Male Enhancement

The Truth About Male Enhancement That The Medical Establishment Don’t Want You to Know

Male Enhancement Is far more than penis enlargement, it’s much more than that, and in this guide, you are about to discover what is real man enhancement and how to start doing it.

What Is Male Enhancement?


#1: Work On Your Sexual Mindset

It all starts with being naked and feeling fully confident during sex knowing that you are in control over your penis and your ejaculation, knowing that everything is going to be fine.

And it’s not, as simple as it may sound…

You also need to believe in your ability to perform and satisfy her needs like a real man.

So sexual confidence is a big aspect of male enhancement, and you can develop it by working on your mental and emotional game as well as working on your body and skill set as a lover.

#2: Develop Sexual Stamina & Last Longer In Bed

This is what made me start on my male enhancement journey, I could not last long enough during sex with my partner and I almost cost me my relationship with her (we broke up later anyway).

So I had to learn how to last longer in bed and I did and now I have full control over my ejaculation, today I achieved almost total control and I now teach how I did it and all the tricks that I use.

#3: Improve Your Erection Quality To The Next Level

This one is tricky because it’s all about your penis, it’s about being happy with your penis (size & look). Not too many people know, but you can always do something about the size and shape).

Another thing that you can improve is your “EQ”, and it’s recommended because erection quality will make your penis bigger, harder and more pleasurable to women (trust me on that).

#4: Practice Self Love Making


#5: Practice Love Making Skills

Personally, I see your sexual skills as part of the male enhancement because at the end of the day it’s all about pleasing your woman sexually with peace of mind.

Some people don’t agree with me on that but that is still my opinion.

#6: Learn To Contol Your Sexual Energy (shhh…)

The most interesting and esoteric side of sexual male enhancement is your sexual energy, it’s a very real and thing and it’s the key to many great things you’ll only discover once your master this energy in your body (trust me on that).

Notice: I didn’t speak here about dating or how to get laid, that is because male sexual enhancement is a stage past all that beginner steps.

AJ’s Male Enhancement Training

It is extremely important that you make an appointment with your doctor and get a complete checkup before engaging in any new physical training or using any supplements. You should go over everything with your doctor and take his or her advice. Also, getting regular checkups throughout your training is important and to your best interest.

Always know, if you decide to undertake various exercises, you do so at your own risk and you are totally responsible for any situations and you are doing this at your own free will.

There’s no such thing as 100% safe and risk-free exercises. Whether you take up jogging, weight lifting or opting for penis enlargement, there’s always a risk attached. You can always minimize any risk of injury by being conscientious in your training and showing caution.

The Inner Game Of Male Enhancement For Unleashing Your Full Sexual Potential

Recently, I had the privilege of picking the brains of one of the best male enhancement coaches in the world, AJ Alfaro from meCOACH.

We had a candid discussion on how your thoughts, as a man struggling with premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and other performance-related issues, have everything to do with your troubles.

And I just want to share with you some of the points and ideas we spoke about because I think you can benefit from them as well.

The State of Your Mind Is The Problem

Human beings have a problem reconciling the higher mind with their emotions. For example, when a guy has issues in the bedroom, he blames the penis most of the time, but the problem is not usually with the penis, but rather the mind.

When your mental “inner game” is focused on frustration, self-loathing, or anxiety, the penis won’t work despite it being healthy. Your mindset is the problem and usually, when you try to repeat the encounters while approaching it with the expectation that it will get fixed automatically, things don’t get better, they actually get worse.

Most men try to fix the problems using pills and devices, but they are going about it the wrong way because they should fix the mind first.

Towards the end, I am going to provide you with one simple but the powerful exercise you can do to change your thinking patterns for the better and become a real sexual lover that makes love to women from a strong place of confidence.

All of us have been there, earlier in our sex lives. When you are inexperienced, you don’t usually have enough confidence making you likely to suffer from anxiety. In an ideal situation where the penis functioned regardless of you being anxious, there would be no such thing as anxiety-induced performance shortcomings.

Unfortunately, many men never realize that this problem can never fix itself simply because it is psychological; therefore, they wrongfully end up blaming their bodies. Interestingly, the condition always gets worse for these men. When the anxiety gets too much, you can have a condition known as a hard flaccid where the penis actually gets smaller, constricted and harder.

Can Anxiety Be A Good Thing?

While this will sound controversial at first, I think anxiety is either good or bad.

It being good or bad depends on the level of anxiety, what it comes from and how you react to it.

For example, a mild dose of anxiety is actually good because it heightens the sexual experience, which explains why risky sex is some of the best sex you will ever have because of the adrenaline rush… I mean, have you ever tried doing it in a situation where you may get caught?

However, as you progress along the spectrum, the anxiety starts to become a problem.

One of the negative side effects associated with too much anxiety is Premature Ejaculation. It has to do with the fear response that some biologists link to the fact that when males and females are copulating in the wild, the danger of getting attacked by predators actually makes PE desirable.

Further along the spectrum of anxiety, you can encounter the more serious problem of Erectile Dysfunction and full-blown impotence, and if you don’t want to get there you better start working on your “Inner Game” because that is how you cure the anxiety that stops you from being the lover you want to be for her.

Looking at it from another perspective, some mild anxiety from the fear of getting caught for some men makes them have harder erections and more sex drive.

But even then, mild anxiety causes premature ejaculation and if the partner starts to feel or show any signs of dissatisfaction, it piles the pressure on the guy and he may start to have problems like ED.

In such a scenario, he gets stuck in a vicious cycle of sexual under-performance. At the same time, for the woman, the mild anxiety traps her in her head and she may have problems reaching orgasm. When the man sees that, he feels responsible and his confidence takes a hit, aggravating the situation.

Do Women Have Problems Too?

What we fail to realize is that there are two parties involved and they each have a part to play. Women, for example, have their own version of impotence called frigidity. Frigidity is the failure of a woman to get aroused hence the vagina doesn’t get lubricated and the muscles remain tight. When it gets too bad, it leads to a condition known as Vaginismus.

When she has this condition, the muscles in her vagina get contracted or they spasm when something enters it like the penis or even a tampon. At this point, sex is very painful for her.

Why Quick Fixes Are Not Recommended?

Quick measures like pills and surgery when you have not fixed your anxiety problems are a big mistake. Common mistakes guys make when they try to rectify the problem include:

  • Blaming the penis SOLELY for their woes. In most cases, the men actually don’t have a problem physiologically because they still get erections when they masturbate or practice alone.
  • Focusing on picking up random girls with whom they can’t possibly form an emotional connection with. These girls tend to be more superficial and this denies the guy much needed emotional support.
  • A partner who listens to you and understands you can be more helpful.

Root Cause of Sexual Mental Blockages

When most guys have performance issues, there is always an emotional aspect to it. They are perfectly normal physically but they have one negative experience and it goes downhill from there.

If their mental state is not dire, they can bounce back after one negative experience because they don’t let it define them. Those who base their self-assessment on that one bad performance suffer poor performances in later encounters.

The latter group (those who suffer subsequent performance problems) get anxious about their performance. They are constantly worried about things like the size of the penis, premature ejaculation and a raft of other deficiencies their minds perceive.

In most cases, the men who suffer are inexperienced and the sexual encounters they get are mostly few casual flings with partners they have no deep emotional connections with. When they have a negative experience like erectile dysfunction, the partners are not likely to comfort them and in most cases react very negatively.

Such a guy is likely to be tormented by the experience. If he gets obsessive, he is going to try to “test” himself by constantly looking out for erections during the day and in the process, he exhausts himself physically and mentally. As he falls into this habit, the mind starts to reinforce the negative behavior.

What Are Some Good Solutions?

If you have issues with your performance in the bedroom, you can deal with it systematically. The process takes time and since we are all different, we take different amounts of time to fully recover our sexuality. Here are a few steps you can take in order to become the sexual being you desire:

Ensure that you are healthy and all is well physically

Here you can start by examining yourself to determine whether your penis is okay when you are alone. This can be done during your own training and exercises.

Do only things that you are comfortable with

If you are not very experienced, the next step is to do the stuff that you are comfortable with. Remember, not everyone is ready for sex on command. The problem with most guys is mostly with penetrative sex. Here, you feel comfortable when you are cuddling, making out, or doing oral but when it comes to the penis in the vagina sex, things go south. In this case, you need to build up by getting comfortable with activities, like foreplay and then ease yourself into penetrative sex.

Find a partner who is trustworthy

When you find yourself in such a sticky situation, you need to find a partner with whom you can confide in. The right partner will be someone you can trust and open up to. This means that you have to stop placing all your emphasis on picking up random girls at the bar because you will find it hard to trust them with your emotions and insecurities.

If you don’t have a partner, train yourself the right way

If you want to train yourself, don’t do frivolous masturbation. It is even worse if you use pornography to get yourself off. Stay away from pornography completely. The best thing you can do is reserve ejaculation for actual sex or the right training activities.

Don’t beat yourself up if you slip up

The process of redeeming yourself is gradual. If you, for example, prematurely ejaculate when you are starting to rehabilitate yourself, don’t be hard on yourself. A good approach is to laugh at the situation with your partner to make light of it.

Another nice way to go about it especially if you have a girl in bed is to tell her that she was too hot, you couldn’t help but ejaculate fast. You will be surprised at how it makes things easier for you.

A positive, light-hearted approach is a million times better than a negative, critical approach.

Realize that your penis is your friend

Biologically speaking, when you have a hot, sexy girl right in front of you, your penis WANTS to get hard. That is the natural response to the stimuli in the same way that the knee jerks when it is struck. It is the mind that interferes.

The human mind can think abstractly. By this, I mean that it can either create positive imaginations or negative ones. If our minds were not that complex, we would never have these performance problems because the things that go through our mind when we are not performing sexually are not really true. “Lower” animals never have such problems because they act purely on instinct with no rationalizations.

When you advance in your rehabilitation, you will achieve emotional mastery and when you reach this state, you can control your mind and it helps you to achieve things that are naturally inconceivable e.g. multiple male orgasms.

How To Re-Train Your Mind

“The mind is either a loyal servant or a wicked master.” 

And this leads up to our MOST IMPORTANT tip: Train your mind!

To start training your mind, the first thing you need is to have the awareness that your mindset has a key role in your situation. It helps you know that your flawed mindset is the one causing the negative thought patterns.

In order to tame your mind and fight anxiety/fear, you must learn to still the mind. If the negative thoughts come to you, mentally visualize yourself pushing them away. So that you can do it with ease, follow the following simple steps:

1. First, take a deep breath, and focus on it intently. It is a technique that is even used in martial arts when a student is trying to battle anxiety. It comes in handy if your mind starts to wander. You are better equipped to be in control of your mind when you do that simple exercise.

2. You can also use visualizations the center of your mind. Clear your mind of any thoughts and conjure a neutral image like a clear field or a bright light so that you can reset your emotions. In doing so, you also disrupt negative thought patterns.

3. It helps to smile. If you are having negative thoughts that are making you frown, try to think thoughts that will make you smile. When you are smiling, you are on the right track.

4. In training, use emotional visualization. This is different from fantasizing about erotic thoughts because you are trying to induce the emotions that you want to experience during a pleasurable sexual encounter. It is more challenging when you are starting since you don’t use the direct external stimuli that you are used to. It is very easy when you get used to it and you can later translate it to actual sex.

These small things help you weaken the negative thoughts. If you fear something like PE happening especially if it has happened before, tell yourself that you have the right tools to make things better and populate your mind with positive thoughts of you using the techniques. When you don’t let the fear and negativity dictate you, it gets weaker and your performance improves drastically.

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