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  • Tom

    I’m happy with my Erection today, but I wonder how I can make it bigger and stronger.

    Do you have any tips for my guys?

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  • David

    Every man wants a stronger erection and to last longer in the bed. However, erection is a complex process which depends on various factors that most men know nothing about.

    So here are some things you can try to help your erection become stronger and last longer.

    Avoid Smoking And Drinking Alcohol

    No matter how much you feel ok about smoking, it affects the circulation of blood to your penis. Having a healthy and strong heart is super important if you want to have a stronger erection. Smokers are more likely to have erectile dysfunction than non-smokers. The same goes for alcohol consumption because alcohol can numb your body and cause an ineffective blood flow, which leads to erectile dysfunction in the long run in some men.

    Get More Sleep Every Night

    Getting the proper amount of sleep every night ensures that your erection will stay strong and healthy. Sleep is extremely important for your body. There are hormones that help to control libido and sexual potency and when you sleep less than seven hours each night, your body cannot properly regulate these hormones. That’s why you need to try to get at least seven hours of sleep daily.

    Eat Well If You Want To Keep It Hard

    It is as simple as that if you want to keep it hard down there, eat well. It has been proven that the consumption of fruits and vegetables can enhance your erections by increasing.

    Eggs, bananas, nuts, figs, chili, onion, and garlic are some foods that can help make your erections harder and healthier.

    And remember that just as some foods are good for your erection, others are quite bad and must be avoided, especially those that are bad for the heart.

    Make Your PC Muscles Stronger With More Sex

    The easiest and simple way to have a rock hard erection is by indulging in sex more often. Several studies have indicated the numerous benefits of having sex and that its frequency has an overall impact on your sex life. A regular sex will improve your physical fitness thereby making you have better erections.  Mainly sex helps because it makes your PC muscles much stronger, but you can make those muscles stronger with PC muscles exercises as well.

    Avoid Stress At All Cost

    Stress is no a friend of the body they say, but what people don’t know is that stress is the worse enemy to sexuality, And studies have long ago proven that stress can be a huge damper on the male erection. Excessive stress can increase the level of Adrenaline in your body, which contracts your blood vessels, so if you want to maintain a stronger and healthier erection, avoid stress.

    Exercise And Keep The Body Strong

    Having regular exercises have been proven to improve blood circulation and overall cardiovascular health which helps the body achieve a stronger and longer lasting erection.

    Exercising will make your heart stronger, and a strong heart can pump more blood whenever it’s needed down there.

    In case you don’t like the gym you can also try penis workouts like the famous kegel exercise and other penis exercises. Kegels are one of the most important exercises you can do to develop a real “fit” penis.

    Kegels can increase your staying time, improve the quality of your erections, can increase ejaculation power (meaning farther spurts) and in some cases, can help to restore proper functioning to the impotent.

    The explanation by some experts for this is some people develop venous leaks in the penis over time (doing Kegels have been shown to help “plug up” some of these leaks.)

    To perform a kegel, simply tighten your PC muscle (also known as the “pelvic floor muscles”) as if you were trying to control the flow of urine. You should try to perform up to 50 holds for 5 seconds each. . . but remember to start off slowly!

    These are best performed immediately after your scheduled girth work- and they should be performed ERECT.

    Perform only enough repetitions to mildly challenge yourself in the beginning. This is NOT an area you want sore from fatigue! Also, when you contract for the kegel, use just enough force necessary to accomplish the repetition.

    How To Perform The Erect Kegel:

    You should thoroughly warm up the area for 5-7 minutes with moderate heat, light massage, and stretches.  For maximum benefit, the Kegel should be performed with a fully erect penis.  This will be much more beneficial to the development of size and towards increasing blood flow than the unerect Kegel- which merely works the PC muscles.

    Begin by contracting your PC muscle. This could be visualized by engaging the muscles used to control urination.  At first, use only enough contractile force to accomplish the repetitions.  Do NOT contract with too much force if you’re new to the exercises as a strain in this area can be difficult to recover from.  Begin with 5 repetitions and work up to 50 total over time.

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