What Are The Best Penis Enlargement Exercises?

See what can go wrong and how you can avoid injuring yourself

Are you pleased with the size of your penis right now? Most men will probably say that they are happy, but deep down, they know they aren’t.

The truth is, they could do with a few extra inches, both lengthwise and girth-wise.

The problem is that there are not very many ways to achieve either without compromising your health. Most times, it flat out does not work. But I can confidently tell you that there are completely enlargement exercises to increase the size of your male member, and they ACTUALLY WORK.

These methods are actually EXERCISES. Therefore, you don’t have to put harmful chemicals in your body in the name of increasing your manhood. I can also tell you that some chemicals sold by unscrupulous salesmen out there won’t work.

Others give you temporary gains that fade out when you stop taking them.

Now, let me introduce you to the world of male enhancement exercises. Or you can just refer to them as penis enlargement exercises.

If you read on, I will provide you with details on what they are, how they work, and how EXACTLY you can do them to achieve permanent gains. A word of CAUTION is in order: You have to do the penis enlargement exercises correctly, otherwise, you could harm yourself permanently.

What are Male Enlargement Exercises?

Penis stretching exercises are a couple of specialized exercises that increase the size of the penis. These exercises increase the size of the penis by increasing the blood flow to the penile tissues. It is important to remember that the penis is not a muscle that you can flex, but rather is a set of tissues bundled together.

That’s why you can’t use muscle exercise to increase size.

If it were a muscle, it would be so easy to increase in size. With these exercises, you stretch the body part causing micro-tears in the tissue. The tissues look engorged while they heal making the penis look bigger.

We will focus on three penile exercises here and how you can use them safely to increase length and girth. They are:

  1. Jelqing
  2. The Squeeze
  3. Side to Side stretching
  4. Classic Kegal 
  5. Reverse Kegal 

I will also touch on one or two more exercises that you can adapt to increase penile size. You will realize that they are very effective and have helped many people achieve their penile length and girth targets. Let’s get down to these exercises:

Be Careful While Doing Enlargement Exercises

While these penis exercises help increase the girth and length of the penis, they need to be done correctly. If you are not keen, you can cause tears in the tissue and the ligaments that hold the penis in place. If it comes to that, it will become painful to get erect and sex will be undesirable.

Don’t maintain an erection for several hours because the blood in the tissues can damage the penis permanently. Other side effects of doing enhancement exercises poorly include:

  • Vein rupture
  • Numbness
  • Itching

Do the following to avoid injuring your Johnson: 

#1 Shave your pubic region to avoid accidentally pulling at the pubes during these exercises (Ouch!)

#2 Add a few nutrient-rich foods to your diet to enhance the effects of the methods. Vitamins, minerals, and proteins are vital.

#3 Drink lots of water to improve cellular health. Water improves your overall health.

#4 Use a moisturizer on the penis prior to doing the exercises rather than soap or shampoo. Both tend to dry the skin making you susceptible to chafing.

#5 Intense care Vaseline can stay on the skin for longer and it helps prevent chafing during all the stretching.


To ensure that you get positive results, you should be consistent with the exercises. Do them for a few months at a time while maintaining a good level of consistency.

Don’t forget to measure your penis before the exercises. Take measurements of the length both while erect and while flaccid. Also, measure the girth when erect and when not erect. This will be essential when you want to track your progress.

It also boosts your confidence in the exercise you see positive results. Whichever way you look at it, penile enlargement exercises work to your advantage and you have everything to gain. Take a leap of faith and you may be surprised with the progress you make.


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