15 Interesting Facts about Sex They Didn’t Teach You in High School

We all love it, we all practice it, and we all want to hear and talk about it.

You probably do…

However, there are some facts that are quite unusual than others. But it’s still very important to know about them. Here are some facts about sex that they didn’t teach you in high school.

1. Crocodile dung was a contraception

During the ancient times, Egyptians used crocodile dung as contraception. This is because it was slightly alkaline hence may have functioned as a spermicide. However, reasons are that it may just have prevented partners from wanting to make love in the first place than what it could have done as a contraceptive.

2. Pumpkins might work as male aphrodisiac

It’s been discovered that the smell of a pumpkin can improve blood flow towards the penis. This might be the reason why men love Thanksgiving so much.

3. Your sex life might affect your income

According to a study done by Anglia University, households who had sex more than 4 times week earned a significantly more amount of money than those who did not

4. Educated white women have more anal sex

While this might not have come up with any reason behind it, it’s been realized that educated white women usually have more anal sex. According to these women, if you are more educated in sex, you need to have more fun.

5. Chimpanzee porn can turn on women

While this might seem weird, it’s been realized that most women are easily turned on by watching chimpanzee porn. This is very strange especially for those people who didn’t know that chimpanzee porn was even something worth watching.

6. Old people are still doing sex

While this is probably the last thing you would want to know, your grandparents are still having their romantic times. Disgustingly and romantically enough, old people are still having sex more often than you can ever imagine. Whether because they want to experiment with new things or because they have a lot of time to spare, people who are over 80 are still very active in sex, interesting, isn’t it?

7. Small penises also needs love

Since small penises also need some love and adoration, every year in Brooklyn contest there is penis completion which features the smallest penises in the neighbor hood. These people are just trying to make things fun and ironic.

8. Erectile dysfunction might be connected to income

According to this study, men whose wives earn more than them are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction. It’s, therefore, important to know how to go about this. Men, you need to choose one, either a wealthy wife or a functioning member.

9. Overweight men might last longer in bed

According to a Turkish study, overweight men might actually last longer in bed contrary to popular beliefs. They can last 3 times longer than average men in the bedroom.

10. During sex, most people think of someone else

During love making, most people think of someone else other than their partner. According to studies, more than 2/3 of people admitted that they usually think of other people during sex even though they do not tell this to their partners.

11. Most straight men also Google about penises

While the vagina is still number one when it comes to Google searches, penises are closely following them. Interestingly, it’s not the women who want to see them but men. Whether they are enjoying or comparing, we don’t know what we know is that they are just looking at them.

12. About 33% of people get injured during sex

As much as 33% of people in America have admitted to getting injured during sex. These kinds of injuries usually include carpet burns, bruises, pulled muscles and sprained ankles.

13. Vagina is very stretchy

Normally the vagina is just 4 inches long but during sex, it can really stretch to accommodate the penis. Remember, this is not to make way for giving birth.

14. Semen can cure depression and female ejaculation is just pee

It’s been noted that semen contains special chemicals that can elevate the mood, induce sleep, and increase affection. It also has cortisol that is known for improving the feeling of affection to the brain.

15. Women have powerful orgasm during menstrual

During menstruation, the vagina is more sensitive hence it can lead to heightened sensitivity and more powerful orgasm.

Written by Roni

A Sex educator that loves to blog about sexuality and how to have safer sex.