Erection Quality – How to Naturally Improve the Quality of Your Erection

Can Pelvic Floor Muscle Therapy Solve Your Erectile Challenge?

Erectile problems destroy sex lives and cause a great deal of stress. But what many men don’t know is that they can improve their erection quality by doing a bunch of easy exercises (for free at home).

Erectile issues manifest in two ways:

  • Soft erection
  • Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

There is a lot of literature regarding ED and how to tackle it, and there is a  multibillion-dollar industry built around this male problem (like penis pills).

But don’t worry, I will present here to you the most effective solutions that help with both forms of erection challenges. But first, let’s get some understanding of the concept of male erection.

What is Soft Erection?

If your erect penis is somewhere between rock hard and full-blown erectile dysfunction (ED), you are having a soft erection quality problem.

Another form of soft erection occurs when you get a good erection but midway through sex, it softens (losing your erection). You cannot call it erectile dysfunction because it is semi-hard and you can still have sex if you try hard enough.

I should point out that you can still have a decent sex life with a soft penis because you will still be able to have sex and ejaculate if you can get hard enough to penetrate her (but it won’t be fun for you and her).

What Makes Erections Weak?

When you start having erectile problems, you may also notice some changes in your psychological or physiological state if you pay close attention, and sometimes those negative changes make your erection even worse over time (like a downward spiral).

But what starts this downward spiral in erection quality is usually bad habits, check for yourself and be honest if some of the following habits may cause your erection to be softer than you would like.


As a young man, if you keep having erectile problems, there is a decent chance you are stressed out. This means that your thoughts are being dominated during lovemaking by something other than having fun and enjoyable sex in the moment.

It could be some financial worries, performance anxiety or low sexual confidence, or just about anything important yet unpredictable enough to worry about.

If you cannot pinpoint whatever is worrying you, the stress is rooted in your relationship.

Performance Anxiety

Having high expectations and hoping to be “the best sex she ever had” can make you anxious. It can make you lose your erection (or in this case, some of it) because it activates a flight response.

Naturally, in this mode, your body decides that it would rather send much-needed blood to other parts of the body that can help it survive the perceived threat (leaving the penis high and dry).

The surest way to confirm that performance anxiety is the root of your problem is to check whether your penis “behaves appropriately” while you masturbate. If it does, it is to blame.

Heavy drinking

Too much alcohol hampers your ability to have sex. It slows down your physiological processes and one side effect of this is that your penis does not receive enough blood to sustain a good erection.


As if increasing your cancer risk wasn’t enough, smoking also messes up your ability to have sex. A study recorded in the British Journal of Urology International in 2011 revealed that men who quit smoking got harder erections over time.

Low testosterone levels

Reduced levels of testosterone in your blood cause sexual dysfunction. When your T levels are low, you will have a reduced sex drive and your hard-ons will be weaker. A couple of things cause your testosterone levels to fall:

  • You are overweight: When you are overweight, your body will tend to produce more estrogen and less testosterone.
  • Aging: As men become older, their bodies start producing more estrogen than testosterone causing a drop in levels of the latter.
  • Low self-esteem: If you suffer from low confidence and have a negative self-image, as a man, your body will not produce enough testosterone. The inverse is true: If you are full of confidence, your T levels spike.
  • Sleep deprivation: You are not getting enough sleep.

Health problems

Conditions like diabetes, heart complications, and obesity (as shown above) may also be behind your erectile problems.

Side effects of Medicine

Some meds can affect your ability to have an erection. The biggest culprit here is painkillers. For example, a study has shown that taking opioids (strong painkillers) for a long time has a correlation with the occurrence of erectile dysfunction.

Porn Abuse

Many guys don’t think about it, but porn is one of the biggest causes of low erection quality, and there is a lot of other hidden costs to free pron, but we won’t expand here about it because we have a lot to cover in this article (and you have a full webinar about it here).

How to Improve Erection Quality

Erectile problems are more common than you think. You will encounter them if you are sexually active and most of the time, your body will rectify the problem on its own.

However, if more than 25 percent of your sexual encounters are hampered by erectile mishaps, you need to start looking at possible causes and solutions.

You can start by booking an appointment with your doctor to rule out the possibility of your condition pointing to an even more serious underlying health issue like heart disease.
In some cases, you can take the following steps to relieve your erectile problems:

  • Minimize or stop taking alcohol
  • Quit smoking
  • Start exercising regularly
  • Watch your diet
  • If you have performance anxiety, go for counseling or start doing yoga, meditation, or other forms of mindfulness exercises.

You have heard of these solutions before. Now, let me introduce you to one other solution you can take to improve the quality of your erections:

How Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercises Can Make Your Erection Harder

Pelvic floor muscles are a collection of muscles that are attached to your pelvic region. They hold up internal organs and help keep everything intact.

Among these is a set of muscles known as Pubococcygeus (PC) muscles.

PC muscles run from the anus to the urinary sphincter where one of their most important functions is regulating the flow of urine and semen. On top of that, they contract during orgasm and help prop up the penis when it is erect.

When you conduct pelvic floor therapy, you strengthen, loosen up, or tighten your pelvic floor muscles. These muscles have a major role to play in the quality of your sexual experiences.

According to Joshua Gonzalez, a specialist in sexual health and urology, these muscles are crucial in making the penis hard and rigid by compressing the roots of the spongy tissue that makes up the penis.

He says that therapy of the pelvic floor muscles, which involves doing either kegels or reverse kegels, can enable you to have harder erections.

Kegel exercises are more commonly done by women but men are catching up. Men who do these exercises:

  • Have intense orgasms
  • Eradicate premature ejaculation
  • Eradicate erectile dysfunction and have quality erections.

Various studies have shown that when pelvic floor muscles are stronger, men are better equipped to deal with erectile dysfunction. One study proposes them as the first line of defense against the problem.

Another study investigating the efficacy of kegel exercises in improving erectile capacity showed that around 40 percent of men completely recovered from ED by doing them regularly. 35 percent of them improved their erectile capabilities significantly.

A side effect of stronger PC muscles is the ability to fight off premature ejaculation.

How to do Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises are not as demanding physically or in terms of time investment as lifting weights at the gym. You can do them at the comfort of your desk or as you go about your everyday activities (while traveling, during a boring meeting, etc.).

But first, you must know how to spot the pelvic floor muscles. Fortunately, it is quite easy: As you pee, try to stop the urine midstream and voila, you have just flexed these muscles.

Kegel exercises target the PC muscles. To do one rep, clench the PC muscles and then release. Take normal (or deep) breaths as you do your reps; do not hold your breath. Try to do as many reps as you can and as you get better, hold the muscular contraction for longer periods.

Kegel exercises are convenient because you can do them discreetly even in public. There are a few scenarios when you can perform the exercises:

  • Standing
  • Sitting
  • Lying down
  • During sex: to delay ejaculation and deal with premature ejaculation (see below)

Bonus: How kegel exercises will help you last longer in bed

When you squeeze the PC muscles during sex as you approach climax, they shut the urethra just as they would if you try to stop urine thereby withholding ejaculation.

Consequently, your orgasms will be stronger because of the delay and the stronger contractions of the jacked-up PC muscles.

Reaching this level of mastery is not easy and your pelvic floor muscles need to be considerably strong.


Erectile problems are a frequent occurrence that all men encounter at some point in their lives. You should not get all anxious when you get your share of ED because most of the time it goes away on its own.

However, if you do not openly talk about your problem with your partner, you will have a scenario where your partner faults herself for your penis not saluting to her and think there’s something wrong with her or that she is not hot enough. It is ugly.

If you are having trouble getting an erection all too frequently or your erections are not hard enough most of the time, you need to take steps to improve the quality of your erections.

The most obvious way to do that is to cut back or alleviate whatever you feel is causing your problem. If you cannot quite pin it down, go in for a check-up with your physician.

All the same, consider doing kegel exercises even when your erectile problems go away because they improve your sex life in other ways.

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