My Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit Review + Discount Code

Fleshlight Unboxing: So that’s how it looks when you get it.

Want to learn how to last longer in bed simply by masturbating?

Thanks to the realistic sleeve of the STU Fleshlight you can “teach” your brain to last longer even when you have sex with a real woman.

It’s tighter than most of the other Fleshlights, and if you train right with it you’ll become a better lover, you can send me an email and I’ll send you my STU training routine.

Back to the review…

The sleeve of the Stamina Training Unit is tightly ribbed and incredibly mimics the sensation of a real vagina (if you warm it before the use).

Make sure you only order it from the official website, you will find there the original STU for the best price and you’ll enjoy customer support from the brand itself.


Develop Ejaculation Control Hands-Free?

Now you can enjoy the benefits that the STU provides without even using your hands by using it with the Fleshlight Launch with your STU device.

Want to learn more? Visit our review of this amazing ADD-ON and see if you want to upgrade your Stamina Training Unit to the next level.

I can tell you that’s it’s one of the best products to come out lately, and guys from all over the world report amazing experiences with the Launch.

Why not give it a try?

Most men already know about the importance of having good sexual stamina if they want to have intense, pleasurable and long-lasting sex.

Having strong sexual stamina is also very important if you want to make love without having the fear and stress of premature ejaculation, right?

Strangely, not too many men know how to overcome premature ejaculation and last longer in bed naturally, and there are many methods out there that can help you develop powerful sexual stamina and overcome PE!

But most of the legit methods are hard, boring, take a lot of time and willpower to do. The good news is that there is a faster and more enjoyable way to improve your sexual stamina.

The trick is to be using the original Stamina Training Unit!



The Stamina Training Unit (STU) is a male sex toy designed to simulate a real vagina, but unlike a “vagina”, the STU is extra-tight and it has sensitivity bumps inside of it which were designed to help guys develop ejaculation control faster (like an exercise device).

This unique structure of the STU leads extreme penile stimulation when you use it right, and by putting your brain and penis in this state of extreme stimulation, you exercise your ejaculation control.

It’s that simple and it’s fun to do, however washing it after you ejaculate can be a bummer sometimes, but it’s worth the fun and you can wash it after few uses if you want (-:

Think about it this way, If you have the Stamina Training Unit, the next time you masturbate you will feel like you are inside a real vagina and not your hand.

So if you have total ejaculation control when you masturbate with your hand, but you can last long enough inside a vagina, then this toy will definitely help you develop your stamina also in real sex with a woman and not only when you have sex with your hand.

It’s even better because the STU will make your erections stronger and harder if you use it the right way, and it will allow you to experience intense orgasms and powerful ejaculations (which is really fun).



This toy is the best alternative to manual stamina training with your hand, especially if you have a history of negative masturbational habits and it’s hard for you to stop masturbating to porn.

One of the best exercises you can perform with this toy is the “Stop and Start” exercise, and here is how to you should do this simple exercise if you want to try it out:

Start by inducing an erection and stimulating yourself manually.  Proceed with the stimulation until the point right before you ejaculate but stop before you do – This constitutes a “stop”.

Rest up a bit until the feeling of imminent ejaculation subsides enough for you to continue. Proceed to the start and stop point two more times – and only then ejaculate after you feel the urge to ejaculate again.

Time yourself on this exercise and attempt to add 30-60 seconds per session until you’re able to perform this exercise for 20-25 minutes total – Practice this exercise at least 3 times a week.

This exercise should be done with paying maximum attention to your emotional “visualizations”.  This is NOT a reference to sexual fantasizing, but to projecting the type of emotions you wish to have during actual sexual encounters.

You’ll want to project a feeling of utmost confidence and being completely unencumbered.  This is so you can focus on all of the sensations of the exercise.  By conditioning yourself in this manner, when you do have live sexual encounters your emotions will be “trained” and the stimulus of a live environment will help you enjoy the experience.

By conditioning yourself in this manner, when you do have live sexual encounters your emotions will be “trained” and the stimulus of a live environment will help you enjoy the experience.

And regardless of how you will use the STU, I can guarantee you that it will be the best solo masturbation experience of your life and that you will never use your hand again as long as you got this Fleshlight at your home.

And if you want to take it one level up, here is how to prepare it like a pro…

Step #1: Remove the tube in it, then warm it up in hot water (40-60 degrees Celsius) for a few minutes. Warming it makes it feel more realistic to the penis and it helps the lubricant spread inside it better, so it is better used when it’s warmed.

Step #2: After the warming, put the tube back to keep the and get a boner by thinking of sexy thoughts or using pornography, whatever helps you get a boner. Whatever way you are comfortable with, some people even work on getting a boner while the warm the tube in the water.

Step #3: After you get a boner, lubricate your penis and the sleeve with water-based lubricant. Thе STU iѕ made from the most realistic fееling silicone on the market, but it’s not a real vagina, it’s more like an extremely tight vagina and it’s dry. That means that you’ll have to use a lot оf lube whenever you want to use it.

Step #4: After you lubricated everything, slide your penis inside the Fleshlight and by using your hand slide your penis up and down the Fleshlight and focus on your arousal levels, here is a video that can explain how to be aware of your arousal levels:

As you learned in the video, you need to use the STU to get yourself to the level “7” of sexual arousal. Focus on becoming aware of your sexual arousal levels when you use it so that the next time you are making love to a woman you will be aware of your arousal level and you won’t get to the “9-10” levels unless you want to ejaculate because it’s about time.

If you are using it while watching adult videos, then I suggest that you search for some “BEAUTIFUL AGONY” videos, they will give you an even more realistic feeling of having sex, and that will push your stamina training to the limit.

Remember that it is important that you try to last longer (go for at least 20-30 each time you use it), but also try to push the limit by doing a lot of fast power strokes. You can even put it between two рillоwѕ аnd thruѕt intо it, this adds to thе еxреriеnсе a lot.

Play with going fast and strong as well as with doing it super slow, you can twiѕt it оr rоtаte it fоr ѕоmе rеаllу mind-bеnding sensations. And remember that there’s definitely room for сrеаtivitу as you will eventually figure out what is the best way for you to train your stamina with this Fleshlight.

Just in case you wondered, you can cum in it if you want, but make sure to clean it after you are done by running through it some warm water and letting it dry off.

The official and recommended cleaning method is pretty straightforward:

  1. Take the tube out, turn it inside out and wash the cum with warm water.
  2. Then dry it and sprinkle a bit of renewing powder all over the silicone.
  3. Then lastly spray antibacterial FleshWash to prevent any germ development.
  4. Done: Evеrуthing is сlеаn in less than 5 min (+ The toy will last longer)

Frequently Asked Question

How long can you use it?

It was advertised that you can use it 100 times. But the truth is you can use it much longer if you clean and maintain the right way.

Is there any side effect of using it?

No real side effect. However you can probably have a little bit of penis sensitivity after the first time you use it, but it will stop after 1-2 hours.

Is it only meant for people suffering from premature ejaculation?

Even if you are the type of man that last long in bed, using the STU is still good if you want to make sure you have strong erections and powerful orgasms. Also, it’s a great sex toy that any man should try.

Using STU delivers instant stamina improvement?

It is called a training unit for a reason, which means that you will have to use it for at least a few weeks before you can feel a substantial increase in your sexual stamina. But those few weeks will be fun and pass very fast, so It’s worth the time investment.


Next Level Ejaculation Control Traning

If you want to condition yourself to last longer in bed much faster, there is one sex toy that was designed to help men deal with premature ejaculation that you can use with your training and the other tricks that I’ve shared with you here.

This toy can help you see results faster and you enjoy your stamina training much more, and if you will enjoy your training you’ll train more, you will train more you’ll get better results – that’s just the way it works.

Fleshlight STU – A Better Way to Develop Sexual Stamina

 Visit The Official Website 

This is a special fleshlight model that comes in a gold case and it has a special sleeve that is designed to help men develop sexual stamina.

Did you ever hear the phrase: “Hard in Training, Easy in Battle”?

Well, that’s the idea behind this simple toy!

The sleeve of the Fleshlight STU is designed to create instance sexual stimulation to the penis, and if you learn to control your ejaculation under those conditions, it will be much easier to control your ejaculation when you are with a real woman.

Sure, you can improve your ejaculation control simply by jerking off with your hand if you want, you don’t really need a Fleshlight to follow the guide above.

But there is a big benefit to using the STU in your ejaculation control training.

The benefit on top of the feeling that the sleeve gives you (that your hands can’t), is that you don’t feel your penis with your hand, that means that you can’t regulate the tightness around your penis with your hand just because you are about to ejaculate.

When you jerk off with your hand your brain knows that it’s you that touches yourself and it responds differently than it would if your penis was aroused but you could not feel it with your hand.

Many men can last easily 30 minutes masturbating to porn, but they ejaculate in 2 minutes when they are with a real woman, that is very common.

It happens because when they are with a woman they can’t control with their hand the stimulation around their penis, and that is exactly the challenge that the STU solves.

So, if you want to stimulate “as real as possible” conditions that will help you develop ejaculation control-much faster, then I would really recommend to you to check it out.

Fleshlight Launch STU – Take it to The Next Level

Visit The Official Website

If you think that using the STU can be beneficial to you, just wait until you read about the benefits that you can get from combining it with the Fleshlight Launch device.

Basically, the Launch is the only toy for men that you can use 100% hands-free with the Stamina Training Unit with it, other than that, it’s a cool toy that has many crazy features.

With the Launch, you can enjoy the most realistic sexual experience that technology can deliver today (until sex robots will be sold on Amazon), and that real experience can really help you train to last longer in bed.

Not only that you don’t need to use your hands because it will simulate a girl riding on your cock, and you will have to control your ejaculation in the simulated investment (much better than jerking off with your hand, don’t you agree?).

Until sex robots will be sold online, this is defiantly the best way to use technology to learn how to control your ejaculation and become a better lover.

How To Get It With a Discount?

So a lot of guys been asking me how to get a discount price on, so I did my research and I strongly recommend getting your Stamina Training Unit only from the official website, as there is a lot of fake versions sold online.

And there is always a different discount available on the official site as well all of the time, click here to check what the offer today.

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