How to Fix Incurvate Penis With a Penis Extenders

Penis Extenders and The Incurvate Penis

Very many men suffer from the incurvate penis in silence. When I say the incurvate penis is a problem, I don’t mean that all guys’ penises should be as straight as an arrow. We are all perfectly asymmetrical. Therefore, there’s no problem with having a slightly curved penis as long as you feel comfortable with it and it works perfectly. There’s no need to fix something that is not broken.

Nevertheless, if you have a bent phallus, your sex life will be adversely affected and you are less likely to feel comfortable in your own body. You are either born with the condition or you acquire it. Besides making it weird to have sex, it can become painful.

The solution that people used to take was surgery. The side effects were erectile dysfunction and the loss of around 1.7 inches. I don’t think to shorten your penis and being inadequate in bed sounds good at all. The other solution was microwave shock treatment. It can disintegrate the plaque but the penis remains out of shape.

Then came the penis extenders. They straighten the penis and guarantee that you won’t lose an inch. Here’s how the penis stretchers tackle the problem:

  1. The blood flow is improved within a few days of using the device. The blood vessels get wider thus allowing more blood through.
  2. Around the plaque tissue, the cells get stimulated enabling the formation of new ones. With time, the plaque tissue vanishes.

A beneficial side effect of the process is that the penis is elongated. So, in the end, you gain rather than lose because there are more tissue cells.

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