How to Do Foreplay With Your Woman?

Foreplay is one of the best ways to kick-start an amazing sex session with any woman. Not too many men know, but a lack of foreplay in a relationship can lead many women to lose sexual attraction to her partner.

On the other hand, foreplay can help her enjoy a mind-blowing orgasm much faster, and that is why we want to share with you some tips.

Warm Her Up With a Great Massage

Massage her all over the body in a sensual and loving way. Start from her neck and then move to all of the other parts, this will make her relaxed ready for an amazing sex session. Make sure you massage all of her sensitive areas until she gets horny and hints you that she is ready.

Build Anticipation, Do Not Rush Things

Do not go directly for her clitoris or breast when you start the foreplay, start with a kiss and spend quality time kissing her on non-intimate places. Kiss and caress her all over her body before you undress her and go to her intimate places, women love this because it makes them hungry for more.

Spend Time On Her Breasts

Many women get very sexually aroused when men touch, kiss and suck their breast.

You can try to stimulate the areas around her breasts. You can also play with her nipples.

That’s one of the best foreplay tips that will work on almost on any woman, so use this strategic area on her body wisely.

Talk Dirty To Her In Bed 

Talking dirty is a typical foreplay strategy that many couples use all over the world, and if you’ll do it right and if you will be aware to how you woman responds to what you say, this tip will work for you. Try not to exaggerate and do not invest a significant amount of time just talking without touching, and remember that each woman responds differently to different things.

Try to compliment her, tell her what you would like to do to her tonight and tell her how good she is in bed. Overall this will make her comfortable and ready for action.

Oral Sex Is Always Great

Go down on her and suck her clitoris, but make sure you start gently by kissing it and then adjust your positions and slowly suck her clitoris a bit stronger. Women love this, and this will make her turned on instantly, and on top of that, it will make her wet and ready for penetration.

Touch Her In The Right Places

She wants to be explored and loved, but most men don’t understand that, so they touch only her intimate parts during the intercourse.

There are erogenous zones all over her body that she would love you to touch when you make love to her, here are some of them.

Her Lips

Her lips are a key that will open up the rest of her to you. There is a reason behind why we naturally kiss before we have sex, it’s an important step in the sexual escalation process in humans. You can touch her lips in many ways, with your fingers, tongue and even with your lips. Playing with her lips will arouse her in more ways than you can imagine if you will do it the right way.

Her Ears

A woman’s ears are gateways to physical and mental arousal. This can be achieved by softly massaging her ears with your fingertips and sucking her earlobes gently, letting your tongue roam freely around the back of her ears. And touching them with sexy words and sounds that will turn her on, that is what the ears are for when it comes to sex.

Her Neck

Just between her chin and collarbone, you’ll find one of the most sensitive zones in her body. By softly touching or kissing her neck you’ll awaken her sensory receptors. Be careful to be gentle here.

Touching this area may arouse tickling, which is ok if you don’t overdo it, but if you tickle her too much, she will lose her sexual arousal. So pay attention to her reaction!

Her Breasts

Her breasts are extremely sensitive. They are so sensitive that some women can achieve orgasm from breast stimulation alone! Every part is sensitive, especially the nipples (AKA: the breasts clitoris).

The breast can be stimulated with kisses, soft squeezes and any other form of touch. But make sure you are careful when you play with her nipples, because they are super sensitive, and you don’t want to cause her pain by mistake (it will turn her off).

Her Legs

Her legs contain erogenous zones at certain spots, right from her thighs to the back of her knees and the tips of her toes. Touches here should be gentle and progressive. Pleasuring a woman’s legs requires patience, you should be in no hurry. Kiss her legs, massage her legs and slowly move from her legs to her vagina…

 And Remember: There are so many more spots on her body that she would love you to touch, our tip is to explore all of her body and see what makes her moan! 

As you understand by now, it’s critical to master foreplay if you want to have an amazing love life, so try these tips tonight and find out which tips work the best in your relationship so that you can focus on those the next time from the beginning.

How to Eat Pussy Like a Real Pro

Learn To Give The BEST Oral Sex To Your Lover Even If It’s Your First Time

Vaginas still tend to be a great mystery to guys, which is why giving oral sex can feel like the most complicated thing ever.

Some guys even try to avoid it, because they don’t enjoy it or because they are afraid of disappointing her. But I can assure you that you can make a girl very happy if you learn to do it the right way, and yes anyone can learn to give amazing oral sex to a girl.

Ease your way into it…

So, some girls might want you to go straight into it, but I can assure it that most of them will enjoy a little oral foreplay.

With this, I mean that you make your way down south slowly and kiss her body softly along the way.

When you do arrive between her legs there is nothing wrong with making her wait a little longer while you kiss and caress her inner thighs. This can drive her crazy before you’ve even done anything.

Find the clitoris


Like the center of a man’s pleasure is the tip, the center of a woman’s pleasure is her clitoris. So now it’s time for some anatomy lessons. The clitoris is like a small bean found in the top of the middle of the vagina and it can vary in size between women.

If you really can’t find it then don’t be scared to ask your girl, trust me that she’ll appreciate that more then you licking around randomly.

Now some girls will enjoy direct stimulation of the clit, then you need to apply pressure to it with your tongue and play with it, but this doesn’t work for all girls. Other girls have very sensitive clitorises and like it better if you lick it. Once again, just ask her, which brings us to the next tip.

Let her guide the way


There is no one guide on cunnilingus; every girl is different. Therefore, you should ask your girl how she likes it, which way you need to go, how hard you need to press etc. For some girls, it comes naturally to give guidance but others won’t even think about it. So, ask her if she likes and wants she wants you to do, she’ll surely appreciate the interest.

Learn to do some multitasking


Clitoral stimulation is very important, but the experience becomes even more enjoyable if you offer her various forms of stimulation. This means that you can use your hands. You could finger her, play with her nipples or tickler her inner thighs. It’s whatever she likes best that you should do.

Have the right attitude about it


If you’re a cunnilingus enthusiast then this won’t be an issue for you, but for the more hesitant man, it’s time to put on a show.

Even if you’re not too sure about your skills, or if you’ll enjoy it, you still need to act as if you like it. It can be a true turn-off for your lady if she senses that you’re actually not taking any pleasure in at all and it feels forced.

And once you see how you can make your girl feel, you’ll probably become more enthusiastic about it anyway…

Keeping working towards the orgasm


When you notice that she’s coming closer to her climax you shouldn’t slow down, no you should work just a little harder.

Press her hips down, because she might be moving them, and possibly finger her to make the orgasm even more intense.

And remember, you don’t necessarily need to stop after one orgasm, although you do want to take it a little slower at least.

So, there you have it, the complete guide to giving your woman the best oral sex she’s ever received. And when it comes to oral sex especially, practice makes perfect, so keep treating your lady and you’ll become better and better.

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