you’re looking for because you don’t want to rub someone the wrong way while you’re trying to rub yourself off.

And if you want to dive into this world, I would recommend checking out the We-Vibe app line, as well the blueMotion products as great starter Interactive Toys.

David’s Note:

I want to thank Andy from goodvibes.com for sharing this information with us, and if you want to buy good toys from a good place for great prices just check out their website.

I recommend doing business with them!

And remember that there are also other cool toys that you should check out such as the LAUNCH, Kiiroo, Lovense, Vibease and others.

Written by David Finer

I developed a unique and simple breathing technique that helps thousands of men all over the world to easily control when they ejaculate during love making, and I also like to blog about male sexuality in the 21st century.