How to Measure Your Penis Size To Know Your Real Penis Size?

woman looking and holding tape meter for measure and imagines thAs much as men are obsessed with their penis size, only a small percentage of them ever measured their penis size, and even a smaller percentage know their exact size because they measured right.

The rest just assume that they a penis size below or above average. Ever heard of the phrase “wrong assumption”?

I decided to give you a simple guide on how to measure your penis size the right way.

Why Even Measure Your Penis Size Anyway?

If you have a big penis, it may be fun to know the exact size so that you could brag about it at the right opportunity.

If you think you have a small penis, measuring it can boost your self-esteem high because very likely find out that you have an above average sized penis.

And if you discover that you have a small penis and you want to do something about it, knowing the exact size is important before starting any penis enlargement process that you may consider doing.

So How Do I Measure My Penis Size?

Size Does MatterThree things that you need to measure if you want to determine your exact penis size:

  1. Penis Length
  2. Penis Girth
  3. Penis Diameter

Things you will need: You will need a big piece of paper, a ruler or a measuring tape, a pencil or pen, a piece of string and a calculator.


Step #1: Measuring Your Penis Length

  1. Make sure your penis is fully erect, and you can make use lube or porn for increased arousal.
  2. Use the paper in such a way that your penis base and the paper’s base to be at the same position.
  3. Make a marking on the paper at the exact spot where your penis glans ends with a pencil or a pen.
  4. Then take a measurement on paper how long your penis is from the base until the point where you made the marking on.
  5. Done!

Step #2: Measuring Your Penis Girth

  1. Make sure your penis is fully erect again.
  2. Then find the part where your erect penis is the thickest.
  3. Gently tie once a piece of string around it and mark the string at the point where the end of the string meets the string.
  4. After this, straighten the marked string alongside the measuring tape or the ruler, the points where the string begins from and the point where the marking is.
  5. The result is the accurate measurement of your girth.

Step #3: Measuring Your Penis Diameter

The last step is simple because it’s based on the 2nd step of measuring your girth, and now that you know what is the size of you penis girth just divide it by 3.14 (Use the calculator).

The answer you get is the exact diameter of your penis.

What Is An Average Penis Size Anyway?

How-to-Measure-Your-Penis-Size.The average national penis size is:

  • Length – 5.5” to 6.3.”
  • Girth – 4.5” to 5.1.”
  • Diameter – 1.4” to 1.6.”

If you are below average, do not be sad!

There are several methods you can use to increase your size and make it above average.

And remmber, when it comes to having pleasing sex, it’s more about how you use it and less about the size of it, so relax.

Written by David Finer

I developed a unique and simple breathing technique that helps thousands of men all over the world to easily control when they ejaculate during love making, and I also like to blog about male sexuality in the 21st century.